Is Selangor slowly becoming a cowboy state?




The Residents of Taman BP3, Bandar Bukit Puchong wish to protest to MPSJ and the Selangor State Government  regarding the illegal cabins which have been squatting on our playground since August 2006. Despite all our complaints and all the empty promises made by MPSJ to relocate the illegal Cabins from here in January 2007, no action has been taken yet. MPSJ has failed to act against the owner by demolishing or removing the Cabins when the 30-day deadline for removal of the Cabins (given by MPSJ, starting on 6 February 2007) expired on 8 March 2007 . MPSJ has ignored the many complaints of the residents and instead chosen to take sides with the owner of the illegal Cabin by giving them a tempory permit.


The owner of this Cabin, En. Zawawi, the Chairman of UMNO Bandar Bukit Puchong claims he wants to set up a “Bilik Gerakan Pilihanraya “ and “tempat aktiviti masyarakat”.This was at first rejected by MPSJ in their Council meeting on 31 January 2007. However MPSJ made a sudden “U-TURN” on 14 March 2007 by deciding to give them a tempory permit after the intervention of Dato’ Satim Diman, ADUN for Sri Serdang and who is also a MPSJ Councillor. This was reported in the SUN newspaper. Isn’t that a clear example of conflict of interest and abuse of power by our elected representative? Is Selangor slowly becoming a Cowboy State where different rules apply to different people, politicians live by their own rules and “closing one eye” is now the new culture? How can the Selangor Government claim that Selangor is a fully developed State when instead it is gradually becoming like a Cowboy State where illegal activities are now being legalized by the State Government? Very Disgraceful indeed! 

The residents of  Taman  BP3 have many questions about this project!  Why must En. Zawawi use our playground for his project? Did he consult the Residents first whether they agreed with his project ? Can Public playgrounds now be used as branch offices of political parties ?  

Encik Zawawi is an outsider who resides in Jalan BP 1/8. There is a field near  his house in Jalan BP 1/8. Why didn’t he set up the Cabins on the field near his house? Why can’t he use the existing “Balai Masyarakat “ in Taman BP2 for his “aktiviti masyarakat  “ or UMNO activities? That Hall is severely underutilised but instead he wants to set up his UMNO office here using “ aktiviti masyarakat “ as his excuse. Why not rent the vacant shoplots or use the many empty lots of Gerai MPSJ in our Taman?

He is also has no shame in putting up the “UMNO Bukit Puchong“ signboard proudly proclaiming his status as a squatter on our field. He was also involved in criminal intimidation of the Residents on Saturday, 27th of January 2007 and was arrested by the Police after the Residents lodged a Police Report.

We the Residents of Taman BP3 refuse to be bullied or intimidated by anyone even if they choose to behave like Gangsters!   The Selangor State Government is proud of its “ ZERO SQUATTER “ Programme which it started in 2005 when local councils went around demolishing squatter settlements. So how can the Selangor Government and MPSJ now allow this squatter to occupy our playground ?

We the Residents of Taman BP3 do not want any outsiders squatting on our playgrounds and hijacking it for their own use. We already have too many “white elephant“ projects in the neighbourhood.  We do not want another “white elephant “ structure on our field to spoil the neighbourhood’s view and adversely affect the value of our properties. We also do not want any noise pollution or environmental pollution in our neighbourhood as a result of this project. 

This field belongs to the Residents of Taman BP3 and not outsiders. MPSJ and the Selangor State Government must respect the rights of the residents of this taman and remove this illegal structure immediately.

We will continue to protest until the Cabins are finally removed from our fields. To the illegal Cabin owner, we wish to say; PLEASE REMOVE YOUR UGLY CABINS AND LEAVE OUR PLAYGROUND ALONE!  

The Resident Committee,Taman BP3,Bandar Bukit Puchong                        

 15 APRIL 2007




1) August 2006 ;  2 red cabins suddenly appear on our playing field facing Jalan BP 3/1 and BP 3/4 , Taman BP3, one Saturday afternoon in early August 2006. Another blue Cabin appears on another Field  facing Jalan BP 3/5 in the same
Taman. Soon after, a signboard with the name “ UMNO Bandar Bukit Puchong “ is erected beside the Cabins. No Notice is given to the Residents about the purpose of the Cabins.
Complaints are made by the Residents to MPSJ since August 2006 about the illegal Cabins which are occupying a public playground.  

2)  MPSJ WRITTEN REPLIES (Complaint No ; 0361/08/2006)


18 Oct 2006 & 3 Nov 2006 ( same reply on both occasions)Siasatan telah dijalankan. Notis Pemberitahuan telah ditampal di pintu masuk kabin. Kabin tersebut adalah kepunyaan UMNO kawasan tersebut. Sila rujuk kepada JKKP kawasan tersebut. ( En. Hashim) 

12 December 2006Siasatan telah dibuat berkali-kali dan notis memindahkan telah dikeluarkan. Didapati kontena tersebut adalah pemilik UMNO kawasan tersebut. Telah berkali-kali pihak kami menelefon JKP kawasan tersebut tetapi tidak dapat. Pihak kami akan mencuba sehingga bertemu dengan wakil UMNO tersebut. 

3 ) 15 December 2006 : First complaint letter sent to Yang Dipertua,                                           MPSJ. No reply received. 

4) 15 January 2007 : Complaint Letter sent to Puchong MP, Lau                                     Yen Peng. No response received from him. 

5) 25 January 2007 : Article first appears in the SUN newspaper about the illegal cabins on our playground in Bandar Bukit Puchong. 

6) 25 January 2007 : Request for meeting with the Residents received from P.A  of Puchong MP, Danile Leong. Meeting fixed on Saturday 27/1/07 10.00am at the Playground. Despite confirming the meeting on 26/1/07(Friday ) morning via several phone calls, the meeting with the residents is cancelled at the last minute by PA of Puchong MP at 11pm on 26/1/07(Friday ) 

7) 27 January 2007 10.30am : Residents meet up to discuss illegal cabin issue. Meeting rudely interrupted by En. Hashim (JKP ) and En. Zawawi ( Chairman of UMNO BBP ) together with a large group of thugs (outsiders/non-residents ). Residents are threatened verbally and physically assaulted for daring to challenge the project. Residents rudely told not to interfere as it was an UMNO project. Police Report lodged by the Residents at Balai Polis Puchong Jaya regarding the Criminal Intimidation by En. Hashim & En. Zawawi. ( Report No : Bukit Puchong / 001015/07) 

8) 31 January 2007 : Article published in the SUN Newspaper regarding Criminal Intimidation incident on 27/1/07. 

9) 3 February 2007 : Article published in the Chinese Newspapers regarding Criminal Intimidation incident on 27/1/07 and regarding interview with residents who were eyewitnesses. 

10) 6 February 2007: Notices pasted on Cabins , giving the Owners 30 days to remove the Cabins from the Playground. ( signed by En. Nor Akmar b. Muhammad Razali, Juruteknik Jabatan Bangunan, MPSJ .) 

11 ). 7 February 2007 : Second complaint letter sent to Yang Dipertua, MPSJ urging for speedy action for removal of the Cabins as previous notices from MPSJ were ignored by the Cabin owners. Also complained about abuse of power by JKP Zon 21 ( for going against residents wishes and involved in Criminal intimidation of Residents. ) 

12 ). Letter dated 8 February 2007 received from En. Ismail Bin Muhamad, Pengarah Jabatan Perancangan Bandar,MPSJ stating:         Keputusan Mesyuarat MPSJ bil.01/2007 bertarikh 31 Januari 2007 telah menolak permohonan untuk menempatkan sebuah kabin sebagai tapak bilik gerakan pilihanraya dan aktiviti kemasyarakatan oleh Jawatankuasa Penduduk JKP Zon 21. Tempoh Satu Bulan diberi kepada pihak Jawatankuasa Penduduk JKP Zon 21 untuk memindahkan bangunan kabin tersebut dan tapak tersebut hendaklah dipulihkan kepada keadaan asal. 

13 ) 14 February 2007 : Letter sent to Selangor Mentri Besar, Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Bin Toyo regarding illegal Cabins on playground and abuse of power of the JKP and UMNO representatives of Bandar Bukit Puchong. 

14) 24 February 2007: 30 flag poles complete with Flags of the Political Party are constructed by En. Zawawi (Chairman UMNO BBP) along the edge of the Playground as an act of defiance to MPSJ and the residents.( Picture published in the SUN newspaper on 28/2/07). 

15). 28 February 2007: C.C letter dated on 28/2/07 received from Dato’ Haji Mohd. Yusof Bin Shafie, Ketua Setiausaha Sulit kepada Mentri Besar, Selangor forwarding residents complaints to Yang dipertua of MPSJ 

16) 1 March 2007 : Officers from MPSJ remove the Flags from the 30 Flag Poles following news report in the SUN Newspaper. 

17) 1 March 2007 & 8 March 2007 : Articles published in the SUN Newspaper quoting the Selangor Mentri Besar as saying that everyone including political parties must follow procedures and rules. The illegal cabin owners were urged to apply for Temporary Occupation License(T.O.L) from the Land Office. There were reportedly 43 illegal cabin containers in open spaces all over the areas under jurisdiction of MPSJ. 

 5 March 2007: Article published in Star Newspaper( Metro Section) quoting MPSJ Council President , Adnan Mohd Ikhsan as stating that the owners of illegal cabins in open spaces must first apply for the T.O.L from the District Office and later apply to MPSJ for approval.( On March 8 2007, the 30 day notice period expired with no action taken by the illegal Cabin owners or MPSJ to remove the Cabins.) 

18) 15 March 2007: News Headlines of SUN newspaper” Council About-Turn “ stating that MPSJ ,after a Pre-Council Meeting, has decided to legalise illegal cabins squatting on open spaces by issuing them temporary permits which are valid till the end of the year. This was to give the Cabin owners time to obtain TOLs from the District land offices. 

 MPSJ Council Deputy president, Mohd Yusoff Ghazali stated that the Cabin owner had sent an appeal letter to MPSJ. He also claimed that “ the cabin was only occupying a small corner of the field and only a small number or residents had voiced their protest.” 

19) 16 March 2007: Article published in the SUN newspaper mentioning that the ADUN of Sri Serdang , Datuk Satim Diman  gave a lecture criticizing MPSJ officers ( for having earlier removed the UMNO  Flags from the Flag poles ) in the Pre-Council meeting  prior to the MPSJ decision to legalise the illegal cabins. 

20) 21 March 2007 : News Report in the SUN Newspaper stating that the Selangor government had decided 15 years ago that Temporary Occupation Licences ( TOL ) cannot be granted for structures or premises built on gazetted open spaces.Following this decision by the State Executive Council in 1992, a circular was issued by the State Land & Mines Director in 1993 to all land offices. Petaling District and Land office legal assistant, Hasnah Abdul Hamid said “an open space is a must in any development plan whereby the developer must allocate 10% of the land as open space. The land is meant for public usage such as for recreation purposes. It is NOT supposed to be alienated or occupied by anyone. Such open spaces include green belts, buffer zones and road reserves.” 

21) 27 March 2007 : Article published in  the SUN paper by  columnist, Dr Goh Ban Lee in “Local Counsel “ with the title “ Stand up to land Grabbing.” Dr Goh condemns the about -turn decision by MPSJ to legalise all the illegal containers in MPSJ district. The Residents of Bandar Bukit Puchong are also urged to continue their protest because there are sympathetic ears within MPSJ and UMNO members in the Subang Jaya municipality. He wrote, “It is ironic that while Selangor local authorities and land offices have been relentless in demolishing squatter huts, a branch of the ruling political party has been busy illegally occupying an open space and is not being punished. MPSJ certainly could not have been ignorant of Selangor’s zero-squatter policy and the 2003 decision of the National Council of Local Government to safe-guard and protect open spaces” 


Residents Committee,
Taman BP3,
Bandar Bukit Puchong 

( Contact No: 016-6907048, 016-6810234 ) 








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