Ijok by-election: Polling 28 April;Nomination 19 April

I notice that the polling day for Ijok falls on Saturday. This is a slight improvement over the date set for Machap, which falls on Thursday. SPR should fix the polling day on Sunday if the body was fair and just to all parties and the voters. The campaign period was again reduced to the minimum number of days (only 8 days). If you minus a few rainy days, you have only 4 to 5 days to campaign. But then again, BN does not need so many days because they controlled every media except the Internet portals. SPR was proven again as the 15th component party of the BN Coalition.DAP must thank PKR for going all-out to assist DAP in Machap . Many top leaders of PKR have visited Machap and the grand finale is set in Machap tonight when Anwar Ibrahim makes his first appearance. All big guns of DAP will be speaking to the Machap people tonight as our final effort to convince the voters to vote for democracy.

DAP can now reciprocate by helping PKR to win the Ijok seat. PKR stands a good chance to win with a right candidate and opposition unity. To win Machap or Ijok would certainly do good to the entire opposition in the run up to the impending general elections.

Opposition unity is crucial and imperative. The time is not on our side. All opposition parties must unite to fight the Umno-led BN coalition for the common good of the rakyat.

What can be more important than the interest of the rakyat?

See you in Machap tonight!

Ijok by-election on April 28

Apr 11, 07 11:37am Malaysiakini 
The nomination day for the Ijok state seat will be held on Thursday April 19, a Thursday, with the by-election slated nine days later on April 28, which falls on a Saturday.The Election Commission announced these days today after a meeting.The Ijok seat – in Selangor – which has a sizeable number of Indian voters, became vacant following the death of MIC assemblyperson K Sivalingam last Wednesday.Early reports suggest that this might be a straight fight between Barisan Nasional and opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

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