Ijok: It’s 1 to 1 !

DAP CEC member Sdr Apalasamy was on my left. We were accompanying PKR’s candidate Sdr Khalid to the nomination centre. Sdr Lim Hock Seng (not in the picture) was also walking with us.

It’s a straight fight between Tan Sri Khalid and K Partiban. None of the independent hopefuls turn up at the Ijok nomination centre today.

This is by far the worst organised nomination process on the part of the SPR and PDRM. But they would probably blame it to rabble-rousers like Khairy Jamaluddin and Hisahmuddin Hussein. Why? Because the way they conduct their campaign was too rough and abrasive.

Two Keadilan members were injured slightly by sticks and hard objects thrown by the BN camp when Hisham and Khairy were leading the BN crowd. The condition returned to normal the minute Khairy was led away by the police.

 When Khairy returns to the field, commotion erupted again. According to a journalist who was there to cover the event, he was seen holding a stick at one point. (Was he influenced by his chief who loves to wave a keris in conferences?)

Serious attempts were made by the BN camp to prevent Khalid from entering the nomination centre to file his papers. His entourage was blocked several times by unruly members led by Khairy. The BN mob almost succeeded as Khalid only managed to enter the centre at about 9.30am, leaving him less than 30 minutes before the cut-off time for nomination.

DAP leaders who managed to enter the nomination centre includes Tan Seng Giaw, Lim Hock Seng, Apalasamy, Teng Chang Khim and Ng Suee Lim.

DAP Campaign Support team: Say No To BN!

The DAP Campaign Support Team brought along a big banner as a show of support and solidarity. More than 100 DAP leaders and members were there to lend our support. Some 3,000 people took part in the 1km walk from the PKR’s operation centre in Batang Berjuntai to the nomination centre. Pas leaders who were in Ijok today include Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Kamaruddin Jaffar, Dr Hatta, Ramli,  Dr Azman, Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad and Dr Hassan Ali.

The Batang Berjuntai town people gave a warm welcome to Khalid when he was going round from shop to shop to shake hand with them. 

Some 60 residents victimised by the BN parties ( Rawang, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Ulu Yam and Ijok) were also in Ijok this morning. They brought along their banners and leaflets for distribution to the Ijok people. They will come back again to highlight their problems on Sunday.

I have released a full list of members of the Selangor DAP Campaign Support Team to the press this morning.

Team Leader: Ronnie Liu 012 2013656

Deputies: Peter Tan 012 3322999, T Kannan 012 3060111

Members: Batumalai 012 2185334, Cheong Kai Cheng 019n2145800, Tiew Wey Keng , Rajes 012n3770514, Dariff Din, James Ooi 016 2623211 , Tony Pua  , Dr Cheah Wing Yin, Thomas Goh 016 2393633.

We will be sending two service vans equipped with loud hailers to help campaign in Ijok from tomorrow. We will also be setting up a Rumah DAP in Batang Berjuntai or Pekan Ijok as our campaign centre. Watch this blog for more follow-ups.

There will be a dinner ceramah on Sunday to be held in Batang Berjuntai. Speakers include Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim. See you there!

Fact boxes on Ijok
Apr 19, 07 3:50pm Mlaysiakini
The candidates, the seats, the racial breakdown, the polling districts. Below are the facts that you need to know about the upcoming battle royale.




Ceramah (Friday – Sunday)

20/4 – ijok n/v – speakers: ronnie liu , teresa kok , ean yong hian wah (Sel DAP chairman)
21/4 – batang berjuntai – speakers: lim guan eng, ronnie liu
22/4 – ijok n/v – speakers: lim guan eng, ronnie liu , lau weng san (Sel DAP secretary)

Jadual Kempen DS Anwar di Ijok

Jumaat (20 April 2007)

1.oo petang – Solat Jumaat di Masjid Ijok

2.30 petang – Jamuan Makan Tengahari Bersama Rakyat di Bukit Badong

4.30 petang – Solat Asar di Masjid Simpang Ijok

5.00 petang – Hi Tea Bersama Pengundi di Simpang Ijok

7.30 malam – Jamuan Makan Malam Bersama Masyarakat Tionghua di Pekan Ijok

9.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Batang Berjuntai

10.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Setia Jaya

Sabtu (21 April 2007)

4.30 petang – Solat Asar

5.00 petang – Hi Tea bersama masyarakat India di Sungai Darah

7.00 malam – Solat Maghrib

7.30 malam – Jamuan Makan Malam Bersama Masyarakat Tionghua di Btg. Berjuntai

9.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Bukit Badong

10.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Kampung Ijok

Ahad (22 April 2007)

12.00 tengahari – Jamuam Makan di Tuan Mee

1.30 petang – Solat Zuhur di Masjid Simpang Ijok

3.30 petang – Hi Tea di Jaya Setia

5.30 petang – ‘Walkabout’ di Pasar Pekan Ijok

7.30 malam – Pekan Ijok

9.30 Malam – Sg. Darah

10.30 Malam – Bkt. Badong


2 Responses to “Ijok: It’s 1 to 1 !”

  1. bakaq kaki spin Says:

    Tuan/Puan pemilik blog yang dihormati


    Mohon maaf kerana mengacau. Jika Tuan/Puan sudi dan mempunyai masa, harap lawati Malaysiakita. Salam.

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Catatan di Ijok sepintas lalu

    from malaysiakita-bakaq.blogspot.com

    Saya menyaksikan kekalutan, ketegangan dan suasana cemas dan huru-hara yang berlaku itu sebenarnya terjadi ekoran kegagalan pihak polis mengawal ekadaan sejak dari mula. Tidak seperti pilihanraya-pilihanraya kecil yang lalu pihak polis kali ini lemah dan gagal menyusun kawalan yang kemas. Pihak polis seolah membiarkan perarakan calon BA bergerak tanpa memperdulikan keadaan dan trafik sehingga membiarkan pertembungan berlaku antara kedua pihak.

    Semasa di padang juga, tidak ada garisan pemisah yang kemas dan rapi sebagaimana biasa dan keadaan inilah yang telah mendorong para penyokong BN yang diketua Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno untuk bertindak liar

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