Pandamaran assemblyman was called a liar by his voters

I was listening to the problems facing the Jalan Papan residents. They said they were cheated by the local MCA state assemblyman Dr Tee Kim Poh.

Tee must honour his election pledges and quickly find a solution for the Jalan Papan residents.

I have just returned from Pandamaran, Klang with EanYong Hian Wah, Lau Weng San, Sam Chong, Wey Keng and Francis Chang. We were distributing the anti toll hike leaflets(in 4 languages) in the market place together with Tee Boon Hock, Peter Tan and other local members. Our local chaps also set up a voter registration counter at the China Town Food Court near the market.

In the press conference, I touched on voters registration (urging all youths to register as voters at any post office or register with the DAP before 31 March 2007) and the toll hike demonstration plan ( 22 April at 4pm at the Leisure Mall,Cheras). Eanyong Hian Wah, the Selangor DAP chairman, wanted the government to disclose all toll agreements and bring down the toll prices. He also wanted the Umno-led BN government to build more Chinese primary schools in Pandamaran.

I also thanked PKR for avoiding a three-cornered tussle in Machap besides asking the opposition parties (including PKR) to help in the campaign. I also took the opportunity to urge Machap voters to focus on national issues such as toll and fuel hikes, educational and economic issues, abuses of power and corruption.

All the 2,000 leaflets we brought were distributed within one hour. The response was very encouraging. The hawkers (mainly Chinese and Malays and some Indians) responded positively to our campaign. One Malay lady responded by saying ” lawan habis-habis” when I told her that we were fighting against the Kesas toll hike (increased from RM1.50 to RM2.20). Another Malay hawker actually said “tol jangan naik, bagi Rocket naik tak apa.” One Chinese trader asked why the BN government refuses to reduce the price of petrol now that the price of crude oil has dropped significantly. You can see them reading our leaflet or keeping it for future reading. This is another indication that the toll and petrol hikes were certainly very unpopular decision.

Dr Tee must keep to his election pledges and help find a solution for the Jalan Papan residents.

At the end of our leafleting campaign, we met a procession from the local Jalan Papan squatters. Some 80 of them, mostly Indian settlers, were holding banners and placards, calling the local MCA state assemblyman a liar. They called him a ” xiao ren  Ph D holder who went back to his pledges and promises”. They said the man not only did not help to resolve their problems (providing an opportunity to buy medium cost houses with a discounted price after the demolition of their homes in Jalan Papan), he now interferes with the negotiations between the Jalan Papan residents and the developer. The group were walking from street to street with their protest banners and placards. Just imagine how frustrated they were with Dr Tee, the local MCA warlord who happens to be the Klang MCA division head.


2 Responses to “Pandamaran assemblyman was called a liar by his voters”

  1. KS TAN Says:

    Dear Mr. Liew,

    Good! Just like Kg. Tunku, Pandamaran will also soon kena bungkus to the DAP! Speaking about registering voters, we should all play apart to encourage our family members, relatives, neighbours, co-workers, spouse and etc to register as voters. But if I may add to what you said about registration at the post office; you can only register as a voter in post offices that is equiped with a computer system. So make sure you go to the big post office or the main post office center in your town or district.

    I just met up with an old friend today and while the subject of politics came up, your name was casually mentioned and this friend of mine remembered one of your campaigns at “Chou Yang” in ss2 in 1999 with your all too famous slogan: “Ling Liong Sik bullshit!” hahaha … glad to know that you still do have an impact on the voters of PJU … another quotation was, “except for his receding hair line, Ronnie still looks good for his age and ever so energetic ….”So I guess you still have a number of faithful supporters in PJU as well …. hahaha ….

    KS TAN
    Petaling Jaya

  2. VTT Says:

    Dogs a running……

    Q.: what do you call the Malaysian Dog Pack?

    A. : Malaysian Canine Association.

    Q.: When will you see these dogs? and how do you differenciate them?

    A.: Simple, go Machap and the’re the ones with Yellow belly. (go see for yourselves)

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