Ijok: MIC must be condemned for threatening Y4C

 Dinner Ceramah at Ijok last night. In my speech last Friday, I said a big portion of the so-called RM36 million development fund would have gone into certain pockets, instead of being spent in real projects. My suspicion was proven correct. I was informed today that all the jobs were outsourced to some 30 contractors and most of them were not from Ijok. And the engineers from JKR and local councils were completely by-passed. It was estimated that only half of the RM36 m will be spent on real works.

1.I was informed by Lee Khai Loon of Youth for Change that his team (some 40 of them) was threatened by the MIC Cameron Highlands MP Devamany  when they were doing a house-to-house visit in Ijok. He warned them that they must leave Tuan Mee Estate immediately or “their safety will not be guaranteed”.

Devamany must be condemned for his shameless act and MIC President should ask him to apologise to Y4C. And don’t you deny, Devamany. Because your ugly act has been captured in a video clip (go to Malaysiakini ).

2.Tan Sri Khalid has endorsed the signature campaign launched by the Bandar Mahkota Cheras Open Access Road Action Committee. He also pledged to raise the matter in the Selangor state assembly if he is elected. The BMC OARAC team was led by its chairman Tan Boon Wah. Tan gave a briefing to the Ijok people, telling them how they were victimised by the toll concessionaire who enjoys the full backing of the BN government.

In their outing earlier, they managed to see Samy and Najib seperately. Samy, as usual, put the blame of not removing the blockade to the developer Tan Sri William Cheng of the Lion Group. Najib refused to endorse the memo of the group without giving an answer.

3. Apart from DAP SG Lim Guan Eng who rushed back from Ipoh, Khalid’s campaign in Ijok was boosted by the presence of foremost Chinese educationist Loot Ting Yee and academician Prof Lim Teck Ghee. PKR has donated some fund to Lim Lian Geok Foundation.

4. In my speech last night, I condemned the action of Devamany, Hishamuddin, Khairy Jamaluddin and those Pemuda Umno members who attacked Khalid with mineral water bottles. A freelance photographer who accompanied Khalid was injured on Saturday afternoon. I reiterated the importance of opposition unity and why Khalid should be elected. I said we Malaysians have had enough of the “same old shit” from the racist Umno-led BN Government for the past 50 years. The time has come for real political changes in Malaysia. A victory to Khalid would provide new hope to all Malaysians and say goodbye to the Umno hegemony.

5.Khalid has challenged Partiban for a debate on who should be elected as the wakil rakyat of Ijok. But I dare to say that Partiban is no different from the MCA leaders; he too would not have the courage to face Khalid in an open debate. Please prove me wrong, Mr Partiban.

6. Also last night, Ng Lam Yong of PKR passed a copy of the Altantuya leaflet to Najib in the market place in Pekan Ijok. He quickly threw it away after a glance. hahahah….

7. Do you have friends and relatives living in Ijok? Pls call them up to persuade them to vote Khalid/ Opposition on 28 April 2007.

Shock for students conducting poll survey
Wong Yeen Fern- Malaysiakini
Apr 23, 07 2:15pm 

The youth-based Youth for Change (Y4C) came up against aggressive response while conducting an election-related survey at an estate near Ijok, where a by-election will take place on Saturday.

The group, which had conducted similar surveys in Ijok town and Bukit Badong, was attempting to get the views of Tuan Mee Estate workers as to whether they were receiving sufficient information about the by-election.

However, the 40 students led by convener Lee Khai Loon, were threatened with trouble if they did not stop “disturbing” the workers.

“Do you want 100 of us to come here now?” asked a man who saw them.

Cameron Highlands parliamentarian SK Devamany, who was at the estate, told the youths that they were on private property.

“I advise you to get permission from the estate management. There is a by-election going on, it is not a (suitable) time for you to come here,” he said, adding that the youths were welcome to do community work after the polls.

Lee explained the visit as an exposure trip for youths to take an interest in the by-election process.

“It does not have a political agenda,” he said.

Devamany appeared dissatisfied and reprimanded Lee for breaching the provisions of the Universities and University Colleges Act, which prohibits student participation in political activities.

After Devamany walked away, several people warned the students to leave, accusing them of perverting the by-election process by conducting irrelevant surveys.

A man snatched the survey forms from the students and questioned their basis for asking those questions.

Lee said he had obtained permission from an estate worker to conduct the survey.

The by-election was called after the seat fell vacant with the death of MIC’s K Sivalingam on April 4. Candidates from Barisan Nasional and Parti Keadilan Rakyat are involved in a straight fight.

Watch the two-minute Youth For Change video here.


18 Responses to “Ijok: MIC must be condemned for threatening Y4C”

  1. seaturtle Says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for your prompt update and i enjoyed reading your blog very much.

    You are very efficient… By the way, are you a full time politician?

  2. MIC threatens NGO Youth4Change in Ijok? at jelas.info Says:

    […] Ronnie Liu’s blog: I was informed by Lee Khai Loon of Youth for Change that his team (some 40 of them) […]

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    I was just informed that BN is abusing its power by “donating” some 1,000 school bags to students in Ijok to fish for votes. Teachers in Ijok were informed this morning that they must attend the function to be held at S M Teknik at 2 pm today. I have informed PKR and see whether they could stop this nonsense.

  4. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Because of the last minute notice to attend the school bag donation ceremony COMPULSORY, all teachers in Kuala Selangor (not just Ijok) have to cancell whatever classes or tuition they have today. What a shame?

  5. KSTAN Says:

    School children cannot vote so why bother, they should have bribe the school teachers or tuition teachers ….. bodoh punya BN … hahaha …

    It is a pity to hear that the youth4change were given threats by this gangster MP from Cameron Highlands. If it was in PJ, I think PJ folks would have made a police report aginst him. B4 went freely campaigning for BN and there was no problem, why can’t these MIC thugs be fair? DAP should expose this MIC MP to the good folks of Cameron Highland!

  6. gracechin Says:

    Re: Tuan Mee/Y4C, I think it might be useful to get a bit more background on how the event occured. I am hazy on a few bits, but afaik, MP Devamani did confront a group of youths, but the ‘threat’ didn’t come from MP Devamani, but a bunch of unidenified Pemuda MIC persons, names and ranks unknown.

    I am unsure if what you describe as ‘threat’ amounts to ‘shamless act.’ Sounds more like intimidation to me. Again, imho. Again, imho, ‘shameless act’ sounds more likely to be associated with the flashers I used to see near my secondary school. I could be wrong.

    Also, afaik, although I am in no way an official speaker for them, Y4C was not doing a ‘house-to-house visit’, which suggests that they were there to suss out voter sentiments. The official name of the trip, I believe, is “Concerned Youth for Politic” Exposure Trip in Ijok.

    I say this in no way condoning the incident. But just to state the facts without sensationalisation. Hehe. Imho. K. Just a small fish talking. Thats all. Tata.

  7. gracechin Says:

    soz. correction.
    WERE not doing a ‘house-to-house visit’

  8. gracechin Says:

    soz. correction again.
    SHAMELESS act. not shamless act.

    Apologise for bad spelling and grammar. Damn the education system.

  9. KSTAN Says:

    Mr. Liew, I’m aware that you’re a committee member of BERSIH, I think you should read this article in Malaysia Today:-


  10. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    pls read Malaysiakini report today. The report said that according to Lee Khai Loon, it was Devamany who issued the threat.the Y4C team was split into 3 groups according to the Malaysiakini report.Maybe Grace Chin was not in Lee’s group.

  11. gracechin Says:

    Maybe? Ronnie, perhaps you have missed out some contents of our e-mail exchanges. I am not trying to be the devil’s advocate. If you read my comments carefully, all I said that it was two confrontations. One with MP Deva, and another with persons in MIC Tshirts.

    I was not witness to MP Deva’s confrontation with another different group. But I am witness to the threats made by the persons the MIC tshirts. I was merely a participant and I do not know on whose authority the threat was made. All I know it was a bunch of persons in MIC tshirts. I believe we never got the names nor ranks of those persons who made the threats.

    And yes, according to the Malaysiakini report we were split into three groups. Not all 40+ (45?) of us were threatened, Ronnie, not as you said in your blog. Again, as I have no Malaysiakini subscription and never got an official media statement from Lee Khai Loon, but let me just reiterate that I am speaking as a participant.

    Again, I am not condoning the incident and squabbling about the details now is pointless. I just wanted to share what I know and what I witnessed of the incident. But if you find my comment entirely irrelevant, please feel free to delete it.

  12. VT Says:

    Hi Ronnie, you said “I was just informed that BN is abusing its power by “donating” some 1,000 school bags to students in Ijok to fish for votes. ” they cirtainly have to as some of the Ijok voters are as young as 8 years old

    har har har…

  13. Arifabdull Says:


    Hi bro, kindly to check these pls:




  14. gracechin Says:

    Lol k on second read my comments reek of youthful impulsiveness and exuberance. ugh. k. soz if overstepped boundaries. tata.

  15. Penulis Tua Says:

    MIC hasn’t got an argument to support BN. So they then use threats – but if the victims retaliate, all these samsu drinking samsengs disappear! This Manyak Idiot Committee lives up to its name.

  16. George Says:

    Can i see u tomorow regarding gangsterism in Tmn ChiLiung morning market. Urgent n Sos.tq.0123838053

  17. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  18. movielike Says:

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