Ijok: 80% of Indian voters supported MIC/BN

MIC President claimed that 80% of the Indian voters in Ijok have voted for the MIC/ BN candidate K Partiban. We believe his claim is accurate and true.

So why do the Indian voters in Ijok (and even in the entire country in general) still remain loyal to MIC/BN despite of the fact that both MIC and BN have not served the interest of the Indian community well all these years?

There are many reasons and let me share some of the reasons with our bloggers.

1. There’s still a big number of Indians who were not well-informed; they were not aware of the true colours of MIC and BN leaders; they see Samy Vellu as their hero and actually believe that the BN government has done their best for the community. They believe that only MIC and BN leaders could help them, even if they were not getting any real help from them in the past; they would have no qulams if someone pays them money to exchange for their votes;

2.There is another group of Indians who were aware of the weaknesses, abuses and mistakes of MIC nad BN leaders. But they were not aware that it would be better if they could vote for the opposition parties to affect a change. Some of them do not have any confidence with the opposition parties.

3. There is a group of indians who were of the so-called “pro-winner mentality”. They would only vote for the the winners. They do not believe in the power of checks and balances and they would never support a party that stands no chance to take over the government. So long as the opposition were not united as one and all out to challenge the existing government, these group of voters would not vote for the opposition.

4. Some Indians have become fairly successful as professionals and businessmen. Some of them have even joined MIC and thus enjoying some vested interests as its leaders and supporters. They believe in keeping the present status quo to safeguard their own intertest. They have traditionally become the hardcore supporters of MIC/ BN. 

We have many indicators to believe that some 90% of the Indian voters have supported MIC and BN in the 2004 General Elections. This shows that there is now a swing of 10% in Indian votes if the claim made by Samy Vellu was accurate and true.

Let us work on the identified factors and try to change the mentality of the Indian voters in general. We must work out a winning formula for our Indian brothers and sisters to see. We must demonstrate to them that if the opposition wins and take over the government, we will cerainly be able to help changing the lives of every Indian in the country.

(In Selangor, for instance, should we take over the power, we will appoint an Indian as one of the deputy MB, working alongside closely with a Chinese deputy MB and a Malay deputy MB.  And a  special social and economic program to help the Indian community will also be implemented.)

80% of Ijok Indian voters supported BN
May 2, 07 3:49pm Malaysiakini 
MIC President S Samy Vellu today said that almost 80 percent of the Indian voters in Ijok had supported the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition in last week’s by-election.However he indicated that the percentage could have been higher if all eligible Indian voters had registered themselves as voters.At present there are 3,369 eligible Indian voters in Ijok and Samy Vellu said there were many more who weren’t registered.In some cases, he said, a single house had as many as four or five unregistered voters.

To overcome this, the party has set a national committee to spearhead a voter registration campaign.

According to Bernama, the committee would be headed by one of the party’s three vice-presidents.

“We want every eligible Indian to be registered as a voter to face the next general election,” Samy Vellu was quoted by Bernama today.

“The Indian votes are very crucial for the Barisan Nasional as evident from the Ijok by-election,” he said.

The Works Minister also said that more than 4,000 MIC branches had been given a month to submit to the party headquarters the list of eligible but unregistered voters nationwide.

“The MIC headquarters will then assist the Election Commission to register them,” he said.

The party branches have also been instructed to make house-to-house visits to identify the new voters.

The party president also said that MIC branches had been told to identify voters who had changed their house addresses so that they could be traced during an election.

In the Ijok by-election, MIC retained the state seat when its candidate K Parthiban defeated Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Khalid Ibrahim by a majority of 1,850 votes.

Partiban, 38, polled in 5,884 votes and Khalid, 61, garnered 4,034.

The by-election was held following the sudden death of K Sivalingam on April 4.

Changing mentality

Sivalingam was also a Selangor state exco and his death has created a vacancy for the party to fill up in the state cabinet. Sivalingam’s portfolio was Unity and Plantation Workers.

Relating to this, Samy Vellu was quoted in another Bernama report as saying that he had proposed a name to the post.

“I have made my proposal in a letter to Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo and it is up to him to decide and announce the name,” he was quoted as saying.

He also said that the Ijok by-election has taught a lesson to the party that all MIC elected representatives and divisional and branch leaders must go down to the ground to serve the people well.

“We need to change our mentality in serving society,” he added.

“All MIC division leaders would have to submit to me their reports on what they have done for their respective areas.”

Voters in Ijok had expressed their dissatisfaction with Sivalingam, stating that he had not brought any progress to this tiny constituency.

Ijok: complete results


5 Responses to “Ijok: 80% of Indian voters supported MIC/BN”

  1. Libra Says:

    Many estate Indians are illiterates. Others have very little education. The thugs, lorry drivers, attendants and odd job workers are mostly diehard MIC supporters as they think being an Indian you need to support an Indian party. Simple thinking.
    Amazing, because they have been completely left behind in economy, employment, education, housing and equity ownership.
    He who knows not, and knows not he knows not, he is a MIC supporter.

  2. KSTAN Says:

    I once knew a friend from Goa, India who once told me that, “it takes an Indian to bring down an Indian.” Maybe that’s why our Tan Sri lost in the bi-election … hahaha … but anyway I think it’s up to the Indians in the opposition teams to find a way to reach out and try to convince their people to vote for the opposition. But then again how many Indian politicians from the DAP & PKR actually do go out of thier way and make a sincere out-reach to their fellow men in the slums, in the estates, in the shanty urban areas and etc …??? No, they’re more interested in playing the high profile lawyer role or the articulate philsopher who’s role is just to sit and make intellectual critiques of the govt of the day without once offering a comprehansive remedy plan to help ease the escalating social ills and poverty in the Indian community.

    So the opposotion shouldn’t go around blaming the poor and lowly educated Indians when the opposition itself hardly lifts it’s own fingers to help and aid the Indian community. You have yourselves to blame!

  3. sampalee Says:

    The promise by opposition to improve indian can ONLY happen if they form the government[at least at the state level]Why should the indian even listen to dao if dao cannot even explain how they are going to share power in the state.There are two ways to secure this.One option is to join bn,the other is for dap to work openly with pas to topple the present bn in certain key state where this is more than possible.If dap opt to co-operate behind the scene instead of openly,what sort of govt can derieved from such loose arrangement.The voter are better of status quo and let bn continue as they have a platform for a government,even if it is a damn lousy one.It is high time dap leader wake-up and not behave like small boys,looking for the voters to help themto get a few seat and not fuuly prepared to resolve the long suffering problems of the rakyat.It is not malaysian first,but rather dap first,with a few selfish mp lording over their selfish agenda

  4. vt Says:

    SEMI did well, ONG KAH TING is screwed big time……… hahahahaha

    MCA = Malay Calls ’em ANJING

    Dog party, u’re finish!

  5. vt Says:

    Hey Ronnie, first photo way cool, did he have his toupee on backwards? or is it a camera trick?


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