Po Kuan : Do away with bumi and non-bumi

Kudos to Fong Po Kuan! In today’s Parliamentary session, she has rightly called for the abandonment of race-based policies and do away with the division of bumi and non-bumi. But frankly, that can only happens if we could throw away the present Umno-led Barisan Nasional Government because they were the real culprits of racial politics.The young MP from Batu Gajah also said that the so-called Islam Hadhari concept was not functioning.  I totally agreed with Po Kuan because draconian acts like ISA (imprisonment without trial) has no place in Islam. AAB, what have you got to say?Malaysiakini has the report…

MP: End racial divisions

Bede Hong
Apr 2, 07 5:08pm
An opposition parliamentarian told the Dewan Rakyat today that a divisive line still runs between the major races in the country and called for the abandonment of race-based policies.This was greeted by jeers from her Barisan Nasional (BN) counterparts.Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) said the government’s Islam Hadhari or civilisational Islam concept was not functioning. To illustrate her point, she cited cases of wastage in government expenditure.

“Why are we still divided into bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras?” she asked when debating the motion of thanks on the royal address.

“Although our ancestors came here hundreds of years ago, we are still categorised differently from bumiputeras,” she said.

She said students are given different examinations despite coming from the same school.

“The non-bumiputeras have to take the STPM (examination) while bumiputeras are able to take matriculation. This (divisiveness) has gone into education,” she added.

Fong noted that although race-based policies were meant to eradicate poverty, this has threatened national unity.

She said government projects were only tendered to bumiputera contractors.

“These are just a few examples … The colonialists practiced a policy of divide and rule … how different really are the policies today? We are all anak (children of) Malaysia. We can march forward together, but the government must stop race-based politics.

“There is just too much politics nowadays. Everything is being politicised to the point where it has slowed progress,” she added.

Handphones and nasi bungkus

Fong then proceeded to criticise BN MPs for ‘wasting’ taxpayers’ money.

“Parliamentary briefings by ministries are now conducted in five star hotels, where each table is charged RM1,000. They (the MPs) get mobile phones,” she said, drawing jeers.

“Why is this waste going on? It’s not that we are jealous. We ( the opposition) don’t mind if we eat nasi bungkus.

“This is a waste of money. We can hold the briefings in Parliament. Where is Islam Hadhari?” she added.

She also criticised the giving out of gold jalur gemilang pins to BN Mps.

“This is an example of wastage. The money could have been spent on schools in Sarawak … or in Kinabatangan (Sabah) where there is no electricity,” she pointed out.

Fong also lamented that non-bumiputeras are perceived to be constantly questioning the status of Islam in this country.

“I have the utmost respect for Islam. It’s status is protected by the Federal Constitution. My argument is to practice the slogans that you preach,” she added.

Later, Mohamad Aziz (Sri Gading – BN) attacked the opposition MP.

“Why does DAP always waste time raising such trivial matters. Can’t they see that the government has done much for the people,” he said.

“Let DAP mull over their complaints if they can form a government,” he added.


One Response to “Po Kuan : Do away with bumi and non-bumi”

  1. peter leow cheen chai Says:

    I believe what we are is what our parents and forefathers had compromised. The realities were well documented by the real histories, his stories(no offence to the ladies) were recorded in every corner of the land of this very blessed labd—Malaysia. Though as I LOVE hisotry as a subject and scoring A’s were my privileges or my LOVE to enable I was given a choice to receive my government scholarships as I came from a rural place named Ulu Yam, and now I resided in PJ, I had ‘overqualified’ myself as I rejected the state scholarship from Selangor in 1979 as I was given another ‘better’ grant from Malaysia’s richest man Tan Sri Robert Kuok who simply motivated us the reciepients of his generosity:- BE a Good Man to repay him!!!!
    I appreciated if you are given a choice, why would you wish to be ‘bad’ man?
    Given a choice if you are declared a wholesome person, why should you consider yourself ahandicapped person?
    A stick of false sense of privileges was senselessly over provided from 1970 after May 13 th 1969 is now over stayed and many Malays were or are not agreeable to this stigma.
    I employed Malay graduates who can perform equally or even better as an employee compared to many Chinese or Indian graduates!
    I noted many Malaysians are well educated but LACK pride in their work, the ethics and attitudes play more important roles than what race you are.
    Truly the local businesses need more protection as they are weak in their competitveness, and they lack confidence to creat business opportunities, and seemingly we had over produced too many groups of easy going businessmen who need no efforts but purely talking and scheming ways to enrich themselves only.
    The issue is not about Bumi or non Bumi alone, it is the whole destructions of diligence and values we lost through last 30 over years of bad education policies, and at the stroke of regret to a former leader, he tried to rectify what he ruined for the last 30 years!!!
    The Malays were really losers at the expense of the world competitions.
    The Malays are having dignities too.
    The truly Malay culture is so gentle and nice, kind and generous.
    It si the greedy group of certain ‘gang’s of the Malaysian greedy and power crazy group of people, Malay, Chines, Indians,….as well as Mat Salleh, they had their roles to chart the paths or destinies we Malaysians carelessly entrusted them without CARE!!!!!!
    Please LEARN true LOVE for Malaysia, and put aside those confrontations in most silly manners, shouting and behaving like some less educated people, going aroud to creat upsetting gathering, go on streets to protests are not useful and effectively wasting energies and rights of fair treatement though many historical records showed apparent successes while eventual account showed greater failures if you care to keep the observations longer than the heights of protests made!
    I hope you who want to be a real good politican, learn and learn how to sacrifice just like the first PM of India, live his spirit and have the real sacrifice as a stateman, not purely assume you are RIGHT all the way, but perseverences will pay eventually!!!
    Do sincerely and LEARN humbly, and give others the power to decide so that you are really understanding about SERVICE to the people, not the other way round, in both government and opposition parties I observed, appointments to be amde for apparent better maangement of time, it turned away a lot of needy people who are really needing your help!!!!

    Please NEVET stop seeking to SERVE and long enough you will be recognized and your rewards will await you, hopefully you will be given a chance really to lead and show truly a great spirit of Statemanship, and not just a politican!!!

    Please if you wish to contact me, 012-3292101, ever ready to share but not to boast about politcal aspirations I noted, a true making in promoting statemanship, a really need to revamp the education policies and implementations to uplift Malaysians!!!

    Regards and God bless you,

    Peter LCC

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