Bad news for our Indian brothers and sisters

“Indians will always vote BN”; ” MIC remains united”; ” No reasons to sack Samy”… all these headlines appeared in Malaysiakini and other newspapers were bad news to the Indian community.

It means Samy will not step down as yet after holding his ministership for more than 26 years; it means MIC remains strong but the community it claims to represent will remain poor, marginalised and neglected just like before; it means Indian temples will continue to be destroyed without any justification and Tamil schools will continue to be neglected without sufficient government aids; it also means that the BN as a whole needs not lift its finger to help the Indian community because ” MIC still enjoys the support of the Indians even if the community was neglected and marginalised”; it simply means that there’s no HOPE  for the Indian community in this country.

I have been told many times that “Samy is semi God to many Indians”.  Yes, he does dishing out some hard cash (everyday?) in the famous brown envelopes for those who managed to see him in his house or  office; but is that all he could do as the President of MIC and a Minister?

So, when will our Indian brothers and sisters wake up to the fact that Samy is actually ‘piggy-back ‘ on the support and trust of the Indian community to enrich himself?


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