Ijok: MIC would not not get all the Indian votes

BN is so desperate that they even used the local public library as one of their operation centres. The SPR (EC) closes one eye on such abuses once again.

 LATEST PROGRAM: Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang and several DAP MPs including Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Chong Eng and Fong Po Kuan have confirmed with me that they will be speaking in Ijok tomorrow i.e Tuesday night. 

On top of that, both Chong Engand Po Kuan will be joining Khalid, Anwar and Azizah in the “walkabout” in Batang Berjuntai town from 5pm.

C U There!!!

  A sandiwara(show) was put up by Samy Vellu yesterday to fish for more Indian votes in Ijok. In the function, Pandithan hugged Samy Vellu and said that Samy is his dear friend. So what kind of friendship he was talking about? What happened to the coffin he brought in and out for Samy Vellu?

Pandithan has suffered from leukimia for some time now. He recently asked IPF members to support Samy Vellu but that move has backfired. Pandithan’s followers think that he has no principle because Samy Vellu remains the same Samy Vellu except for paying a visit to Pandithan when he was lying on the bed in hospital. Some suspect that Pandithan has changed his tune could be due to some private dealings between the two men. These IPF leaders were sacked for openly questioned Pandithan’s move. Partiban would not be able to get their votes, for sure.

The ousted MIC deputy president S. Subramaniam has some 200 t0 300 supporters in Ijok. They too have no reason to vote for Partiban.

And grassroot members who are loyal supporters of the sacked Kuala Selangor division chief Thirumoorty would not likely to vote for Partiban. Samy Vellu has dropped and sacked thier chief and even said that MIC could still win without their support. They were even not requested to turn up on the Nomination Day. Why should these 300 to 400 members support Partiban now?

And the DAP Indian members and hardcore Indian supporters here (about 10% of the total voters) would certainly vote for Khalid.

And we are trying to resolve the problem between some local estate workers and Khalid here with the help of PSM. The party has issued a statement to urge its party members not to support BN three days ago.

Let’s has faith in our Indian brothers and sisters in Ijok. They too know that MIC leaders like Samy Vellu have betrayed the Indian community, so much  so that the Indian community has been marginalised for the past 50 years in our land .

And the Maika Holdings scandal is still fresh in their mind where 90% of the 10 million Tenaga Nasional shares alloted by the then Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim were hijacked by Samy Vellu.

We want to impress upon them that a victory to Khalid would be more meaningful than voting in another MIC candidate.

Two foes embrace for Parthiban
RK Anand- Malaysiakini
Apr 23, 07 12:16pm
A wise man once said that, in politics, friends are never friends for life and enemies are never enemies for life. The sleepy hollow of Ijok – now wide awake – bore testimony to this yesterday when two sworn enemies hugged each other, not once, but twice.After years of mud slinging, name calling and even a macabre protest involving a coffin, MIC president S Samy Vellu and Indian Progressive Front (IPF) president MG Pandithan publicly buried the hatchet.“It was an emotionally charged event,” noted an observer who was at the function at the IPF operations centre in Taman Cahaya.In the presence of about 1,200 people, some clad in the black-and-red IPF outfit and others wearing tops bearing the MIC logo, the veteran politicians locked themselves in an embrace.They had come together to ensure victory for Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate K Parthiban, 38, in the by-election on Saturday. A former education officer, he will take on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate Khalid Ibrahim, 61.Though seriously ill, a frail-looking Pandithan took to the stage and said he considered Samy Vellu a dear friend. He described the public end to their acrimonious relationship as an emotional event.

On his part, Samy Vellu said his party’s co-operation with IPF would continue even after the by-election.

Pandithan was previously a popular leader in MIC and commanded strong grassroots support from the Indian working class. He rose up the ranks to become vice-president.

However, his ties with Samy Vellu became strained when he backed a faction opposed to the president. In 1988, he was slapped with a show-cause letter for allegedly practising caste-oriented politics.

In June that year, Pandithan embarked on a hunger strike in front of the MIC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. He brought along a coffin to signify that democracy was dead in the party.

This led to his expulsion on July 16, 1988, together with 13 of his loyalists. Two years later, he formed IPF which is backed by 1,069 people in Ijok, which has an electorate of 12,272.

Opposite effect

Bernama reported that Samy Vellu and Pandithan’s willingness to share the same stage augured well for a BN victory in Ijok.

Quoting observers, the news agency said the co-operation between the two former political foes paved the way to obtain the full support of Indian voters.

However, one MIC member warned that the reconciliation could prove to have the opposite effect as Indian voters might view it as another political gimmick.

“After all the squabbles and insults, the two hug each other. Indian voters might just laugh this off and become discouraged from voting for Parthiban. Will he (Samy Vellu) be hugging (his former deputy S) Subramaniam next?” asked the Ijok resident, who declined to be named.

Subramaniam (left), who had a protracted feud with Samy Vellu, lost in last year’s party polls to G Palanivel, who was backed by the president.

The MIC member also said there was much discontent among supporters of former Kuala Selangor MIC chief P Thirumoorthy for the way he was treated by the president.

Thirumoorthy had crossed swords with Samy Vellu after he was overlooked as a potential candidate for Ijok. He then threatened to resign, to which the president said he was free to leave.

Despite this, Thirumoorthy, who had since relinquished his post, pledged his support for Parthiban but it was said that his supporters might vote for the opposition as a mark of protest.

In a related development, Samy Vellu addressed a small gathering in Batang Berjuntai organised by the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress. He told them to vote for Parthiban because he is “young, good looking and energetic”.

He also promised to return to the constituency twice a month to ensure that all the election promises are kept.

Coffee shop to kampung, Anwar charms Ijok
RK Anand
Apr 23, 07 11:30am
It was a modest Chinese coffee shop in the heart of Ijok. At its best, it could probably accommodate little more than 50 customers.However, last night the shop was bursting at its seams as hundreds descended upon it. The crowd spilled onto the streets, causing a traffic jam in the tiny hamlet, tucked amongst dense plantations some 50km northwest of Kuala Lumpur.They were there for one man, who showed up soon after in a chauffeur driven dark-coloured Rover. As the car pulled up, the crowd began to jostle for a closer look and when he emerged there was a thunderous applause.

This was none other than former deputy premier and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Anwar Ibrahim who had come to campaign for Khalid Ibrahim – his party’s candidate in the April 28 by-election.

Yesterday’s function was testimony to his popularity, not only among the Malays, but other races as well.

Since the 500 or so people who jam packed the coffee shop were predominantly Chinese, Anwar decided to touch on topics close to their hearts such as the economy, mother-tongue education and not to forget, Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein’s infamous keris-wielding incident.

Peppered with generous doses of humour and wit, Anwar drew much laughter and applause from his audience during his brief speech.

Repressive policies

As for Hishammuddin, who is also education minister, Anwar said wielding the keris during the Umno general assembly was nothing short of a warning to other races, especially the Chinese.

He said the Umno Youth chief had since explained that raising the traditional dagger was part of the Malay culture.

“You think the Chinese are stupid ah?” he asked, cracking up those present. “It was a warning (to the other races). Don’t challenge the Malays or else…”

The PKR leader also said the New Economic Policy (NEP) was detrimental to all races, including the Malays which it was crafted to provide assistance for.

Anwar said he was not raising these issues just to please the Chinese and that he would tell the Malays the same thing as well.

“If Malaysia is to move forward, all races must participate,” he said, adding that race-based politics was not good for the country.

“I don’t understand why the Chinese still support this Malay (Umno) government,” he quipped much to the amusement of the audience.

On a more serious note, Anwar said he does not want to support policies that are repressive and discriminatory. “I don’t want to see this country go down because of leaders who squander.”

As for education, he said the current standard was deplorable and asked why a non-Malay could not head a local public university.

The former deputy premier also took a swipe at the language-switch policy mooted by his predecessor Dr Mahathir Mohamad which saw English being used as the medium of instruction for Mathematics and Science.

“I challenge MCA leaders to respond to my call to have the language switch reverted and have Chinese schools teach these subjects in Chinese,” he said.

Anwar also drew loud cheers when he stressed on the importance of learning the Chinese language and revealed that three of his six children have learnt the language.

Better Malaysia

On a more personal note, the former deputy premier, who was sacked by Mahathir in 1998 and subsequently spent six year in prison, said he was not fueled by the desire for vengeance.

“I have gone through the cycle. I have dined with Kings and I have eaten horrible meals in prison. I am not seeking revenge, I just want Malaysia to be a good country for all Malaysians.”

He also took a swipe at Umno campaigners for telling Malay voters that he has changed and that he was now pro-Jew and pro-Chinese.

“MCA will come here tomorrow and tell you (Chinese voters) that I am pro-Malay. Both are lies, I am pro all races,” he said.

Immediately after his speech, Anwar was whisked away to another location in Batang Bejuntai, where he spent several minutes in the company of a few Indian PKR leaders and activists who launched a verbal assault against the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition. Their primary targets being MIC and its president S Samy Vellu.

Following this, the dark-coloured Rover headed towards the nearby Kampung Sungai Darah, escorted by youths on motorcycles carrying PKR flags.

Here, he addressed more than 300 people, made up mostly of Malays and Indians. Once again, Anwar’s wit and humour had the crowd in stitches.

Mongolia to KL

He said the Tuan Mee area now has the most number of sewing machines in the world as BN has just given out some 200 of these machines to the residents there.

“This is the time to ask for all sorts of things, go ahead and take them but when polling day comes, vote for PKR,” he said.

He also quipped that there were no tractors in Penang at the moment as the machines have come down south on the behest of the ruling coalition to work on the roads and drains in Ijok.

“Ijok is now world famous. Before this, nobody knew where it was. Now, right from Mongolia to Kuala Lumpur, people know where this town is,” he said.

Anwar also reiterated his corruption allegations concerning Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak over the purchase of submarines and fighter jets.

Apart from this, he also stressed on the importance of religious freedom and criticised any form of coercion in this matter.

Several minutes into his speech, businessman KS Nallakarupan made his way through the crowd, to which Anwar said in jest:

“Here comes Nalla, look at the way he walks, just like MGR (late Tamil actor and politician).”

The PKR advisor also told his audience that even a single opposition representative in the Selangor state assembly could make a difference.

“Do you think (BN candidate) K Parthiban can represent you effectively. I don’t think so, Khalid is the best choice,” he stressed.

Fact-boxes on Ijok


5 Responses to “Ijok: MIC would not not get all the Indian votes”

  1. KSTAN Says:

    I felt noxious when I watched both the two leaders of IPF & MIC made the sandiwara on Buletin Utama news on tv3. You may be right this time Ronnie about the Indians support for MIC/BN. But there is always backdoor deals going on in MIC. Just like the head of MIC Ijok who was bought off buy Sammy. So how sure are we that there are no more backdoor dealings in the Indian community? I heard sewing machines or washing machines are being given to the Indian community in Tuan Mee. Is that true? In my opinion, the Chinese voters will be the king makers this time as the Malay votes are more or less locked up already. So DAP should concentrate more on the Chinese voters. Apart from that if you have read the article that I linked previously you would be aware that SPR/Rashid is once again is up to his monkey business. I nearly wanted to laugh when I looked through the SPR list for Jaya Setia whereby an 8 years old was in the list and on top of that he/she has a old and new IC number. I didn’t know we can get our IC at the age of 8 and not 12. Apart from that we have a lot of very old voters ranging from 80 – 107 years of age, wow! I guess it’s because of all that Ijok fresh air that is making Ijok folks living much longer then the national average Malaysian.

  2. VT Says:

    “Samy Vellu addressed a small gathering in Batang Berjuntai organised by the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress. He told them to vote for Parthiban because he is “young, good looking and energetic”.

    He also promised to return to the constituency twice a month to ensure that all the election promises are kept.”

    Is Semi – Value asking people to vote for Party because he’s young, good looking and energetic? sounds more like a candidate for a pimp rather than someone that gets the job done.

    also let’s not forget that he had promise to stay in Lunas in the previous buy-election of lunas. that which he quickly abandoned soon after BN lost it.

    hahahahaha, semi, semi, when ever will you learn.?

  3. Chee Yong Says:

    I dedicate the song You Can Get If You Really Want – Jimmy Cliff to DAP and Keadilan.

    Hope its a win this time

  4. Ijok: MIC will not not get all the Indian votes! « Ijok 2007 Says:

    […] Ijok: MIC will not not get all the Indian votes! By Ronnie Liu […]

  5. pamelaoda Says:


    you and uncle lim looks very tired and haggard le, unlike people like KJ, Kerismudin or Najis, their face bersinar sinar , pink lip…So u guys better take care and rest enough!

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