Ijok: Guan Eng to give a final push tonight

After a supper at the Ijok restaurant last night.

We were happy to note that the threats from the BN thugs and disruptions from the police did not dampen the spirit of the Ijok people at all. Last night, more people came to listen to Kit Saing, Anwar, Mat Sabu and other opposition heavyweights then previous nights. Thousands gathered at different ceramah points in Ijok as early as 8pm.

It’s also encouraging to note that we have a significant number of women folks and elderly citizens turned up for the ceramahs. The audience usually stay through the ceramahs except for some who “chase after ” Kit Siang and Anwar.

The Jiu Jiu Bai Xiao!!! Save Our School!!!

SOS Damansara group made its appearance at the ceramah last night. They sang the theme song-“Let’s Unite to Save Bai Xiao” – which was chosen by me when I was their adviser. Earlier, the group have distributed leaflets in Ijok to highlight their problems and expose the culprits behind the closure of their school. 

 Bandar Mahkota Cheras Open Access Road Action Committee were aslo at Ijok to highlight their problems. Samy has failed to help them as a minister. They got Khalid to endorse their cause. It’s chairman Tan Boon Wah gave a short speech at the ceramah on last Sunday.

“From an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan”

Lat night, Kit Siang has described Ijok as a swan after the BN has thrown in close to 100 million ringgit. He reminded them to “write history and create a miracle” by making Khalid the ADUN of Ijok. He once again urged everyone in Ijok to emulate Justice Bao-to differentiate between right and wrong, just and unjust- before casting their votes.

While he urged the Ijok people to give encouragement to Anwar who has the courage to admit his mistake over an old issue  some twenty years ago, he challenge the “keris-waving” Najib and MCA leaders who have betrayed the Chinese to pick up the courage to admit their mistakes in the past.  

Khalid looks very tanned after a week of intensive campaign but he was in his usual cool and steady mood. He’s not disturbed by the  “slip of tongue” which most of us do. Who would believe Khalid actually wanted the Ijok voters to vote against him? Anyway, Ijok may have two K’s to serve them after this by-elections: Khalid and Khir Toyo. Khir has set up a service centre in Ijok on Wednesday. He was rather embarrassed to see that very few Chinese (no more than 50) turned up for the opening ceremony although the centre sits in the middle of the Chinese new village.


Also yesterday, AAB came to Ijok new village for a short while (stopping over at the local MCA and Gerakan operation centres) after attending the installation ceremony of Agong in the morning. He spent 150 minutes in Ijok, visiting four different operation centres. It’s rather unusual for the PM to campaign in by-elections. To me, it says that there were serious cracks in the BN campaign and the team led by Najib is not confident at all.

In my speech last night, I invited the Ijok people, members and supporters of DAP and all the other opposition parties to canvass for Khalid on Saturday.  I urge them to turn up in full force at all the polling centres. I believe the visible presence of opposition supporters would help to encourage the Ijok voters (who were intimidated by BN thugs) to cast their votes for the candidate representing the opposition parties.

C U in Ijok tonight. And do not forget to show up on Saturday.


3 Responses to “Ijok: Guan Eng to give a final push tonight”

  1. sampalee Says:

    When opposition can be united esp pas and dap,it can overcome all including vote buying and other form of cheating.When the probability of opposition winning is there,few will want the paltry sweet handed out.However if Bn is to rule after all,might as well take the sweet as mouth wash.The opposition leaders esp in dap should understand the underminding mindset that voters can really stand up be counted and rally nehind the opposiyion,if they can see without doubt the combined opposiyion is within striking distance to take the head of bn[umno]Do not always blame the voters,please try to understand them and put away the silly personal difference and show the world pas and dap can unite for the sake of all malaysians.To remove guessing,the unity need to be sincere and be PUBLIC.Totally transparent.The co-operation can loose some vote,but the votes gained will be many fold more.

  2. ricky Says:

    Voters of Ijok, do not believe what bn (by the way where is mca) says that when DAP work with PAS, they are turning Malaysia into an islamic state.

    Don’t you know mca and bn had already turn this country into an islamic state? If you do not believe, now is your chance to ask any mca or umno now in Ijok whether Malaysia is an islamic or secular country. Any way I have not read about mca in Ijok, where are they, too afraid to meet up with you all? If you see them, ask them whether they are going to build more chinese schools in the 9mp, more churches, temple or are they demolishing them one by one.

  3. HarakahDaily Says:

    Artikel yg sgt menarik..terima kasih kerana berkongsi 🙂

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