Congratulations to PAS!

The opening ceremony of the PAS new national headquarters at Jalan Raja Laut Kuala Lumpur will be held at 2.45pm today. Syabas dan Tahniah!

PAS’ new corporate-style headquarters
May 21, 07 11:48am Malaysiakini

Islamic opposition party PAS has sought to put a face of modernity to its image by setting up office in a corporate-style building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
The spanking new six-storey headquarters, which once served as the office of a RHB Bank branch, was undergoing its final stages of renovation when malaysiakini paid a visit earlier last week.

The new headquarters is a far cry from the party’s old office in Gombak’s Taman Melewar – a complex of buildings which include a hall that can accommodate 1,000 people.

The new building has a conference room with a capacity of no more than 250 people. For bigger meetings, the party will have to look elsewhere.

But what the new building lacks, it makes up with location – it is situated right in the city centre and only a few blocks away from arch-rival Umno’s 42-storey tower block.

The president’s office on the fourth floor has a sweeping view of the city including the Umno headquarters.

Party leaders took pains to hire an interior designer, who ensured that all the different floors are colour coordinated – for example, the PAS Youth’s office has dark blue carpeting, while the Muslimat (the women’s wing) spots a dash of purple and deep maroon.

Even the chairs and blinds are specially designed.

What’s the cost?

Asked about the cost of the building, PAS treasurer Dr Hatta Ramli was a little evasive. “Including the renovations, it would range between seven or eight million ringgit.”

Hatta, who gave malaysiakini a sneak preview of the building, revealed that there were concerns regarding the new headquarters being situated too near the Lorong Haji Taib red-light district, long known to be a hang-out of transvestites.

But it was decided that PAS members can do out-reach work in the area. “We can help clean up the area,” said Hatta.


3 Responses to “Congratulations to PAS!”

  1. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Hadi: New HQ location not a problem
    Ooi Kelly – Malaysiakini
    May 21, 07 8:10pm

    PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has denied that the party has opened itself to criticism in the forthcoming general election over the location of its new headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

    At a press conference this afternoon following the official opening of the building in Jalan Raja Laut, he said the Islamic opposition party would be able to defend its decision.

    The building is near the Lorong Haji Taib red-light district.

    Spiritual advisor Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had obviously anticipated the issue, for he addressed it in his speech during the inauguration ceremony.

    Addressing some 100 people, he said it was “not a problem that the building is situated in an area without a high concentration of Malays”.

    “PAS opened this building for people to get to know the party and Islam,” he explained.

    Among those present were the DAP’s Ronnie Liu and Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Anwar Ibrahim and leaders Azmin Ali, Tian Chua and Shamsul Iskandar.

    During the 20-minute press conference, Nik Abdul Aziz expressed hope that more Chinese would become leaders in PAS in future.

    “According to Islamic history, the religious scripts are not written by Arabs and in terms of leadership, Arabs seldom ruled. The ones who led are Indians, Spanish, Turks and others,” he said.

    “When the Chinese embrace Islam, they are prepared to learn and are able to better understand the religion compared to Malays who are Muslim by birth.”

    Asked to comment if the pay rise just announced for civil servants amounts to an election sweetener, he replied: “He (premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has done this so near the elections, therefore there are (such) allegations.”

    Party chief Abdul Hadi Awang said the PAS assembly on June 1-3 in Kota Baru expects to improve the rapport between professionals and ulama.

    He also said the party is prepared for the general election, but would not be drawn into speculating on the timing – “Ask the PM” was all he would say.

  2. HarakahDaily Says:

    Tulisan yang baik dan pengajaran yang bermakna 🙂

  3. HarakahDaily Says:

    Blog yg akan subcribe rss anda

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