Malaysian Hall of Shame

the Malaysian political arena is full of shameless people. You have Umno leaders who talked about how the National Service could foster racial harmony among our youths, and then brandishing a keris (Malay sword) while yelling imflammable and seditious slogans. You have MCA leaders who talked about how they were fighting very hard for the mother tongue education, but shamelessly allowed a Chinese primary school in Damansara be shut down for more than six years. You have MIC leaders who talked about how they have contributed much to their community, but allowing the local autthorities to demolish their temples one after another. The examples are endless and you may add on with more examples…Welldone, Wielmaja. (

Malaysian Hall of Shame

Of late, we have been bombasted with stories that made headlines in the local and international press:

  1. Close-one-eye MP who abused his power to make sure he is one-up on his competitors
  2. Deputy Minister accused of accepting RM5 Million to free his colleague (another deputy Minister)’s brother from detention
  3. Ex opposition MP who became Government’s mouth piece who REFUSED TO RESIGN after the National Service transport fiasco
  4. Minister who uses the AP to enrich oneself to the brink of insanity
  5. Son-in-law who uses his “Con-nection” to make billions from deals that would make Donald Trump salivate
  6. Local Councillor who build his mansion on land reserved for low cost housing
  7. Local Councillor who reversed decision to allow cabins belonging to Political Parties to be placed on ground meant for public recreation
  8. Local Councillor who allowed funeral parlour to be built without permit and continues to operate next to residential houses

The list is endless and more new items added everyday.

May be it’s about time we should start our MALAYSIAN HALL OF SHAME ?

posted by WIELMAJA @ 3:46 PM

One Response to “Malaysian Hall of Shame”

  1. chua soo kok Says:

    I am glad u like my Hall of shame , Ronnie.

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