PKR opted out of Machap race: A right move


PKR has shown great political maturity by opting out of the Machap by-election, thus avoided an open clash with the DAP. This move has restored goodwill and understanding between the two parties and certainly good for opposition unity. PKR’s decision comes as a great relief to all supporters of opposition. They were earlier deadly concerned about the split between the two parties. DAP will certainly invite Anwar Ibrahim and other opposition leaders and members to help campaign in Machap in the spirit of opposition solidarity and unity. After all, our common political rival is Umno and other BN ruling parties like MCA, MIC, PBP, SUPP and Gerakan.It serves no purpose for MCA to retain Machap. A victory for the DAP, on the other hand, would serve to boost the morale of the entire opposition party. The Machap battle will help the opposition parties to prepare for greater understanding and cooperation in the impending general elections.

I thank PKR leaders for their wise decision.I have personally expressed my gratitude to some of the top leaders in PKR this afternoon.

Malaysiakini and MerdekaReview have the stories…


07年3月22日 早上11:25 调整字体大小:

公正党副主席兼中央选举委员会主席阿兹敏阿里(Azmin Ali,左图)今日发表文告表示,公正党虽然采取不参与马接补选的立场,惟将会要求在下届大选的政党议席谈判中,把马接州议席归还给公正党竞选。








他引述,在2001加雅(Likas)补选中,法官莫哈末卡米尔(Muhammad Kamil)曾判决出现非公民注册成为选民以及幽灵选民的现象;还有在上届大选中,选举法庭对鹅唛(Gombak)国会议席选举上诉的判决,已证明我国的选举制度的确出现舞弊的现象。



■日期/Mar 22, 2007   ■时间/06:06:21 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/本刊林宏祥

【本刊林宏祥撰述】人民公正党副主席阿兹敏(Azmin Ali)宣布,该党分析马六甲马接(Machap)州议席选区资料、衡量当地基层领袖反应后,决定不参加将在43日提名、12日投票的补选,并将继续向马来西亚选举委员会(Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya,简称SPR)施压,改革选举制度。



较早前,人民公正党全国宣传主任蔡添强与甫上任的民主行动党秘书长选举策略顾问刘镇东,公开在媒体上放话,为各自政党争取在补选中上阵。后来,两党最高领袖林冠英旺阿兹莎Wan Azizah)皆表示有信心说服对方,让本身政党的候选人上阵。


阿兹敏也反驳选委会主席阿都拉昔(Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman)日前挑战在野党将选委会控上法庭的言论,认为有关言论过于情绪化。他列举2001年法官莫哈末卡米尔(Muhammad Kamil)对沙巴州立卡斯(Likas)州议席选举的判决,其中包括证实幽灵选民、非马来西亚人民出来投票,以及第11届全国大选中,鹅唛区(Gombak)的舞弊等例子,来证实选委会在处理选举过程中,偏差百出。社论:在野党迎战补选应着眼大局


8 Responses to “PKR opted out of Machap race: A right move”

  1. Disappointment with DAP Says:

    I think it is sad the DAP did not discuss fully with PKR about Machap before declaring their desire to field a candidate. I am really disappointed at DAP’s selfish political motives. This is why DAP will not be able to attract wider public support. DAP results in the last election was much worst than PKRs results. Surely this should have been cause for concern by DAP. Why be macho?

    Please do show some guts and maturity in forging some form of cooperation with PKR. All true Malaysians need to send a strong message to UMNO and BN. What we need least from DAP is their fear of PKR strength. There is room enough for both parties to cooperate.

  2. sampalee Says:

    The biggest failure of dap is the mistrust of pas[unlike mca which can work along umno in spite of great difference]Dap is arrogant and never learn from their enemy.Malaysian malaysia[Dap’s goal] is empty without malay participation.If pas is so bad dap should consider working with umno and join the bn.Going alone is only beneficial to a few career politician in dap,but spell doom for the future of malaysian as the devide of malay and non-malay will be propogated at a higher amplitude with the current posture.

  3. KS TAN Says:

    Mr. Liew,

    How come SPR has set the election day on a weekday? Souldn’t it be on a weekend? Batu Talam’s bi-election was also on a weekend but Machap will be on a Thurday. If you set the polling day on a weekday, then voters turnout will definately be less. I think Rasid is up to his tricks again!

  4. Gua Bay Song Says:

    Ronnie: Why didn’t PKR and DAP hold discussion first to see who has better candidate?

    Karpal said will discuss with Anwar. Where got?

    If Liou wins, I will eat my own underwear.

    Isn’t it that a ADUN that can serve public best, is more important than which party contest?

    It is actions like these that make me wonder – is DAP siding opposition, or BN?

    Ronnie, you said PKR mature. But what about DAP?

    Instead of giving opposition a chance, now opposition (not just DAP) SURE lose in Machap.


  5. KS TAN Says:

    Mr. Liew, one more thing to add before I forget again. I think DAP can’t win this bi-election on the basis of the ethnic make in Machap. You guys are more likely to win in places whereby the Chinese majority is around 70% and above. But if you guys win, then call it a miracle. 🙂 If not, then I suggest that the DAP should give it to PKR in the next GE. Doesn’t matter PKR, DAP or PAS, as long as it is the opposition parties winning and BN loosing. btw, I tend to concur with some of the comments above, why didn’t you guys sit and talk to PKR or at least to Anwar on a personal basis? You guys also must show some “muafakat” lah! (malay saying for co-operation).

  6. omo Says:

    Everyone is a racist here – looking at the composition of races in a party. In this case I will vote for BN . See how they – UMNO, MIC and Gerakan help MCA. The point should how the opposition work and support each other in this area and the help to be return in other areas. There is no such 70% pure chinese area.

  7. Disappointment with DAP Says:

    Hi omo, it’s interesting to hear your reason for voting BN is because they help one another. I for one would consider my vote to be for the better of the country and our future generations at large. BN “helps” each other to enrich themselves.. ever wondered how these “lowly paid” politicians manage to be so rich? Of course they help each other.

    Let all Malaysians look pass the current stage managed news and BN spins. If things are as good as they are made out, how come you have to run harder just to stand still?

  8. OMO Says:

    What betterment for the country if the first instance for the opposition to oppose each other especially when the state of opposition front is still in the infancy and weak. What perceived by the public in 50 years that opposition parties among themselves still stabbing each other at the back like MCA and Gerakan. It is time that Opposition parties co-operate. The among of seats available in the coming election is a big cake and there is more to share.

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