Rawang villagers brought their case to Parliament

Ong explains their proposed alternative to Lim Kit Siang and Wan Azizah. Goh explains to Chong Eng and M.Kula (not in the picture).

Some 40 villagers who were affected by the 275KV high tension transmission towers project from Kg Sg Terentang Rawang met the Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang, MP Chong Eng, MP M.Kula and MP Wan Azizah (PKR) at the Parliament House this morning. They presented a memorandum to Lim after explaning their case to the MPs. Lim will raise the matter in the Parliament besides holding a discussion with Lim Kean Yaik on the matter.

Basically, the villagers wanted to remain in the village and they hope the authority could adopt the alternative route (drawn up and submitted by the 5-men committee representing all 51 affected families) for the high tension transmission towers. In earlier meetings, Minister Lim Kean Yaik has basically accepted the proposal but the Selangor state exco has rejected it on grounds unknown to the villagers.

M.Batumalai and me at the controversial site in Rawang

Their local elected representatives Tang See Hang and Chan Kong Choy (both from MCA) have sided with the TNB and Selangor state government instead of fighting for the villagers. They have openly declared that they have washed their hands in the matter.

On the other hand, the land office has collaborated with TNB to proceed with the project. Letters of compensation have been sent out to various landownners after the calling off of the cheques presentation ceremony held at the Selayang land office on March 27, 2007. The ceremony was called off after our strong objection.

We are still waiting for the meeting to be held within two weeks between Selangor State Exco member Abdul Fatah and the 5-men committee. I will be attending the meeting as their Advisor.

Villagers in stand-off with TNB
Yoges Palaniappan-Malaysiakini
Apr 2, 07 5:19pm Adjust font size:

Some 20 villagers from Kampung Sungai Terentang, Rawang, have submitted a complaint over the installation of high-tension electric cables and a transmission tower in their village to Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang.

The group, who handed Lim a letter of complaint in Parliament House today, said they have been forced to turn to the opposition because of a deadlock in their bid to negotiate with government authorities.

Their plight began in 2005 when Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and the Gombak land office sent them notice to vacate their houses, to make way for installation of the infrastructure.

The villagers then formed a five-member action committee which met local elected representatives to resolve their problem. However, they were later told that nothing could be done as this is a “national project that involves public interest”.

“The committee proposed an alternate route for the cables but unfortunately, the state government rejected this,” said committee member Ong Tiong Huei.

“The route proposed is over vacant agricultural land but they don’t want to consider it, citing several reasons like cost and time constraints.”

He pointed out that the proposed route would not only benefit the villagers but TNB as well in the long run, should it want to upgrade the infrastructure “since this is an unoccupied land”.

“We’ve been ordered to move several times, but villagers refuse to do so because they don’t understand what is happening. The village already has two high-tension cables running through it.”

Compensation offer

Another committee member, Ong Tiong Chin said TNB has offered a compensation plan, but that the villagers have rejected this.

“The plan does not state a definite sum, it only states that the villagers are entitled to an amount between RM31,000 and RM167,000,” he said.

He also said the most recent notice instructed the villagers to attend a cheque presentation ceremony, where they are to receive compensation.

“This is wrong, we haven’t been given any (final) eviction notice. Arranging a cheque presentation ceremony assumes that we will leave our homes.”

The villagers, who are prepared for the worst, have set up a legal fund, in case they have to take the case to the court.


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