King told Govt leaders to renounce corruption and discard abuse of power

Renounce corruption and discard abuse of power- that’s the clarion call made by His Majesty King to AAB and other government leaders in the country. These were precisely the roots of the problem we are facing with the current batch of Umno leaders.

I understand that in Islam, the sin of corruption is a very serious one. And abuse of power is cruel and unjust to the victims and their families.

AAB and other Umno top guns must heed the call and response positively and immediately, instead of turning a deaf ear.

ACA must be given a new life to fight corruption and ISA, OSA and other draconian laws which were vulnerable to abuse of power must be discarded now.

The King also emphasised on the importance of Muslims living harmoniously with people of other faith. I hope all muftis and the various religious departments will listen to the King and response and react positively.

But would the promoter of the so-called Islam Hadhari and other Umno and BN leaders heed the call of our King? God bless Malaysia.

 King to gov’t leaders: Be guided by Islamic values

Mar 31, 07 5:30pm Malaysiakini 
Renounce corruption and discard abuse of power, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Mizan Zainal Abidin told those in government circles today.In a speech at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Mizan called on those holding the trust of government to honour the mandate placed on them by the people.

He also said Islam taught and emphasised on the need to develop self-resilience, trust and transparency when discharging one’s duty, according to a Bernama report.

These were among the values held by the Companions who succeeded the Prophet’s rule, said Mizan.

Present at the celebration were Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his deputy Najib Razak, and other Muslim ministers.

Prophet forged good ties

Mizan also called on Muslims generally to unite while living harmoniously with people of other faiths.

“In the early age of Islam, the Prophet had forged good relations with the Jews and Christians and sealed treaties with non-Muslim governments.

“In the message delivered to them, (the Prophet) expounded the goodness of Islam hence they accepted the fact that differences in religious beliefs and faiths were not a hindrance to harmonious living,” the king said.

About 12,000 people participated in the parade that took place earlier at the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex.

One Response to “King told Govt leaders to renounce corruption and discard abuse of power”

  1. Sleepyhollow Says:

    Pak Lah sleeping ka during the speech? If he did then what a waste of His Majesty’s time. I think the King is trying to be euphemistic. His own PM the big corrupt..what an irony..

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