Umno Puchong a big bully?

Big Bully?

theSun cover story today “Council About-Turn” has clearly shown that Umno has become a big bully and a public nuisance to the residents of Puchong. Even the local council MPSJ could do nothing to them. The council has earlier given 30 days for them to remove the cabin but the order has been revoked and a temporary permit was given to the Umno branch now. In another words, MPSJ has legalised an illegal act under political pressure.

The local Umno branch put up a cabin on a public field as its branch office, occupying the open space without any permission from the local authority.Such illegal act has enraged the local residents and they put up a small protest to highlight the issue. Guess what? Some 20 local  Umno warlords went after the residents, causing bodily harm to some of the residents including some elderly citizens. What so ugly and disgusting was that, these Umno chaps even attempted to turn the issue into a racial one. They were not very different from the  infamous”Raja Zakaria” of Klang.

What is going to happen if the local DAP branch also put up a cabin in the same field? Would MPSJ also close one eye on our “illegal” action? We will test it out.

Meanwhile, the residents were utterly disappointed with their wakil rakyat. The local state assemblyman Satem(Umno) is obviouly and shamelessly condoning the illegal act of his boys. The Puchong MP Low Yin Pin (Gerakan) has no guts to intervene in the matter. But DAP would not allow Umno to cause unrest in the local community. We will certainly take up the issue with MPSJ and Umno to restore law and order and maintain harmony within the local community. Watch this blog for more follow ups.


4 Responses to “Umno Puchong a big bully?”

  1. KS Tan Says:

    What to expect from people like Low Yin Pin and the rest of those Gerakan goons? Hopefully Puchong folks will make up after this incident and vote for DAP and the other opposition parties. If, and this is a big “if” DAP and PKR is able to take over Penang in the next GE, Gerakan will also soon end up the same fate as PPP – Pathetic Pitiful Party. Gerakan has some little weight in the BN coalition due to their one and only crown jewel – Penang. Once this is lost for good, Gerakan will end up like PPP as well. Maybe that’s why Kayveas said that Gerakan will close shop in 5 years, maybe based on the assumption that the opposition will take over Penang in the next GE.

  2. 2ndclasscitizen Says:

    what umno wants, umno gets! simple as that!

  3. sean Says:

    Yeah good idea………..DAP should test it out and place “an illegal cabin”there decorated with DAP flags as well all around it.Make sure the press are all there and see which press will reports the truth.After that do the next things as well…apply for a TOL.iNTERESTING…………..!!

  4. Albert Says:

    This shows that UMNO is above the law. A bad example to everyone. How they are going teach their children? No wonder we are all are classified as 3rd world mentality. This goes to our PM as well. He just sits, smiles and jolly happy while his follows are bullying others. Ashame!

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