Do you agree with JD Lovrenciear, my fellow Malaysians?

Opposition needs to come together for greater good
JD Lovrenciear
Mar 29, 07 4:14pm
Letter to the Editor of Malaysiakini 
Lately, as opposition party members race to score points given the host of challenges and failures facing the present ruling party, several observations indicate that the opposition party leaders and their party members need to think outside the box.Firstly, if all the opposition party members agree and are convinced that the nation needs salvation from an alleged corrupt ruling party, then for the love of God, King and rakyat, they should get their cooperative spirit consolidated. They should put aside their man-made party fundamentals that are divergent from one another and work together for the betterment of the nation’s onward progress.The more the leaders try to scream and stubbornly stick to their so-called party policies, the more the voters are going to be disillusioned and feel betrayed.What good is it to the nation if the leaders of DAP, Keadilan and PAS are unable to come together to help build a nation on a clear, transparent slate of collaborative accountability but instead proclaim and propagate a divisive stand?Therein lies the lead advantage for their opponents – the ruling present party.

Putting aside personal pride, party flavours and ideologies is not a weakness. For what matters right now is a clear, consolidated collaboration that can champion the nation’s quest to move forward without being crippled by corruption and prejudices and a misguided democracy.

What is of paramount and of significant importance is an anchoring on the principal of ‘Unity in Diversity’. If any one of the opposition parties is not capable of collaborating for the greater good, then that party is also no good on its own steam either.

That, in essence, is the crux of an effective, sound and successful leadership. And therein, too, lies a stark reality given our country’s unique racial and religious mix.

Pesta Hak Rakyat @ Kg Berembang Ampang

Anti Toll Hike Demonstration @ IOI Mall 2007


2 Responses to “Do you agree with JD Lovrenciear, my fellow Malaysians?”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Unity in diversity.Such is the same wisdom that echos in the heart sutra.Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.Unity IS diversity and diversity IS unity,Get it as Rodney did and the ghost of seperation will be put to rest.The divisive game of umno will naturally be rendered useless and a non-starter.E-mail this articles to all rakyat or get it printed and distributed to all remote corners including machap.This sacred articles should be given special attention by all the opposition leaders especially the ones in pas and dap.It is for the sake of ONE and ALL[Nobody is left out]

  2. sampalee Says:

    To dap and pas members reading this article,please make sure all your leaders received a printed copy.This is not trivial,please get it done.There is no harm in duplication.Let those concern flood your permimpin with this inspired write-up.For one who does not have the flair of writing like Rodney,it is not difficult to be a messanger.Lets us do just that.

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