Dr Collin Abraham: Resurrection of the NEP

Tun Dr Mahathir’s foreboding that the Malays stand to be colonized again under the Iskandar Development Region Project (IDR project), sets the stage for an analysis within the framework of W.B. Yeats, “Things Fall Apart; the Centre Cannot Hold”; and the “Gunfight at OK Corral” where Tun himself will probably be the last man standing against all odds. 

The fact of the matter is that despite his groundbreaking thesis of the Malay Dilemma and the massive thrust arising from this to push the Malays ahead economically (as no Prime Minister has done or can ever do), Tun has had to face the harsh reality that the NEP has been a failure in achieving this target. There is not much point anymore in laboring on the reasons for this at any detail. This is because it is now widely acknowledged that it was primarily due to the usurpation of political power by the Malay Upper and Middle classes, who had in fact shown great ingenuity in utilizing this base for the accumulation of unprecedented personal economic wealth to the detriment of the community as a whole. Of course, this achievement would not have become a reality, or indeed a fine art as is has, had it not been with the active involvement and participation of the Baba in the Ali Baba equation but this is yet another related story. 

Tun is theoretically correct in his analysis that the Malay rakyat would be colonized again under the IDR project, for the simple reason they have nothing to gain because they have nothing to fight back with. Under British colonialism they also were in the same position which is one of the reasons some joined the Malayan Communist Party because the latter had the guns to fight back.  The present situation is in fact worse because the Malays simply do not have the high tech knowledge -based skills which cannot be acquired overnight simply by joining foreign skilled personnel. They are at the bottom of the skills ladder and likely to remain there, because the preliminary steps of skills on which they could have climbed up the skills ladder, are no longer relevant. This is the same reason why the majority of Blacks in cities in the USA find themselves “down in the dumps”. 

The political and economic situation of elite domination in the country today is now fully entrenched and irreversible in the political system and it is therefore necessary to ‘write off ‘the present scenario as unworkable and to implement new development models instead. I am in a unique position in having had two of the most outspoken brilliant Malays, namely Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim write Forewords to my recent book entitled “The Finest Hour”: Malaysian-MCP Peace Accord in Perspective where they have both suggested that alternate development models should now be seriously explored. Indeed I have devoted one entire Appendix in the book entitled “Epilogue” postulating that unless and until we seriously consider such alternate models, even the present precarious peace we now enjoy, may not be lasting. 

With the greatest of respect and in all humility I wish to propose that the Malaysian people appeal to His Majesty our King to immediately appoint a Royal Commission for National Integration and National Unity under an Ombudsman along the lines of the National Operations Council (after the May 13th racial riots). The composition of this Commission should be drawn entirely from Non-Government Organisations, the only exception being senior members of the Armed Forces, to ensure that implementation was always complied without question, as was done under the NOC. 

Dr Collin Abraham. 


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