Ijok: IGP and EC Chairman owe us an explanation

This is the second letter from James. The first letter he sent to all the mainstream English papers was not published until today.

Ijok 2                                                                         

17th May 2007

Dear Sir,

Re: Ijok

My letter to you dated 20th April 2007 was unanswered.

The BN group of about 3, 000 people were the first to march towards the Nomination Centre. This group assembled on the main road facing the side of the NC. About 30 minutes later the PKR congregation started marching along the SAME route towards the NC. Common sense will tell anyone that the PKR party will meet the BN team HEAD ON! To make matters worst a VIP convoy with police outriders wanted to get through the crowd! I repeat.WHY DID THE POLICE ALLOWED THAT?

The PKR group equal in numbers, wanted to walk through the BLOCKED main road, which was BLOCKED by BN supporters intentionally or unintentionally. The PKR group wanted to walk through and to turn right into the open field, away from the main road but next to the NC. The BN felt that the PKR were pushing them away. The PKR felt that BN was blocking their right-of-way! Tempers flared! PKR members slipped through individually. Some folded up their huge banners to walk through but reopen them when they reached their destination. The PKR candidate can only reached the NC at 8.35am, 25 minutes before closing time. There were no incidents. Shortly after that I heard a BN officer asking the BN supporters to proceed like the PKR group but to assemble away from the PKR group. Common sense will tell anyone again that the BN team will meet the PKR team HEAD ON AGAIN at the side road. They were later separated. Again there were no incidents. The  FRU came after that. The fracas took place after the announcement of the nominated candidates. WHY DID THE POLICE ALLOWED THE SECOND HEAD ON? So who is responsible for the fracas?

Both sides traded verbal insults. Both sides indulged in “extreme provocation”. These were all expected. We don’t expect them to kiss each other. Even in a friendly football match one can expect verbal insults. There was a lack of police security until the FRU came. The other opposite end of the main road was not utilized. It was a weekday. The small town  at the middle of the route in between was having its usual business. Cars and lorries from this town going out were caught in the jam. The  police  prevented  vehicles  from  going  in. But they were unable to control the vehicles from the town from  going out. Vehicles coming from the other opposite end of the  road  worsen the situation.


Ijok, Selangor compared to Machap, Malacca. 

Ijok was disorganized. There was early shortage of police. Machap by election by the police was well organized. In Machap the BN group did not meet the DAP group head on.They march in from opposite ends of the road toward the NC.  One small mistake was that there was a detached house full of a BN component group in full uniform along the DAP route. When the DAP group marched back after the nomination they met head on with this BN group.The situation was already heated up earlier at the NC.

The whole world knows about this by election. How come the FRU came late? Where are all the policemen during the early morning? So please stop blaming the political parties.All these problems are made by humans.

There was no coordination between the Election Commission and the Infrastructure Authorities.The moment the EC announced the date of the by election in Ijok, both parties compete with each other to start their business and development in perspective. The coastal highway is already a congested road during normal times.  It is the main artery serving the western coastal corridor. So the road resurfacing, changing of street lamp posts, installation of traffic lights began simultaneously and synchronizingly. The VIPs move about swiftly, to and fro with their police riders gesticulating to the unmovable traffic on both sides of the narrow road “not to move”. Normally it takes one hour to go to Ijok from PJ. During the run up to the by election it takes me 2 hours 20 minutes.


Any citizen can make a “citizen arrest” if one were to suspect that somebody is breaking the law. But the citizen cannot take the law into their own hands. The “suspect” must be handed over to the police immediately. The police will then make a decision to charge, arrest, detain or whatsoever the police thinks fit in accordance with the law.

The police has the right to exclude any body from interfering in an alleged wrong doing if the police thinks that he is of no help to them.

 Yours truly

JAMES BOND              


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