Machap: Ong Ka Ting caught hiding in a house…

This BN campaigner was a little embarrassed by his President Ong Ka Ting when Ong shy away from meeting the DAP team led by SecGen Lim Guan Eng at Machap Baru yesterday.

Some stories to share with bloggers…

1.In a door-to-door campaign in Machap yesterday, when the MCA President Ong Ka Ting heard that the DAP team led by Lim Guan Eng was coming towards his direction, he quickly went into a house and decided not to come out to face the DAP leaders and members. But Guan Eng was naughty. He stepped into the house and look for Ka Ting for a chat. MCA members who were present were apparently embarrassed by the strange behaviour of their own party chief. I would not be surprise if some of them decided to leave MCA tomorrow. Where do they put their face with this kind of leader as their party president?

2. When MCA Vice President Chua Soi Lek was confronted with the Rawang villagers at a restaurant yesterday, he turned to Chan Kong Choy’s secretary for an explanation. When Chan’s secretary failed to answer properly to him, he picked up a phone to call Chan Kong Choy immediately. He wanted to know why Chan did not support the idea of alternative route for the high tension towers as proposed by the Rawang villagers. When Chua sensed that Chan could not give a good answer on the spot, he quickly told the Rawang villagers that he would bring their matter to the Cabinet on Wednesday. Would Chua really raise the matter in the Cabinet? Would he dare to irk his own party deputy president? We’ll find out very soon.   

3. Liow Tiong Lai abused his power by arranging the new national badminton heroes Ku and Tan to visit Machap to campaign for votes. But what did he do to get the rightful rewards for the pair? Nothing! We in the DAP have been pressuring the Federal Government to reward Ku and Tan reasonably. So far, the rewards given to these national “wira” was not even sufficient to buy a Proton Wira. ( They each received only RM35,000 for their respective state).

4. Wee Ka Siong has promised to help reopen the SJKC Damansara school for many months now. But when he was confronted by the SOS Damansara Committee chairman Yoong Yoke Sang in Machap yesterday, he said “GAI TIAN XIAN” ( some other day). His party leader Hon Choon Kim, on the other hand, told the Parliament today that the UMNO-led BN government has decided not to reopen the school ( to a question raised by Chong Eng, the DAP Bukit Mertajam MP cum DAP Wanita Chief.

5. In my speech in yesterday’s ceramah, I explained why I predicted that no MCA leaders would dare to show up for the public debate with DAP youth leaders. Because MCA has done a lot of bad things and made plenty of mistakes in the past, and their leaders would not be able to answer questions raised by DAP. I said MCA is a “NATO” party. Not only they  cannot help the community, more often than not, they help to oppress the community they claimed to represent.

I said while MCA may not be able to build more Chinese primary schools, they were quick to close down the SJKC Damansara (Bai Xiao). You have to “kill ” a Chinese school before MCA could help you to “relocate” to a new one.

I said MCA is now asking the Machap people to vote for their candidate with the promise that their elected representative will serve the people well. But the Rawang case has demonstrated that even minister and Exco member of MCA would run away from their responsibilities when the people really need their assistance.

I also called MCA leaders COWARDS because they dare not counter the keris-waving Hishamuddin and Khairy Jamaluddin. In fact, the Machap people has started calling Liow Tiong Lai ” Liow Bu Lai” ( Liow Not Coming) because he chicken -out from public debate with DAP Youth leaders.

I have also criticised AAB for wearing too many hats but knows too little to run the government. Abdullah Badawi has earned himself a nickname in Chinese called  “Bu Da Hui” ( Not knowing very well). Under “Bu Da Hui”, the economy of Malaysia is tailing  behind our neighbouring countries. I said the share market may look very robust and impressive but everyone should be extra careful. You never know when the market will be crashing down again.

Finally, I urged Machap voters to vote on behalf of all Malaysians. I said many Malaysians now suffer because “prices of everything keep going up” under the Umno-led “Barang Naik” Government.” I said that to many Malaysians, “Merdeka” becomes ” Mat Du Ka” ( Everything goes up in prices). Malaysians now have no mood to celebrate the 50th Merdeka if conditions were not improving.


8 Responses to “Machap: Ong Ka Ting caught hiding in a house…”

  1. Salute Says:

    You are obsolute right Ronnie Liu. “MCA not only cannot help the community, more often than not, they help to oppress the community they claimed to represent.”

    Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today said, “Today, Umno, MCA and MIC are controlled by gangsters.” Please read:

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    […] Ronnie Liew has the goods. […]

  3. ladymariah Says:

    bikin malu la u ni ong ka ting. LOL!

  4. 小蟒蛇 Says:

    ong ka ting MEMPERSIASULKAN nama chinese di merata dunia…


  5. burn Says:

    MCA… yang aku selalu dengar “sekolah-college”.
    bila BN UMNO panggil you all tarik balik surat yang disampai kat PM, you all ikut. apa gunanya bila dipanggil wakil rakyat untuk rakyat.
    kaum kaum lain semuanya di anggap pendatang. sedangkan mereka yang datang selepas kaum kaum lain terdahulu, dipanggil anak bumi.
    bila kah kaum kaum lain akan dapat hak yang sama seperti anak bumi. beli rumah, takdo diskaun… bukan semua yang kaya!
    anak muda kaum kaum lain pun ingin maju, takan asyik nak beri special privilege pada anak anak muda kaum bumi. kalau anak kaum kaum lain dapat struggle, kenapa anak anak kaum bumi tak boleh… be fair la sikit.

  6. cheebylang Says:

    that is fucking cool ….. for mca president to do that

  7. AIn Says:

    I hate people who are crazy and don’t know how to become a good leader..

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