Ijok: BN “kiasu” (scared to lose)


Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang called the BN camp “kiasu”. He made his first appearance in Ijok last night. The gentleman sitting on my left is Thomas Soo Kheng Seong. He’s a DAP state assemblyman from Ipoh. T Kannan, the deputy campaign director of Selangor DAO Campaign support Team, is standing on his right.

Many have predicted a victory for Khalid. Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang describes the attempt to stop PKR’s ceramahs as “kiasu” (takut kalah) . He persuades the Ijok people to create history, sending Khalid to the Selangor state assembly to bring hope to Malaysian democracy. More tha 1,000 people turned up for the ceramah. The police have tried to stop the ceramahs earlier, claiming that there were no permits for these gatherings. The OCPD of Kuala Selangor tried to snatch Kit Siang’s microphone. But the election rules stated clearly that the candidate or his agent needs only to inform the police about the time and venue of the ceramah. The question of permit does not arise at all. Police must stay out of party politics. They must not take side with the ruling parties. But can they understand simple rules and regulations?

Kit Siang, Chong Eng and  Po Kuan spoke for the first time in Ijok last night. Others who spoke were Anwar, Azmin and Khalid. I have opted not to speak in order to spend some time talking to some local voters.

Khalid has slimmed down quite a fair bit after several days of intensive campaigning. We are banking on him to win Ijok for the opposition. Go, Khalid Go! Whack the BN fellows in the state assembly for all of us.

It appears to me that Khalid has an upperhand over Partiban in the Chinese areas at the moment. He himself is confident about getting the majority of the Malay votes. He even believes that he could win quite a good percentage of the Indian votes.

A reliable source says that Samy Vellu has not resolved the internal problem of his own party. His open statement about good chances of winning even without the Chinese votes (he said it in Taman Suria, Batang Berjuntai) has upset a lot of Chinese voters here.

Another source says that the local Umno MP was not in good terms with the Menteri Besar of Selangor. And the local MCA Youth members were still unhappy with the top BN leadership (incl their own President Ong “kata nothing”) over the rubbish landfill issue (the dump site has been making the whole town stink like nobody. It was only ordered to be closed one day after the death of K Sivalingam. Before that, BN has promised to shut it down after the last general election but it has broken its promises on several occasions.) Many are now saying that the landfill will be reopened as soon as the by-election on 28 April 2007 was over.

Admirers of the opposition giant in Ijok

Pls read http://wengsan.blogspot.com/2007/04/ijok-by-election-dramatic-night-at.html

Battle for Malay votes: Umno turns to fear
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
Apr 24, 07 4:49pm
Malay votes in the upcoming Ijok by-election in Selangor is crucial and Umno has launched an all-out campaign to bag support in the Malay-dominated areas.One of the targeted areas is Bukit Badong, a district of 1,900 voters which Keadilan won in the 2004 general election.However, some villagers warned that the strategy employed by the ruling coalition could backfire.According to them, the tactic of combining fear, nostalgia and the lure of a more comfortable life, could only yield short-term results.

Another stumbling block for Umno and its counterparts is that many of those aged 40 and below in Bukit Badong are hardcore opposition supporters.

Eighty-five percent of Bukit Badong residents are Malays, with Indian and Chinese villagers making up about 13 and two percent respectively.

In the 2004 general elections, the late incumbent K Sivalingam of Barisan Nasional won in the non-Malay areas of Berjuntai Bestari, Tuan Mee, Pekan Ijok and Sungai Darah.

Whereas, the opposition candidate from Parti Keadilan Rakyat Abdul Rahman Muharam won in the Malay areas of Bukit Badong and Kampung Ijuk and took half the votes in Sempang Ijok and Jaya Setia (see chart below). 

The April 28 by-election will see another duel between the two parties. BN is represented by K Parthiban while PKR, Khalid Ibrahim.

Doom and disorder

For this election, Umno is said to be concentrating its campaign on Bukit Badong’s older generation, painting a dismal picture of doom and disorder should the opposition party win.

“My peers have been told that things will revert to the days of old if we vote in the Keadilan (PKR) candidate,” Suraji Puniran, 65, told malaysiakini when met today.

“It may or may not work with the older people. Many of them remember the huru-hara (chaos) of the Japanese occupation and communist insurgency,” said Suraji, who heads the PAS Bukit Badong branch.

Another villager claimed that Umno workers told elderly villagers that if PKR wins, the ensuing social and economic unrest would deprive their children and grandchildren of education and stability.

But is this fear tactic successful?

“No!” said villager Ansor Abdullah Kamari (left). “This goes against proper Malay conduct and manners.”

According to him, even the older generation of Umno members in the village are being turned off by the aggressiveness of the young campaigners.
Recounting an incident that occurred last night, Ansor said elderly villagers who gathered near the PAS Bukit Badong branch for a chat were interrupted by loud young Umno workers passing in a truck.

Gempur!’ (attack!) they shouted as they passed us. It was very rude of them. Some of us sitting there were PAS (members), and some were not, but their behavior was just plain kurang ajar (rude) to all of us!” he said.

Election banners

Disgruntled BN supporter Azmi Atan, 52, (photo, below) said the fear tactic was also visible in some of the election banners put up in parts of the village.

“Patah tak tumbuh, hilang tak berganti’ (What’s broken cannot grow back, what’s gone cannot come back’). What else is that supposed to mean?” he asked.

He said the villagers could see past the carrot-and-stick approach and would not be fooled by the cosmetic display of development projects and cash payout.

“The repairs to houses, roads, streetlights, and drains have all been done very quickly over the past several weeks since the by-election was announced.

“But these works are already showing signs of being shoddy and low quality. Holes are already appearing in some of the roads that have recently been tarred,” he noted.

Another villager, Mohd Daim Safuan said some elderly villagers were even told they would be arrested if found to have voted for PKR.

“It took me a long time to convince one particular elderly couple, who are also disabled, that they need not be scared of voting for PKR,” he said.


11 Responses to “Ijok: BN “kiasu” (scared to lose)”

  1. Ah hong Says:

    Police is just another evil tool of Mighty BN. Go opposition! fight for better tomorrow

  2. Bala Says:

    I think now is the time for all the opposition party come together under ONE SINGLE SYMBOL – (suggesting -UMBRELLA or FIST)….

    Why it is a problem ? The only problem as I knew is the scepticism among the Chinese about PAS and Malays about DAP…

    If we could cahnge this assumption among the Malaysian, I hope in 10 years time for sure there will be no BN to rule us anymore.

    Please think about my suggestion- the only way for us to bring down corrupted leaders.. Please

  3. Nur Diyana Says:

    Nope!! I am a Malay and have been choosing DAP since the Reformasi. I vote in Seputeh even though I am now staying in Rawang.

    Well.. Now, Im thinking of changing to Rawang as I see that the Rawang MP is SLEEPING! NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE HERE FOR THE RAKYAT!!

  4. seaturtle Says:

    Ronnie, can we sue the police? What the hell they are doing! Stupid idiot. I keep my fnger cross and hoping that khalid will win this by election… I was upset with machap’s result and hope PKR will win!!! Again thanks DAP for giving such a tremendous support to PKR.

    Now we have the 16th component party in BN…. shame shame shame!!!

  5. seaturtle Says:

    Ronnie, before i forget you know started from 23rd until yesterday, 24th NTV7’s 6.30pm mandarin news didn’t cover/”touch” a single word about this by election.. I am wondering why? Maybe i am over react, i don’t know. just share an info with you…something must have gone wrong with BN in Ijok 🙂 Maybe we will win 🙂

    Please help PKR to stopped all the phantom voter from casting their vote like what had happened in Lunas before…

  6. muhibbah Says:

    Vote for PKR Tan Sri Khalid to stop Khir Toyo misdeeds !

  7. devilmaster Says:

    I believe Khalid has the upper hand too. The major problem is still the long list of phantom voters. As posted by Malaysia-Today website, the list contains a lot of active 100+ years old voters who are still active.

  8. devilmaster Says:

    The time stamp on comments posted on this blog seems to be behaving inaccurately. Perhaps the admin of this blog should choose GMT +7.

  9. VT Says:

    “Another villager claimed that Umno workers told elderly villagers that if PKR wins, the ensuing social and economic unrest would deprive their children and grandchildren of education and stability.” – BN

    what sort of noncensical dung is this, BN has been in power for the last 50 years and we read from the ministers that jobless graduates lined the streets………

    what stability are they talking about? If I am not mistaken, 13/05/1969 was how BN screwed up stability and racial harmony big time for the

    go rot in hell!

  10. VT Says:

    “Another villager claimed that Umno workers told elderly villagers that if PKR wins, the ensuing social and economic unrest would deprive their children and grandchildren of education and stability.” – BN

    so what does the MCA dogs have to say to this? still working beside UMNO for the greater good of the community?

    Why can’t Malaysia be for the Malaysians as what DAP champions?

  11. Edi神 Says:

    watching PKR against UMNO is like watching a sport channel where a division one team verus ManU…

    we all hoped for an upset!

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