Ijok: An opportunity to change the political landscape

In my speech in Ijok last night, I said the by-election offers a great hope in changing the political landscape in Selangor.

Allowing MIC to retain the seat means little or nothing to the people. But a victory for Khalid/PKR is a victory for the entire Opposition and it will serve as a booster for the real battles in the impending general elections. While BN is busy paving the roads in Ijok to please the voters (with taxpayers’ money), a win in Ijok for the Opposition will augurs well for Malaysian democracy.

I also stressed on the importance of opposition unity in deciding the fate of Malaysian people. The crowd was happy to learn that top leaders from the DAP will go all out to help PKR in Ijok.( Lim Guan Eng for Saturday and Sunday, Lim Kit Siang on Tuesday. And more on the pipeline)

Anwar Ibrahim spoke about the NEP, Najib, Submarines, Sukhoi, Altantuya, Corruption, Teaching of Math and Science in mother tongue education, Freedom of religion and Abuse of power to an attentive and responsive crowds.

Azizah explains why Khalid is a much better choice than Partiban for the voters of Ijok. She promises that Khalid wil speak up fearlessly for the people when elected.

Teresa Kok told the Ijok people that if Khalid wins the seat, the BN camp will have to spend even more money to wrest back the seat from the opposition from now until the coming general elections.

Ean Yong Hian Wah urged the Ijok people to give 100% support to Khalid to send a strong message to the arrogant BN government.

Others who spoke in the dinner ceramah in Ijok last night include Dr Lee Boon Chye, Tian Chua and Azmin Ali.


3 Responses to “Ijok: An opportunity to change the political landscape”

  1. seaturtle Says:

    Well done Ronnie and DAP’s leaders & members. I salute you guys for helping PKR in this ijok by-election and also DAP’s effort in forming an Unite opposition….

    Give full heart and full support to the unification of opposition and DO NOT that BN will link DAP with PAS (of course they will as they have done that in Machap) because i believe alert & justice’s oridinary & educated people from age 21-40 years old will not get cheated by them… (don’t talk about those young people who don’t even know who is Malaysia’s PM)

    Like me, i am in my early 30 and i have been voting for the passed 2 GE and i even cast my vote to PAS during my 1st GE where there is no DAP’s candidate there so don’t worry, go for a unite opposition…..

    For people who is lack of education (especially old generation) then it is quite hard to “alert” them as they are too easy to be tamed with political candy such as paving road DURING election and etc… (of course from tax payers’ money) so for this group of people, even if BN don’t link DAP with PAS then it is quite impossible for them to cast their vote to opposition because they are too simple!

    I believe opposition’s strength will grow and i wish you guys all the best and you guys will always have my support although i am just a nothing!!

    Oh ya, please try to find a way to alert and wake up those young people who is still sleeping….. We must wake them out fast as GE is coming soon…..

    Take care, tks.

  2. omo Says:

    If I am staying in that are, the voters should DEMAND from BN the development and cost at least equal to Lunas or MACAP. After all BN represent a daching.

    Also, I will be asking my BN MP when it is going to happen to him or when will he be resigning. We are waiting for the goodies. Ironically, what kind of development when the roads are pot holed. In the 60’s Malaysia can claim to have the best roads and drinking water in in Asia. Now, it is the other way round. Vietnam, Thailand are much better.

  3. ebernezer scrooge Says:

    im not against bn, umno, pkr or any political party because all parties formed in malaysia has good objectives. however its the scums that run the party with their policies that we should remove. in malaysia, the bn runs the govt but effectively its umno. theres no denying that thrs hardly any business sector left that umno (out of their leader’s greed under the guise of ‘ketuanan melayu’) hasnt dabbled their hands into – construction, consultancy, automotive, agriculture, even legal firms. umno is only half a robin hood – they have robbed the riches of the country yes but they havent come round to dishing it out to the poor yet.

    so the election in ijok should not be against mic or their candidate (i believe he’s a good chap) but its against the snobbery and political gangterism of umno. elect mic, means u endorse umno and their bunch of thugs. elect pkr does not mean u are for khalid or anuar, but for a change to be rid of this serious imbalance in our political scene. as said john lennon ‘give peace a chance’.

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