Breaking news: MCA Youth “chicken-out” from debate

I was informed that MCA Youth sent no one to debate with DAP Socialist Youth representatives in Machap tonight. This morning, the rumour has it that MCA Youth would send its team of speakers to face DAPSY’s speakers.

I have made this prediction in my blog earlier, listing several reasons why MCA/ MCA Youth would not dare to debate with DAPSY at this juncture.

The absence of MCA Youth tonight simply confirms the fact that they are political cowards. You can’t find another Ong Tee Kiat in their midst. Youth leaders like Liow Tiong Lai could only hide behind press statements or press conferences.


8 Responses to “Breaking news: MCA Youth “chicken-out” from debate”

  1. Tek Says:

    It’s comfirmed…… got no guts one that party.

  2. Billy Says:

    I am so glad that these bunch of losers did not turn up for the debate otherwise I would hate to see them ripped apart, piece by piece. They may fool some peoiple all the time but certainly they cannot fool all the people all of the time.

  3. Salute Says:

    MCA is the useless party. Are they represent Chinese? Don’t be cheated.

    All those in MCA represent their own respective interest. Their kampong and village members hope to get a PJK for self gory and to show off. Those more educated members aim to get some Government projects or to become Councilor, ADUN or MP.

    Ask yourself, what MCA has contribute to the Chinese education? Even their TAR College has NOT being recognised by JPA and they are part of the Government.

    This show that MCA is a parasite party. They have to depend to UMNO shit to survive.

    Don’t waste our precious time on parasite, MCA. We should spend more time to reach and help the all community irrespetive whether they are Indian, Chinese or Malay.

    Give them hope and give them the direction.

  4. Salute Says:


    TAR College Not Recognised

    “Since the diploma and degree in TARC are not recognised by JPA, you cannot use it to apply for Masters or Phd in any local public universities.”

    A few weeks ago, both Kian Ming and I wrote on the issue that the Malaysian government does not recognise degrees granted by the top universities in China – Peking and Tsinghua University. Currently, they don’t even recognised these universities’ degrees in Chinese studies. This is despite the fact that our Malaysian government recognises medical degrees from Uganda, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iraq.

    However, I just found out late last week, that even diplomas and degrees from our very own local Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) which has been established for many years, and accepted widely by the Malaysian private sector, is not recognised by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awan (JPA). Hence any TARC graduate seeking employment with the civil service will be rejected outright.

    Network Engineer, Soo Pak Leong who graduated from TARC in 2003 has been applying to join the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) for the past 3 consecutive years, but has failed to be even shortlisted for an interview. Soo is now past the 25 year old limit for new PDRM recruits, and his dreams to be a police officer has effectively ended.

    To fulfil his dreams of joining the force, Soo even downgraded his entry level to that of an Inspector, instead of a Cadet Assistant Superintendent (ASP) in his final application in the hope of achieving his ambitions.

    Subsequently, he only found out from unofficial sources within the police force, much to his horror, that applications from TARC graduates are not accepted by the Government service.

    Clarifications from the JPA (as above) confirmed that his academic qualification is “yet” to be recognised by the Government. Over the past seven months, Soo has written to all the MCA leaders and parliamentarians, the Education Ministries as well as the Prime Minister himself. He received no answers as to why his qualification cannot be recognised. YB Wee Ka Siong, MCA Youth Education bureau chief could only reply that this wasn’t the first instance, and they will “pursue the issue further”.

    Hence this matter raises a few serious questions:

    Firstly and obviously, what are the reasons that the Government, after so many years, is still adamant in not granting recognition of diplomas conferred by TARC, especially since TARC was set up by Barisan Nasional’s very own key coalition partner, MCA. Given that many other local institutions of more dubious standing has been granted recognition, there’s absolutely no reason why TARC should not be granted immediate recognition for Government employment.

    Secondly, it raises the question as to whether the Government is indeed serious about its talk to raise the number of non-Malays in the Malaysian civil service, given that a large proportion of its students are of non-Malay origins. In fact, only last week, the leaders of PDRM have openly called for more non-Malays to join the force.

    Thirdly, if indeed the Government has no intention of granting recognition to TARC, then it is critical for TARC administrators to make this information known to all potential students, so as to not mislead them in their future careers. While the private sector is happy to accept many of its graduates, those keen on the civil service should instead apply to other recognised colleges.
    It pains me to say this, but the whole episode of the Government not granting recognition to degrees from Chinese top universities, and certificates conferred by TARC which was set up by the MCA, with the government’s blessings, hints strongly at systematic disrimination by the civil service, and by implication, our top government leaders to marginalise the Chinese education community.

    I hope that the Government will take immediate actions to rectify the above wrongs and demonstrate that the above is all but an exception to the rule that the Government has no intent on marginalising Malaysians of non-Malay descent.

  5. burn22 Says:

    patut offer diaorang second chance untuk debate. buatlah di kawasan bandar secara terbuka di kalangan penduduk sana. pamerkan bunting yang besar… “DAP inviting MCA for a second debate openly with the rakyat, we are still waiting…”
    harap DAP akan menang!

  6. burn22 Says:

    DAP patut juga highlight satu perkara yang baru dikeluarkan oleh blog malaysia today…
    “yang kaya dan yang papa”… fotostat atau pamerkan gambar gambar berikut kepada penduduk penduduk disana.

    hidap DAP dan KEADILAN!

  7. MCA mampus Says:

    Have one Opposition Alliance Website Forum to united all over opposition supporter – Agenda is to kill corruption, kill racist party, kill NEP, kill injustice. Take this idea, it will bring opposition out from the dark.

  8. MCA Tak Boleh Says:

    The Ong Tee Kiat decade is over, the current MCA youth leader cannot debate on thier own right do you think they will protect your right ?

    This is question we have to raise when we meet the MCA leader

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