May 13 books confiscated by the authority

The authority confiscated some 10 copies of the book on May 13 by Dr Kua at the MPH bookstore in Midvalley yesterday, claiming that the book may be banned under the 1984 Printing & Publication Act. This is an abuse of power and the action of the authority must be condemned.

Ministry seizes controversial May 13 book
May 15, 07 8:56pm


The Internal Security Ministry confiscated 10 copies a controversial book with new claims on the May 13 racial riots from a major bookstore in the Midvalley shopping centre today.

According to the publishers of ‘May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969′, a team of ministry officers visited the MPH bookstore this afternoon.

The officers advised the popular bookstore not to sell the book as it may be banned.

According to a letter issued by the ministry officers to the bookstore, the books were confiscated from the shelves for suspicion of being an “undesirable publication” based on Section 7 of the Printing Press and Publications Act 1984.

The act empowers the minister to ban any publication which is “prejudicial to or likely to be prejudicial to public order, morality, security, the relationship with any foreign country or government, or which is likely to alarm public opinion”.

The book is penned by academic Dr Kua Kia Soong as a result of a three-month research at the Public Records Office in London to study records and declassified documents on the May 13, 1969 communal riots.

Based on official correspondences and intelligence reports by British officers, Kua argued that the riots were not random acts of communal violence but a coup d’etat attempt by a faction within Umno.

He asserts that the coup attempt against then premier Tunku Abdul Rahman was also backed by the police and army with the intention of forging a new Malay agenda.

Kua said official records show was evidence that portrayal of the event in history books were heavily distorted, which blamed the riots on opposition parties “infiltrated by communist insurgents”.

Senators want book banned

Official figures said the May 13 riots claimed 196 lives, 180 were wounded by firearms and 259 by other weapons, 9,143 persons were arrested out of whom 5,561 were charged in court, 6,000 persons rendered homeless, at least 211 vehicles and 753 buildings were destroyed or damaged.

Following this, Malaysian government embarked on an affirmative action policy, the New Economic Policy, to uplift the economic standards of the Malays, which objectives have been kept in place up to today.

Yesterday in the Dewan Negara, three senators have called for the book to be banned.

In response, Deputy Internal Security Minister Fu Ah Kiow today said that the ministry would study the contents of the book and take action soon, according to the evening edition of China Press today.

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■日期/May 15, 2007   ■时间/09:46:32 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview记者
【本刊记者撰述】国内安全部今天派出一组官员到吉隆坡谷中城(Midvalley)的MPH书局充公新纪元学院院长、人权工作者柯嘉逊的新著《513 – 1969年暴动之解密文件》(May 13 – Declassified Documents on the Malaysia Riots of 1969),并向该书局发出公函,劝告他们勿公开摆卖本书。根据《当今大马》报道,国安部发给MPH书局的公函宣称,该部扣押柯嘉逊的新著,是因为该书被怀疑是一本可能会在1984年印刷机与出版法令第七条款下被查禁的书籍。




本书前天在吉隆坡举行新书发表会,作者柯嘉逊呼吁我国政府成立独立的“还原513事件真相”委员会,展开公开听证会收集目击者的口供和看法,还原这个历史事迹的真相。【点击:513事件是推翻东姑政变 学者促政府还原历史真相】




与此同时,副国安部长胡亚桥今天在上议院总结感谢最高元首施政御词时透露,国安部将尽快研究《513 – 1969年暴动之解密文件》的内容,并采取适当行动。


巫统党籍的上议员赛阿里阿巴斯(Syed Ali Syed Abbas)和莎丽法阿兹莎(Sharifah Azizah)昨天在上议院放话要政府查禁《513 – 1969年暴动之解密文件》及对付作者柯嘉逊。【点击:批柯嘉逊新著不符官方说法 上议员要政府查禁对付作者】

至本文截稿时,《独立新闻在线》仍无法联络上《513 – 1969年暴动之解密文件》的总代理文运企业的负责人。

点击购买《513 – 1969年暴动之解密文件》


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    Hi all, this is not true apparently. Here is the posting on Elizabeth Wong blog

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