Rawang high-tension zone: Govt and TNB high-handed

The villagers have been staying here for more than 40 years. Why can’t the government instruct the TNB to construct the high-tension pylons on an  alternative route?

I have just returned from Rawang with Sdr Batumalai (Selangor DAP Treasurer) and Sdr Giri (Rawang DAP protem committee chairman) a while ago, We were there to visit and listen to the plight and predicament of the villagers in Kg Sg Terentang, Rawang. A total of 62 families will be affected and required to move out if the government porceeds to allow TNB to construct the 275 KV high-tension transmission towers over the village.

The villagers have expressed their unwillingness to move out and they have even drawn up two alternative routes for TNB for consideration. But the local MCA state assemblyman Tang See Hang (also an state Exco member) and the local MP Chan Kong Choy (also the Transport Minister) have failed to provide their support and assistance due to their own vested interest. They have now decided to wash their hands, betraying the trust placed in them as wakil rakyat. They should have stood the ground together with the villagers, persuading the TNB to adopt the alternative plan. But that’s the true colours of MCA representatives.

The affected families have each received a letter on 22 March, asking them to collect their cheques from the Selayang Land Office. Their lawyer Mr Tan went to the land office last Friday and he was told that even the relevant authority was not sure about the purpose of the cheques and the amount of compensation for the affected families. This was shockingly unfair to the villagers because they were not consulted at all on the amount of compensation. In fact, the villagers here have not agreed to move out in the first place. On what grounds did the Selayang Land Office issue those cheques?

The 5-men action committee, their lawyer and the representatives of the oppostion parties and NGOs will be seeking a meeting with the Selayang Land Office on 27 March to clarify the matter.

The villagers have also decided in the meeting held this afternoon to bring their plight to the Parliament on 2 April. They will be there to expose the wrongdoings of Chan Kong Choy and Tang See Hang on the matter. The Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang will be there to meet them at 11.30am at the Parliament House. I will be there to provide my assistance as their advisor.


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