MCA- “Father of Money politics”

In recent ground-breaking book entitled “The Finest Hour”: Malaysian-MCP Peace Accord in Perspective” Dr Collin Abraham made certain observations on the MCA based on his research findings. The Book itself had Forewords written by two of the most brilliant Malay politicians, Tun Dr Mahathir and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

From what he says,the DAP can challenge the claim of the MCA to represent the Chinese in this country.The Party was conceived by the British and the founder members were almost entirely Chinese Nationals from the Kuomintang Nationalist Party of China, some even from the Chinese Army! It also had the full support of Secret Societies among whom were some noted gangsters.

Also because UMNO was startrng from scratch and its early members were farmers and fishermen the Party seriously lacked funds for political campaigns. Dr Abraham’s work seems to show that early MCA officials ‘overwhelmed’ UMNO by contributing huge funds and thereby unfairly obtained political representation to contest seats in the Alliance. It can be said therefore that the origins of “Money Politics” in concept and application today arose from the MCA.

The present composition of the Party leaders clearly shows its ‘elite’ class-based leadership tht has arisen from “Money Politics” and the Party therefore CANNOT AND DO NOT represent the Chinese people of Malaysia.”

– Comment made by a learned academician.


One Response to “MCA- “Father of Money politics””

  1. nat Says:

    sdr ronnie,

    doesn’t dap want to represent *all* malaysians?

    i’m sure it does!.. 🙂

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