The “shy” President.

MCA President  Ka Ting was “as shy as a pussy cat” when he was “caught up” with DAP ‘s Lim Guan Eng.

Do you still remember about the “Ong Ka Ting avoiding Lim Guan Eng” incident in Machap Baru which I related to you in my blog last week? Many have asked me for the photograph and here you are. The photo was taken with a handphone camera by Selangor DAP assistant secretary Tiew Wey Keng.

Like I said earlier, Ong was so afraid of the DAP team led by Lim Guan Eng that he went hiding in a house. When he refused to come out to meet the DAP team,  our “naughty ” secretary general stepped into the house to look for him for a chat. He looked rather embarrassed and uneasy when he saw Guan Eng and Loke. He dared not come out of the house even long after we have left.

Why was he avoiding the DAP leaders? Why can’t he just shake hands with us and continue with his door-to-door campaign just like what we did? 

Would Ong shy away from the DAP leaders again when we meet in Ijok tomorrow?

BTW, we have a new nickname for him- Ong Kata Nothing.


8 Responses to “The “shy” President.”

  1. KSTAN Says:

    No wonder MCA is so silent when UMNO makes so much noise ……. that’s because Ong Kata Nothing … hahaha …

  2. Sushi Says:

    Cause OKT is full of shit and is as evil as UMNO.

  3. hrhyer Says:

    Ong Kata Nothing is too inaccurate— it should be Ong Otak Money because that’s why he’s in bn

  4. MOHAMMAD kj Says:


  5. FRANCIS LUI Says:

    Irregardless of whether he is shy or NOT, I think we should use a more diplomatic message rather some sarcastic words “as shy as a pussy cat” and I think as a citizen of Malaysia feel not so proper. I am just a normal citizen without any political party preference. Thanks.

  6. KSTAN Says:

    Dr. Wan Azizah is also a shy person by nature, but when it comes to defending the people’s rights she will open her mouth and fight for the Rakyat. OKT on the other hand will just remain silent.

  7. VT Says:

    MOHAMMAD kj Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 11:42 am

    If this boy is shy, then he should not be in politics, shy….. sisi-ler

  8. Raymond Says:

    It’s so funny and symbolic, as a leader of party, he dared not meet the opposing party’s leader. How can he face with the challenges on people’s rights then?

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