Welcome home, Ku Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong.

The proud families.

The heroes return.

 After taking nice pictures for publicity and PR, where’s the rewards Ku and Tan both deserved?

All pictures from the Sun.


7 Responses to “Welcome home, Ku Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong.”

  1. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    LATEST (25 April,2007):
    Perak state govt and Perak BN awarded RM10,000 and RM20,000 respectively to Ku, a subject of Perak. Kedah govt has yet to decide its reward for Tan, a Kedah subject. The Fededral Govt has yet to do anything for the double champions. we are still waiting.

    Ku also received a heroic reception at his old school St Micheal in Ipoh last Friday.

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    LATEST: (25 April,2007-afternoon):
    Ku gets a total of RM35,000 as of now. One of the Kedah Exco members today said that Tan would not get anything less than RM35,000. I have friends who think that Ku and Tan should get more than what they have been offered today. What do you think?

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Some of my friends cannot accept the fact that the Government could be so stingy about offering the rightful rewards to our new All-England double champion Ku and Tan. One of them said that the prize money for Ku from the Perak state govt can’t even buy him a Proton Saga. I personally share their sentiment. I think Ku and Tan deserve much more than what they were getting so far.

    I wish Ku and Tan will continue to soldier on and win the coveted Olympic Gold medal in Beijing 2008.

  4. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Latest (25 April 2007-night):Tan Boon Heong was awarded with RM35,000 by the Kedah state govt and State BN today. I doubt BN will have to pay out any sum. Many believe that just like Perak, the money must have come from the state coffer but the BN name was mentioned because the general elections is just around the corner. ever since AAB took over the prime ministership, BN govt has behaved as if all the money belongs to BN or Umno. Still remember how AAB spent RM600 million of our money within two months for Umno division chiefs last year?

  5. Apple Says:

    Gambatte, u r the best…. Hopo u all can get good point again… Go… 🙂

  6. Apple Says:

    I hope Boon Heong can put more picture at internet…. so i can take the picture… heq…heq… 🙂

  7. Apple Says:

    加油! 你们是最棒的! 要努力啊! 加油加油再加油!!!

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