Tok Guru Nik Aziz asks DAP to work with PAS

I hope bloggers could air their views here based on the proposition and comments made by the spiritual leader of PAS, who is also the Menteri Besar of Kelantan. If you think DAP should work closely with PAS, please state your reasons. If you do not think so, please tell us why. But before that, please read Nik Aziz ‘comments carefully. 

DAP perlu lihat kejayaan PAS tadbir Kelantan

Salmah Mat Husain –
Wed | Mar 07, 07 | 10:57:56 AM
KOTA BHARU, 7 Mac (Hrkh) – Kejayaan PAS mentadbir Kelantan berlandaskan Islam sejak hampir 17 tahun sepatutnya menjadi kayu ukur kepada DAP bagi memperkukuhkan lagi kerjasama dalam pakatan Barisan Alternatif (BA).Mursyidul Am PAS, Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berkata, tidak ada sebab DAP menolak pakatan dengan PAS, biar pun parti itu berusaha menegakkan Islam dalam pentadbiran negara.”Ini kerana kerajaan Kelantan yang dikuasai PAS sejak hampir 17 tahun telah membuktikan Islam tidak pernah menyusahkan golongan minoriti,” katanya pada sidang media sempena kunjungan Penasihat Keadilan, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim di pejabatnya hari ini.

Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan berkata, pakatan yang makin kukuh di antara PAS dan Keadilan memberi ruang lebih besar kepada BA pada pilihan raya akan datang.

Bagaimanapun tambahnya sekiranya DAP turut bekerjasama dengan PAS dan Keadilan dalam pakatan BA peluang untuk menumbangkan kerajaan BN lebih terbuka lagi.

“PAS sentiasa membuka ruang kepada DAP untuk bekerjasama dalam pakatan bersama Keadilan. PAS sebenarnya sedia menerima DAP atau apa sesiapa sahaja dalam pakatan menentang kezaliman kerajaan BN,” katanya.

Cuma kata beliau DAP yang tidak mahu bekerjasama dengan PAS seperti berlaku pada pilihan raya umum lalu.

Beliau juga berkata, masyarakat minoriti di negeri ini boleh melaksanakan kegiatan mereka dalam bidang ekonomi, sosial dan budaya tanpa sekatan.

“Mungkin mereka (DAP) masih terpengaruh dengan kempen Amerika Syarikat yang mendakwa Islam bersikap ganas,” ujarnya.

Malah katanya, kerajaan negeri sekarang menggunakan pendekatan lebih mesra rakyat dengan memperkenalkan pelbagai program termasuk skim Takaful Warga Emas dan Takaful Ibu Tunggal.

Beliau juga melahirkan rasa syukur kerana pakatan PAS dengan Keadilan semakin utuh sekarang.

Pada pilihan raya umum lalu, PAS hanya mengadakan kerjasama dengan Keadilan. Keadilan juga mengadakan persefahaman dengan DAP bagi memastikan tidak berlaku pertembungan calon.

Sementara itu, Anwar berkata, tiada perbezaan ketara di antara DAP, PAS dan Keadilan bagi memperjuangkan isu rakyat terutamanya berkaitan ekonomi, sosial, dan keadilan.

Bagaimanapun katanya, media memainkan peranan memburukkan PAS dan Islam.

“Berdasarkan kepada beberapa siri perbincangan yang saya hadiri tiada isu perbalahan atau percanggahan di antara PAS dan DAP. Cuma media arus perdana yang memanaskan suasana,” ujarnya.

Beliau berkata, sekarang tidak ada masalah dalam hubungan PAS dengan DAP.

Beliau juga menjelaskan kedatangannya ke Kelantan bagi mengukuhkan lagi mauafakat antara PAS dan Keadilan.

“Saya juga meminta pandangan Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz mengenai langkah-langkah bagi mengukuhkan lagi pakatan Barisan Alternatif.


14 Responses to “Tok Guru Nik Aziz asks DAP to work with PAS”

  1. WTF-Msia Says:

    no offense but i was about to read then erm it’s in malay… too lazy ler

  2. BobSam Says:

    Unfortunately this will not work. The Chinese electorate appear to have been won over by propaganda about the Greening of the Red Rocket. I believe the unofficial workalong that is in place is better. Have the Keadilan Blue be the Middle Man with links thru’ different “associations” linking the Green & the Red. Hopefully the Purple of PBS & perhaps one day, Gerakan & PPP/IPK will come together.
    Back to basics.

  3. muhibbah Says:

    DAP should go separate ways. Each of you should focus at different areas of opportunity. Coming together now is not a good idea. PKR and PAS is okay. You’re the champions of the non-muslims! Fight separate battles and eventually all of you will win the war.

  4. yap kian wai Says:

    Here is 5 reasons yes and 5 reasons of no…
    the yes:-
    1- based on the poor leadership and no vision of pak lah and abuse of power of currently goverment the unity of the opposition will be good ideas.
    2- there got 2.6 million chinese and indian muslim through penisular alone and it will be advantage to the oppsition to grap this group of voters since currently goverment abuse this group to suffering worst that kg berembang folks..
    3-it would be advantages to dap since the reasons to kick out BN/UMNO is multiplely.. the advantages will be dap could control penang if cooperation with keadilan, perak if cooperation with pas, meanwhile could control selangor state based cooperation with pas and keadilan..
    4-the chinese kelantanese live happily under pas administration even the economic growth is weak but the chinese in there managed to live like others very well and the standard of living is low and no public toll like klang valley
    5- the right time.. till when we need to suffer ourselves under BN/UMNO banner and keep listening the lies and empty promises from them.. manifesto BN 2004 bull shit..hadari doesn’t exist in AL-QURAN teaching, modal insan non sense, share market value cloud of nine, mat rempit need to rempat by voters this time….

    the no:-
    1- 1999 election results that make dap like an idoit. we need to look on the past history.. alone to the war the results and cooperation results how??
    2- Anwar might be the advantage but do we remember how the non malays suffer during his tenure as deputy prime minister.. would he just keep sweat promise only or empty talk for own purpose?Even he promise to make reformasi before he send to jail does he managed to make it since he already out of jail almost 2 years?
    3- this country already islamic nation even there is lack of islamic teaching and really sesat after islam hadari introduced but would pas really drop islamic state as their pro agenda since islam is their survival political agenda? dont forget how worse 1974 the nation that time during pas ruling?
    4- dap must graps the opportunity on the weakest MCA and the no leadership transform from the gerakan top chill out the chinese voter..chinese school, temple demolised, petaling street businees suffering, the media who make chinese like hooligans (just watch tv3 bulentin utama at 8pm daily) how they show the chinese chicks like assholes
    5-dap must go alone and the weapons will be to make rocket as the tool of informations. The chinese want to know what dap can do if there is in power.. not only know how to shout at front of toll and also zakaria palace….

  5. sean Says:

    Nothing wrong with working with Pas..afterall Umno Islamisation are no different from Pas.Dap and Pas together with Keadilan shoUld work together on a common platform….which is against corruption,equal justice blah blah blah and so on.But at the same time……… that EVENTHOUGH WORKING TOGETHER WITH DAP, PAS need to highlight that DAP stands against some of PAS AGENDA which have got to do with “Islamisation” for example “syariah law” etc.Its hightime the rakyat need to know the difference and the common goals.It my sound confusing………but if we were to compare with UMNO agendas………is there any difference?The only difference is “slowly but surely”.

  6. yap kian wai Says:

    I would like to make an open statements on syariah law comments by sean.. What is the wrong with syariah law.. The civil law right now has been fail at this society right now.. for example public caning for mat rempit doesn’t sound great.. beside those be thieves as occopation their hands be chopped. Let make this way give a try to syariah law or maybe since dap have plenty of civil lawyers maybe should sit together with syariah experts to come up with a law where it could make this country safe

  7. KS Tan Says:

    Mr. Liew,

    Do you still recall what happen in 1999? How Ling Leong Sik played up this issue about DAP being in the BA with PAS and suddenly the “tigers of Jelutong & bkt. Bendera lost their fangs and lost their seats? Believe me when I say that Ong Ka Ting will do the same and I’m sure you won’t want to see another 1999 in 2007/8 GE. I have nothing against Nik Aziz, he is a honest and righteous man. Just compare his kampung style home with Zakaria’s palace and you’ll see what I mean. But being honest and righteous is one thing, but sticking to medieval Arabian norms, culture and laws is another. We cannot implement hudud laws and change the constitution based on the Quran when you are in a multiracial country. This is just simply ludicrous! Until when PAS is ready to shed off its Arabic image, then I think the DAP should give PAS a chance. But as for now just concentrate your co-operation with PKR, especially in Penang.

    DAP should always remain constant to her principles which is upholding democracy, justice and freedom for all races – Bangsa Malaysia and Malaysia for Malaysians or Malaysians First whatever …

    As I said before what the DAP need is to shed off its pro-Chinese image and hopefully to recruit more Malays and putting them as candidates for the next election. If Lim Guan Eng can put so much effort to woo Tony Pua, why can’t he put the same effort to woo some other prominent Malays? If the DAP can garner support from the Malay community, then there is no need of DAP to join forces with a non-multiracial Islamic party like PAS.

    If you recall BA’s menifesto in the last election there was a promise that said “… kerajaan kamu kami rakyatkan” …. something to that effect but has Nik Aziz brought back the third vote to the Kelantanese? So what kind of democracy is PAS talking about? Democracy as seen in Saudi Arabia? Iran? Yeman? Oman? Afganistan? Pakistan? You tell me!

    KS TAN

  8. sampalee Says:

    If BA is not the best good thing for the country,Bn would not have worried,and ling leong sik need not work overtime to paint the rocket green.The people may be biased to colour,but for true political leaders,the colours need not matter as long as it fly and successfully destroy the umno target.By being distracted with sophistry,the real work of saving the nation[by killing the mother of all evil-umno]is missed totally.This just show,our political leaders must see clearly,even through the smokescreen of the evil umno/mca.Remember all is FAIR in love and war.If one do not know how to fight,avoid the battle and just surrender and also shut-up and stop complaining umno killing the nation off.

  9. Chee Yong Says:

    Pakatan DAP dan PAS akan membawa mudarat kepada DAP.

  10. karemo Says:

    nasihat saya pada tok guru lupakan sahaja….kerana dap adalah parti perkauman.Kelahiran Dap hanya utk membela kaum dia sahaja..

  11. The Battle of Machap: PAS me some panadol pls « the Silo Says:

    […] this issue. Firstly, Ronnie Liew, member of the DAP’s Central Executive Committee, who just posted a very brief non-editorialising comment on the issue: I hope bloggers could air their views here […]

  12. kwee nah gan Says:

    I contacted DAP sometime back to ask if DAP is going to join PAS but there was no reply. I emailed again and got a reply that the question was passed to the central committee. No one has replied me, of which I am disappointed.

    I really hope think that DAP should not go with PAS. Why? Like it or not, PAS is seen as ISLAMIC and the very thought of DAP (who champions a malaysian msia) is going to sleep with people who are pushing for a Islamic Malaysia, is frightening. Already the kind of “secular Islamic” malaysia that we have now is sending shivers down our spines.

    PLEASE don’t join PAS. I believe DAP will have a strong victory this year. But i also know it won;t be enough to shake the government.

    The problem with the opposition front is that we have no clear leader who is perceived to be for Malaysians. Anwar??? He changes his tune now and then. Lim Kit Siang? Only the chinese are okay with him.

    MAYBE should form a new party with RPK as the leader of the other part – whether malays or iNdians. Who ever.

    I think DAP joining PAS (and ADIL) can only work if you guys have come up with a solid plan of how to share the power. who be PM?? rotate every 5 years?

    HOW??? DAP joining PAS is like your son marrying a malay and have to be Islam and lose his own name.

    DON’T JOIN PAS and you have all our votes. Guaranteed.

  13. kwee nah gan Says:

    PLEASE ask the whole of DAP to wear yellow this MERDEKA AND MALAYSIA day.

  14. Liew Says:

    there is no need to join PAS.I dont want my Perak state to be an Islam or Muslim state.Im not a recist,im friendly to all races.But i just want a fair equal goverment and not keeping on abuse the BUMI rights..Thats not fair to the Chinese and Indians.I just want a fair goverment.Now they know they had KALAH TERUK.

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