What Ijok means to the Opposition

  Look at him! What a shame!

 The picture tells the story… The procession from the PKR operation centre to the Nomination Centre was stopped several times due to serious attempts from the BN camp to prevent our candidate Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from filing his papers in time. The person behind was none other than the “KJ Boy” (pic above). By the time Khalid arrived at the centre, he was leaft with less than 30 minutes to file his candidature. This is most unfortunate and unthinkable but in a way reflected the fear in the hearts of the BN leaders. Samy Vellu has been talking about winning with a fewer majority will do. But we are aiming at knocking his candidate out of place.

There’s nothing for the people of Ijok and Selangor to rejoice about if K Partiban of MIC retains the seat for the BN ruling coalition.

But if the victory goes to Khalid, it would certainly help to drive the entire opposition towards changing the political landscape in Selangor.

The Selangorians in general were fed up with the arrogant and corrupt Khir Toyo administration. Many of them are ready for a change of leadership in Selangor.

Like I say earlier, it’s not impossible for Khalid to win Ijok with three winning factors: support from the people, opposition unity and NGO solidarity.

Both DAP and Pas sent their high power delegations to support PKR yesterday. And several rights groups were there to highlight their protest against the BN parties. That’s a very good beginning for the battle of Ijok.

 You are right. These fellows shouting like “you know what” were the minister in-charge of education and the famous (or infamous) son-in-law of our prime minister. Mineral water bottles, stones and sticks were thrown at the opposition camp under their “leadership”. The opposition camp, regretably, retaliated with some mineral water bottles (no sticks or stones). Can you trust these people to be your  “future leaders”?


Ceramah (Friday – Sunday)

20/4 – ijok n/v – speakers: ronnie liu , teresa kok , ean yong hian wah (Sel DAP chairman)

21/4 – batang berjuntai – speakers: lim guan eng, ronnie liu

22/4 – ijok n/v – speakers: lim guan eng, ronnie liu , lau weng san (Sel DAP secretary)

Jadual Kempen DS Anwar di Ijok

Jumaat (20 April 2007)

1.oo petang – Solat Jumaat di Masjid Ijok

2.30 petang – Jamuan Makan Tengahari Bersama Rakyat di Bukit Badong

4.30 petang – Solat Asar di Masjid Simpang Ijok

5.00 petang – Hi Tea Bersama Pengundi di Simpang Ijok

7.30 malam – Jamuan Makan Malam Bersama Masyarakat Tionghua di Pekan Ijok

9.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Batang Berjuntai

10.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Setia Jaya

Sabtu (21 April 2007)

4.30 petang – Solat Asar

5.00 petang – Hi Tea bersama masyarakat India di Sungai Darah

7.00 malam – Solat Maghrib

7.30 malam – Jamuan Makan Malam Bersama Masyarakat Tionghua di Btg. Berjuntai

9.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Bukit Badong

10.30 malam – Ceramah Umum di Kampung Ijok

Ahad (22 April 2007)

12.00 tengahari – Jamuam Makan di Tuan Mee

1.30 petang – Solat Zuhur di Masjid Simpang Ijok

3.30 petang – Hi Tea di Jaya Setia

5.30 petang – ‘Walkabout’ di Pasar Pekan Ijok

7.30 malam – Pekan Ijok

9.30 Malam – Sg. Darah

10.30 Malam – Bkt. Badong

It’s interesting to note that some of the Machap people jointly placed an advertisement in Sinchew, saying a big THANK YOU to the DAP for participating in the by-election which in turn brought a lot of improvement in quality of life…

Thank you DAP, say Machap residents
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Ngu Ik Ying
Apr 20, 07 7:41pm

A group of ‘cheeky’ Machap villagers had placed an advertisement in a national Chinese daily to thank the DAP for their participation in the recent Machap by-election.

The advertisement says that there was no development in the Machap Baru new village for the past 50 years, and with the DAP contesting in the by-election, development goodies from the BN came in within days.

This shows that the DAP’s participation was the reason for their unexpected windfall.

“We are very lucky to have these instant changes to our life. Thank you DAP!” the advertisement in the Sin Chew Daily added.

When contacted, one of the ‘grateful’ residents told malaysiakini that if DAP did not take part in the by-election, BN would never work hard to develop the area.

“If DAP was not here to fight against them, I doubt there would be any development projects from the BN. It seems that the MCA will only come to help us when there is an election.”

During the election period, he pointed out that BN was busy building the ‘Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam Recreational Park’, but questioned why [the late] Poh Ah Tiam did not build the park when he was in the position to do so.

He said the former assemblyperson had made many promises to residents during the last general election, but did not keep them after the elections.

He pointed to the wet market in Machap Baru as an example of how the residents had been deceived for the past 10 years.

According to a malaysiakini checklist, 9,623 voters in Machap received a total of RM6 million within two weeks.

Now, windfall for Ijok

Over in Ijok, residents were surprised to witness an instant improvement in their town over the past few days.

For the past 10 years, they had lodged several complaints about the poor condition of the roads in Ijok and demanded that the Batang Berjuntai waste dumpsite be closed down, but the complaints had fallen on deaf ears. Surprisingly, all these wishes came true within the last few days.

According to Oriental Daily, the local council was busy beautifying the small town and repairing roads. Trucks could be seen along some of the main routes in Kuala Selangor ferrying materials for construction works.

However, some residents complained that road maintenance work was causing traffic congestion in the area during busy hours.

Road safety conscious motorists were delighted to see new lamp posts being put up at some of the junctions as it had brightened up the area.

A resident, Lim Jit Liang, related his disbelief when he heard that 100 new lamp posts were put up within a day during the Machap by-election.

“But with the by-election in Ijok now, I really saw the lamp posts being put up within a day. Now I believe they can really do things fast, if there is a motive to do so,” he added.



4 Responses to “What Ijok means to the Opposition”

  1. VT Says:

    I will tell you what by election/s means to us publics, candies and sweets…. so when is my MPs dying? hope they die soon as we are in dire needs of overdue road repairs.

  2. KSTAN Says:

    Forget about the incident. Keep on campaigning and keep focus on the important issue here – that is to ensure victory for the opposition! For those of you who are free this weekend, why not take a slow drive down to Ijok and lend your support to Ronnie & gang and the rest of the opposition team. How to get to Ijok? I think you got to take the North-South Highway and exit at Sg. Buloh Toll … then you turn left as if you’re heading towards Kuala Selangor. As you travel on, there will be road signs to guide you to Ijok. Not exactly sure as I’ve not been there for some time now. The last time I went there was when some friends brought me there for Ijok’s famous beggers chicken. Maybe you should give a call to Ronnie to find out how to get there and what is their itinerary for the weekend.

  3. Chee Yong Says:

    Halo semua, tengok betul betul muka Khairy. Inikah anak Oxford? Inikah pemimpin yg kita ingin lihat menerajui tampuk permerintahan kelak? Sikap biadap ini lah yg akan membawa padah dan musibah kepada rakyat Msia.

  4. VT Says:

    Ronnie’s third photo……………. eh, why dis guy no holding de keris? why a nazi salute?

    so much for de educasyun………. typo error intended


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