Book on May 13 were selling like hot cakes!

 All 1,000 copies of the controversial book on May 13 by Dr Kua Kia Soong were sold out within two days! The publisher told me that the new prints can only be out next week. Meanwhile, DPM Najib has openly said that no one should touch on the sad episode in our history anymore. He has forgotten that it was people like him who time and again use the ugly incident to threaten the Malaysian voters in every general elections! BTW, Najib’s father was regarded by the Late Tunku Abdul Rahman as the No.1 culprit that capitalised on the bloody incident to topple him.


4 Responses to “Book on May 13 were selling like hot cakes!”

  1. JT Yeo Says:

    Hi Sir, I think whoever has a copy of the book should scan a copy of it in PDF and post it online here It may sound like piracy but the Gov would probably ban it before long; and more importantly the international community should know about what had happened in this country.

  2. vt Says:

    Echo to JT YEO………… just post it to as many site as possible, possibly even to P2P.

  3. pamelaoda Says:

    Dear Ronnie

    Do you know where could i buy one copy of this book please? I agreed with JT Yeo, because I was born after 513 and I couldnt get any information about this event anyway. People who knew it cant give me accurate answers so i really hope that now we have a chance, we should let as many ppl know as possible!

  4. Sagaladoola Says:

    This is the information that I get from another place:
    “You can get the book at the following: –

    1. Direct from Gerakbudaya (distributor). Tel: 03-7957 8342. Add: 11, Lorong 11/4E, Petaling Jaya. It’s near University Hospital and Grand City restaurant.

    2. Direct from Suaram (publisher). Tel: 03-7784 3525. Add: 433A (first floor), Jalan 5/46, Gasing Indah, Petaling Jaya. It’s opposite the Petronas petrol station.

    3. Via Internet at and Kinibooks need credit card information.

    4. It should also be available sometime next week in all ‘fine’ bookshops near you

    I got mine at Suaram office yesterday.”


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