Machap: Thank you PKR for the support and solidarity

Just before we take take the 20-minute walk to the nomination centre.

We must thank PKR for sending their  national and local leaders to walk our candidate to the nomination centre. Some 1,000 DAP members and supporters took the 20-minute walk unfrayed by the distance and heat. The procession was led by DAP SG Lim Guan Eng and Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang. Other CEC members include Tan Seng Giaw, M.Kula, Chong Eng, Fong Kui Lun, Ahmad Ton, P Guna, Tan Kok Wai, Chow Kuan Yew, Teresa Kok, Vincent Wu, Anthony Loke, Boo Cheng Haw, Fong Po Kuan, Seah Leong Peng, Nge Koo Ham, Sivanesan, Leong Ngag Ngah, Apalasamy and me. Chairman Karpal Singh arrived in his car despite of his inconvenience. He received several rounds of applause from our members and supporters.


Lady power from PKR and DAP

We were delighted by the good mix of members and supporters. We have old and young, men and women, Chinese, Indian, MalayPortuguese showed up from all over the country punctually (before 9am)in high mood and good fighting spirit.


Another “satu hati” shot . Terima kasih ahli wanita PKR atas semangat setiakawan dan siladurahim.

The nomination process today was marred by an ugly fracas initiated by MIC members. DAP members Kannis and Vijayan from Seremban Jaya were badly beaten up by some 30 MIC members with bricks and sticks when they were on their way back to the DAP operation centre after the nomination. Malini, a female journalists from the Nanban (Tamil press) was verbally abused by some unruly MIC members with vulgar language and P Malayanadi, another photographer from Malakal Osai, was pushed violently by the MIC Youth Chief Vigneswaran ( a Parliamentary Secretary) when he was trying to take photos of the MIC attackers.


Sdr Karpal was in good mood and good fighting spirit. Everyone was delighted to see him there.

All of them have lodged police reports and so far only one of the attackers was detained for investigation. The police have promised to go after another two MIC members whom were indentified through videos and photos taken by the DAP members.

We want MIC President Datuk S Samy Vellu to apologise immediately to the DAP over the assault of our members. Meanwhile, when the MCA candidate was asked to comment on the ugly fracs, he has described those who attacked the DAP members as hooligans. He said that Machap is a peaceful village and those who used violence were not welcome. We hope Samy Vellu and his party leaders could heed the call made by the MCA candidate.

I have personally thanked Sdr Shamsul Iskandar, the PKR Youth Chief cum Jasin division chief and other PKR leaders. I was told some of the Pas members were there to observe the nomination process and have given their moral support.


Pls enjoy reading the reports presented by various Internet portals and newspapers…

Four lodge police reports over Machap fracas
Beh Lih Yi
Apr 3, 07 5:41pm
Two police reports have been lodged against MIC Youth chief S Vigneswaran and the wing’s members for allegedly assaulting an opposition party’s supporters and a photographer, while a third report alleged the use of abusive language against a journalist outside the Machap nomination centre today.A man has been detained for investigation in connection with complaint of assault.All three reports, lodged at the Machap Umboo police station, were related to a scuffle that broke out this morning between MIC and DAP supporters about 100 metres from the nomination centre, following a verbal spat that turned ugly.DAP Negri Sembilan members K Kannis, 42, and S Vijayan, 24, sustained injuries on their head and face in the incident and were taken to a hospital for a medical examination.In the first police report lodged by Kannis, the complainant said he and Vijayan was beaten up by MIC brigade members wielding bricks and the MIC party flag-stick at about 11.45am, after the nomination process ended.It is understood that the duo had earlier been part of a crowd of opposition supporters chanting slogans such as Samy Vellu penakut (MIC president S Samy Vellu “is a coward”), Undur lah, Samy Vellu as supporters from both camps traded verbal barbs outside the nomination centre.According to Kannis, a group of five to six men, wearing the MIC brigade t-shirt, approached him while he and some friends were walking to their vehicles.”One of them asked ‘why did you scold my president like that?’, and then I heard people shouting his name and telling him to beat me up,” Kannis told reporters at the police station.He identified three individuals – two of whom were named together with their respective MIC branches in the report – as being involved in the incident. Photographic evidence was also submitted to the police.In the second police report, Malaysian Nanban journalist R Malini, 30, complained that vulgar words were hurled at her allegedly by an MIC brigade member when she was attempting to take photographs of a group of MIC brigade members after the incident.She said an individual had said to her in Tamil: ‘Why don’t you strip your mother naked and take her photo?’

An upset Malini stressed she was only doing her job and that she had received several phone calls from MIC leaders, persuading her not to lodge a police report.

Claim denied

Tamil daily Makkal Osai photographer P Malayanadi, 49, in a separate police report complained he had been pushed by the MIC Youth chief with force while trying to take photographs of a man detained by the police.

Malacca chief police officer Ayub Yaakob, who arrived at the police station later, confirmed that a man aged 28 was picked up by the police at the scene of the incident and is being investigated for alleged assaut under Section 323 of the Penal Code.

“We are also tracking down two others who have been identified in the photographs,” he said.

In an immediate response, Vigneswaran – also parliamentary secretary of the youth and sports ministry – denied he had used force against anyone.

“The police were doing their work at the time and not allowing anyone to take photographs. There was already a commotion and this man came (along, trying to take photographs). I couldn’t allow another commotion to occur. I did not push him, I was just escorting him off,” he told malaysiakini when contacted.

On the two reports lodged against his men, Vigneswaran said the party would get to the bottom of the matter and the inviduals involved would face action if a case is established against them. He said MIC does not condone violence.

Asked whether the DAP is likely to capitalise on the incident in its campaign, he replied: “Let the police investigate. DAP can harp on anything and we can’t be bothered.”

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Vigneswaran should be removed from his government position immediately, while party leader and lawyer A Sivanesan urged the Indian community in Machap to consider their options carefully before voting for the BN, of which MIC is a component party.


郭史光庆- Malaysiakini
07年4月3日 早上10:46
不出所料,在今早举行的马接州议席补选提名当中,并没有出现任何独立候选人插上一脚,导致国阵候选人赖明忠将以一对一的方式直接对垒民主行动党候选人廖政光。选举官哈欣依斯迈(Hasim Ismail)在上午11时的反对时间结束后,宣布马接州议席补选只有两名候选人参选,铁定由赖明忠和廖政光直接对垒。刚在昨日获得副首相纳吉宣布为国阵候选人的赖明忠及民主行动党候选人廖政光,今早分别在支持者的拥护之下,浩浩荡荡地前往提名中心,呈交提名表格。



至于一度与行动党发生上阵争执后让步的人民公正党,并未派出任何高层全国领袖出席提名,只由公正党青年团代总团长山苏依斯干达(Shamsul Iskandar)、全国宣传局媒体协调主任林秀凌以及该党马六甲基层领袖到场支持。







在等待提名的过程, 朝野两党分别拉起特制布条讽刺对手,而日前爆发辩论及挑战口水战的廖中莱及林冠英更是成为双方相互揶揄和嘲笑的对象,这两位马青团长及行动党秘书长风头一时无双,简直盖过了两位真正的补选候选人赖明忠和廖政光。























From China Press



























■日期/Apr 03, 2007   ■时间/08:13:07 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/本刊林宏祥


一群印度国大党党员因不满民主行动党党员在提名中心前造势时高呼三美(Samy Vellu,国大党主席)下台!(Undur Samy旗杆砖头殴打民主行动党的两名印裔党员,导致他们头破血流。

与此同时,淡米尔文报章《NanbanMakalosoi》的记者和摄影记者见状,欲向前探究,却遭国大党党员辱骂。国大党一名年轻党员阻止《Nanban》记者玛丽尼(R.Malini)拍照时,更口出恶言侮辱其母亲;而《Makalosoi》的摄影记者(P.Malayahadi遭国大党青年团团长兼青年及体育部政务次长维内瓦兰(S. Vigneswaran)动粗,用手压住他的脖子往下方压。

玛丽尼到马接翁布(Machap Umboo)警局投报,并向记者叙述事情过程:当我看到殴打的情况,便趋前去拍照,一名年轻的国大党党员辱骂我说,不要拍我们,拍你脱光衣服后的妈妈,不要拍我们!’”





该党槟城柑仔园(Dato Kramat)支部主席郭庭源是现场目击者,他说当一群国大党围向阿比加洋与卡尼斯的时候,他大感事情不妙,于是向前阻挡,更在混乱中挨了数重拳。另一名党员黄南山则向记者说,动粗者看见他上前时,还警告说:你们不要插手,这是印度人的事情!

也是律师的西华纳申不满警方只是援引刑事法典第323条文,即蓄意伤人调查其中一名攻击者,反之认为应该援引第326条文,即以武器造成伤害。他举证,只要有一滴血迹、只要有武器(旗杆),警方就应该援用此条文调查此案件。马接州议席是因原任议员、马华公会马六甲州联委会主席及马六甲行政议员傅润添于3月15日傍晚六时许因淋巴癌病逝而悬空。补选今天提名,本月12日投票,国阵委派马华公会的赖明忠竞选,而在野的民主行动党则派出廖政光竞选。【点击:马接补选今早提名开打 华裔选民动向备受瞩目】


民主行动党秘书长林冠英(右图)谴责上述的暴力事件,并非议国大党以没有教养、流氓与野蛮的手段对待记者。他举例,巫统青年团团长希山慕丁(Hishammuddin Hussein)去年在巫统大会上耍剑,今日却发生国大党用暴力伤人的事件,证明国阵日益趋向暴力,以暴力恐吓人民来赢取选票。







他强调,马接巴鲁(Machap Baru)的居民是热爱和平及稳定的,他们也不希望这类的暴力事件发生在这一块民俗纯朴、和平安详的土地。赖明忠希望睿智的马接选民运用他们手中的神圣一票,投选出真正为民服务的人民代议士。

BN vs DAP: Straight fight in Machap
Apr 3, 07 10:26am Malaysiakini
As expected the Machap by-election will see a straight fight between the ruling Barisan Nasional candidate and the same DAP candidate from the last general election.Barisan Nasional’s Lai Meng Chong (right) will take on DAP’s Liou Chen Kuang (left) in the April 12 state seat contest.These two candidates were the only ones to have filed their nominations today despite earlier reports that PAS may sponsor an independent candidate.Lai was first to submit his name when he entered the nomination centre at the Machap Japerun Complex in Bukit Bulat at 9.15am, flanked by a large crowd of supporters.

Some 4,000 BN supporters and several senior party leaders were at hand to throw their weight behind their candidate.

Among those present included Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam, MCA president Ong Ka Ting, MIC president S Samy Vellu, Gerakan deputy president and Penang Chief Minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin, Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan and Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Lai is the political secretary to Human Resources Minister and MCA vice-president Dr Fong Chan Onn. He is also the MCA Alor Gajah division vice-chairperson.

Liou meanwhile filed his nomination paper at 9.30am. He was accompanied by about 500 party loyalists and opposition supporters, led by DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Nomination period started at 9am and ended an hour later. There were no protests lodged in the following hour during the protest period.

Returning officer Hasim Ismail announced the straight fight at 11.15am.

Physical altercation

On a bright sunny morning, the large crowd which gathered outside the nomination centre jostled for place and chanted their support for their respective candidates.

Some were keen to catch a glimpse of the many national leaders who had convened to this place.

Police personnel and members of the Federal Reserve Unit were on hand to keep things under control while a police helicopter hovered above the Japerun complex.

However the verbal tussle between the two groups of supporters turned ugly when a physical scuffle broke out among some MIC and DAP supporters outside the nomination centre.

In the fisticuffs that followed, two DAP supporters were hurt. The opposition party had lodged a police report and one man has been detained for questioning.

Chinese-majority seat

The Machap seat fell vacant following the death of BN assemblyperson Poh Ah Tiam, 55, on March 15.

DAP candidate Liou, a businessman, lost to Poh in the Chinese-majority seat in the 2004 general election. The popular Poh retained the seat with a 4,562-vote majority.

BN’s Lai, 56, is a local, born in Machap Baru.

The Machap state constituency has 9,623 registered voters including 108 postal voters. The Chinese account for 45 percent of the voters, Malays 38 percent, Indians 15 percent and others two percent.

MCA leaders won’t dare show up for debate
Ronnie Liu
Apr 6, 07 3:02pm
Letter to the Editor Malaysiakini 
The MCA started off as a political tool of the British colonial power. The party was given a licence to run the only lottery in Malaya then. The lottery in 1952, offered a RM400,000 first prize. As a condition however, all prize winners would have to join MCA after receiving their prize money.The British allowed the MCA to make easy money but in exchange, the party had to contribute part of their windfall to the Chinese living in the new villages, with an objective to ‘soften’ these Chinese and at the same time turn the Chinese away from the Malayan Communist Party.

A friend of mine jokingly said to me that MCA has changed from a party that brings happiness to the Chinese (only when they strike lottery) to a party that makes the Chinese angry.

The recent public exchange between Tan Siok Choo and Ooi Kee Beng arises from the fact that Siok Choo, a granddaughter of the late Tan Cheng Lock, actually believed that her grandfather was the sole founder of MCA, while Ooi believes that there were other co-founders like HS Lee and Leong Yew Koh.

Ironically, apart from Tan Cheng Lock, the other founders of MCA like HS Lee and Leong Yew Koh were regarded as traitors to the Chinese community in the eyes of our older generations. They sold our rights for their own interest and benefits. They did not defend our rights to mother-tongue education and our equal rights as Malaysian citizens.

MCA leaders in general have done more harm than good to the Chinese community in this country. I have done research and compiled a factual account into a little book in March 2004 entitled Culprits, Accomplices, Cowards: The role of MCA in the Chinese community. No one in the MCA dares to make a rebuttal until today.

It’s therefor a big joke for MCA’s young leaders like Liow Tiong Lai to insinuate that the DAP is ‘a party that has done nothing for Malaysians’. Before he opens his mouth the next time, he should first read the little book mentioned above.

The record of MCA is tainted with scandals, crimes and sins. There is no way for any MCA leader, no matter how eloquent he or she was or is, to beat DAP on political records or contributions to the nation.

For this reason, those who are keenly waiting for a public debate between Liow Tiong Lai and Nga Kor Meng (or Ong Ka Ting vs Lim Guan Eng) will be greatly disappointed. There is no way these two political cowards from MCA could face DAP speakers publicly.

In a most recent debate between MCA and DAP, both Ong Tee Kiat and Wee Ka Siong were thrashed by Nga and Teng. For damage control and to save faces, the organiser, who promised to record and distribute the debate in VCD form – was forced to scrap the project after much pressure from the MCA.

I did not bother to ask for a refund of the RM10 collected for this VCD.

The writer is a member of DAP’s central executive committee.

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