SPR should improve mechanism for voters registration

SPR is again under fire because it was proven to be lopsided and functions like the 15th component parties of the BN ruling coalition in the recent Ijok “buy-election”. Its chairman Tan Sri Rashid openly said that there was nothing improper for any minister to approve allocation of funds or misuse government machinery during the campaign.

Apart from carrying out the much needed electoral reforms, SPR must also improve its mechanism for voters registration.

On one hand, the SPR discloses that some 5 million people (4 million Malays and 1 million Non-Malays) have yet to register as voters; but on the other hand, SPR does not make any effort to make it easy for those who are eligible to register.

SPR has entrusted the post offices all over the country to help register voters. But not every town/ village has a post office, and not every post office is equipped with online facilities. And there is no special counter alloted to help in registration.

And SPR these days do not advertise in TV and radio stations to remind people to register as voters. They behave as if they were not interested in getting more people to register as voters.

Many countries have started to allow people to register online. Some even adopted automatic registration. Why can’t SPR do the same since every citizen holds a Mykad issued by the National Registration Department.

Lat year, SPR finally allows party representatives to help out as registration agent. But I received complaints that the Selangor SPR office recently do not provide enough registration forms for our registration agents. This is not acceptable.

This morning, we went to Port Klang to launch a voter registration exercise in conjunction with the annual Hindu Chitri Pournami Festival. The festival attracted thousands of devotees from Port Klang, Pandamaran and other parts of Selangor. Our Port Klang branch chairman Selvadurai (Aboo) helped to set up the registration desk. He is also the founding chairman of the local influential Kelab Sukan Depoh. His club is one of main sponsors of the annual festival for the past 29 years.

We urge all citizens who attain the age of 21 to register as voters and remember to vote for DAP. They can go to the nearest post offices to do it during office hours. Transfer of voting venue could also be done at the post offices. 


3 Responses to “SPR should improve mechanism for voters registration”

  1. jbhlee Says:

    Good move Ronnie. How many voters did Port Klang branch manage to register?

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    When is the coming GE?

    Ijok has come and gone. PKR has lost but the result was alarming for the BN parties. Would BN allows the trend (swing of Chinese votes) to gather momentum ? Would Anwar really an non-factor to Umno and BN? Would the domestic economy improve this year and what about next year? There were too much uncertainties if you asked me. I believe even the man who calls the shot is troubling by these uncertainties. Otherwise he would not turn to his fengshui man again (he won a landslide victory in 2004 GE with the date given by his fengshui master).

    August to September would be the 50th Merdeka celebration and September is set for Budget annoucement.These two events provide great opportunities for AAB to distribute sweeteners to buy voters.

    (Do not be too surprise even prices of cooking gas, petrol and diesel could be slashed a little to please the voters. BN can always increase the price soon after the GE.)

    SPR has earlier said that those who are eligible to register as voetrs must get it done by August this year in order to vote in the coming GE.

    Some printers told us that all materials ordered by BN must be completed and delivered by September this year.

    Pemuda Umno Chief Hisham told every member to get ready for an early GE.

    Khir Toyo said the GE would not be later than March 2008.He has told all the SAs in Selangor about his prediction.

    Bernama has just called me regarding my biodata just in case GE is called anytime from now.

    The man himself said the 5 victories in by-elections have provided a good reason to call for an early election. His fengshui master has earlier given him 4 different dates for GE. Apart from the May date (19 May), the rest of the dates are all highly possible. 15 Nov 2007, 15 Dec 2007 , 15 Mar 2008.

  3. devilmaster Says:

    i am a feng shui master myself too. This is the first time i heard feng shui could be applied in election day. LOL. Even the Tong Shu also will not be able to tell you when is the best election day.


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