Ijok: Lessons for the opposition parties

LATEST: Tan Sri Khalid will be going back to Ijok to thank the people for supporting PKR at 3.30pm today. The team will be led by PKR advisor  Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, party chief Datin Seri Wan Azizah, information chief Tian Chua and others. I have accepted their invitation to join the walkabout in Pekan Ijok and Batang Berjuntai.

The writings is on the wall. BN had won 92% of the Parliamentary seats in the 2004 GE and defeated the opposition in all the five by-elections (except for Batu Talam which was contested by an Independent). We need to find a winning formula to defeat BN.

BN has been able to win big because there was no true unity among the opposition parties. There’s no true opposition unity to face the the might of BN coalition. There’s no way to beat BN if the opposition parties could not work together effectively to face their common enemy-the Umno-led BN coalition.

Yes, the people of Malaysia suffer much under the current BN administration. They hope the opposition parties could work together to pose a real challenge to the mighty Umno-led BN coalition.

The people do know that BN is corrupt to the core. They know that BN leaders abuse their power to amass wealth for themselves. They were fed up with empty promises and very disappointed with the Prime Minister who could not walk the talk. But where is the alternative? 

Please bear in mind that only the well-informed voters and hardcore supporters vote for the opposition. Voters with pro-winner mentality (commonly called lalang, fence-sitters, the silent majority etc) would only vote for the winners (or potential winners).  They would never vote for the opposition if the opposition looked set to remain as opposition. But these voters with pro-winner mentality is not a small group. And we would not be able to win their votes without presenting them a winning formula.

 Please vote for Khalid !

It’s the duty and responsibility of the opposition parties to offer a winning formula for all to see. Politics of hope is an essential ingredient that we must provide for the voters. The opposition parties must project a winning position and work towards a winning agenda. We owe it to ourselves to do it. 

Yes, the opposition parties are having opposing views on the issue of religion. But that does not mean that we could not resolve or put aside our differences.

Malaysia is rotting slowly day by day. We are facing all kinds of problems and crises. We are also losing our pace to our neighbouring countries. The answer lies in a change of government. Only a change of government could get rid of these greedy and corrupt BN politicians. What could be more important than serving the larger intertest of the people by affecting a change of government?

Ijok is a good beginning for opposition unity. Top opposition party leaders and members in general have put in serious efforts to campaign for PKR. But we were facing various problems due to a poor uncohesive campaign machinery. I personally feel that Khalid could have done better or even made it if there were greater cooperation among the opposition parties. Only true opposition unity and cohesive machinery could destroy the BTF tactics (bribes, threats and frauds) launched by the corrupt BN coalition.

I strongly suggest DAP to openly team up with PKR, and PKR to team up with Pas. And DAP and Pas must at the same time declare that their common enemy is the Umno-led BN coalition. DAP and Pas may not be allies but we are certainly friends in the opposition. It’s only natural that friends in the opposition must put aside our differences for the benefit of the rakyat. We need to help each other to challenge our common enemy.

We will never be able to convince everyone to agree with the strategic partnership among the opposition parties. But politics is about taking risks. The fear of losing seats is something we need to overcome. The ruling class and those with vested interest will be all out to discourage the opposition from achieving true unity and full cooperation. In short, they fear  opposition unity. They know if the opposition really works together, they will eventually lose their grip on power.

Dear fellow Malaysians, there’s no point crying over spilled milk. Ijok is just a temporary setback. We must not lose sight and we certainly must not lose hope. Ijok is nothing compared to the real war-general elections.

The defeat in Ijok actually gives me hope. What about you?

Source: Malaysiakini

HAPPY Labour Day! Highest tribute to all workers who contribute towards nation-building and a peaceful and prosperous society.


5 Responses to “Ijok: Lessons for the opposition parties”

  1. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Some analysts have said that it was pointless for the opposition to expose corruptions and abuse of power and talk about true democracy, freedom of religion and education in by-elections. I beg to differ. However, I could agree that pointing out the crimes , sisn, mistakes and weaknesses of the BN politicians were not sufficient to convince the people. The opposition needs to project a winning position and works towards a winning agenda. We must demonstrate to the voters that we have a winning formula that could bring benefits to them.

  2. Possible Drema Says:

    I fully agreed with the above suggesstion. It is waste of time and energy for DAP, PKR or PAS fight BN alone and you can’t win, will forever doom to be opposition.

    United you stand and divide you will forever fall!

  3. pamelaoda Says:

    besides pointing out what the oppostion has in line, u may need to highlight to help the poor as p[riority to all races and this can be achieved only if the ppl willing to change. The malays will definitely support cos they are still many poor bumi non bumi tat need helps. But i m very skeptical on the dirty tricks the BN played!

  4. sampalee Says:

    All Dap leaders and members should read this article.Before we put the blame on the voters,find out what opposition need to offer to turn them around.The obvious one is to gain power to rule[At least at the state level].Pointing out Bn fault is only good if you have a cure,such as gaining the power to change it.If voters vote for opposition and they still fail to secure the power to change,it is like listening to a doctor describing in details your sickness,but have not the resource to treat the bn disease.We can not rule the country next election,but we must at least control a few states.This is ONLY possible if dap work with pas.

  5. KSTAN Says:

    You strongly suggest that DAP team up with PKR and PKR teams up with PAS and both PAS and DAP must declare that UMNO/BN is the common enemy. Wow, Ronnie, have you forgotten what happen in the 1999 GE?!

    If you’re going to bring this suggestion up to the CEC, I’m sure a lot of CEC members are going to “shoot” you down 🙂 Teaming up with PKR is okay and I guess DAP supporters will agree and support the idea. Afterall we need PKR to take over Penang. But most importantly is that the opposition should not have a 3-way fight, that’s why the opposition lost out in some places in the last GE. There should only be a stright fight between PKR-BN, DAP-BN, PAS-BN; assuming no independant candidates lah.

    Please don’t repeat the same mistakes again and break up the opposition votes. That was what happen in 1999 as well when DAP’s splinter members form MDP and basically sabotage many places where DAP could have won. I may be wrong in this, if so pls correct me.

    I’m guessing that the next GE is coming very soon since Khalid had lost in Ijok which makes 5 bi-election losses in a row for the opposition. So cocky UMNO i.e. the PM would want to call for elections soon. This is the time to take them by surprise. I’m predicting that DAP and PKR will get more support in urban areas like PJU, PJS, Klang, Segambut, MangsaMaju, Batu just to name a few. Furthermore with DAP’s new faces or new blood, many who are media/internet savvy people will find it easy to garner support from techo-savvy internet users and educated people alike who are well concentrated in urban areas. The battle may be lost but the war ain’t over yet! Good luck to the opposition parties!

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