About salary increment for 1.02 million civil servants

Do you think the quantum of salary and allowance increase for the 1.02 million civil servants reasonable, too low or too high?

Before answering my question, please take note of what an expert on human resource has told me this afternoon. He told me that the lowest ranking government servants are getting less than RM500 a month. So, the increment of 35% for this group is around RM175 per month. Plus the 100% increase on COLA, that’s another RM150. This pay rise(about RM 325) will be ‘nullified’ by the prices increase of flour, milk powder, water, electricity, transport cost, toll and petrol hikes in no time.

Should our brothers and sisters in the civil service  vote for the BN coalition in the coming general elections because of this increment? A friend of mine (who’s a civil servant) told me that  he wil still vote for the Opposition because the increment was long overdue, and the money does not come from the BN leaders personal pockets but from the taxpayers. He also said that the increment at this point of time is tantamount to blatantly buying votes and such move was an insult to the intelligence and integrity of  the civil servants.  After all, the quantum of increment is no big deal if you factor in inflation. He also remarked that this is not the first time Najib made a ‘stupid’ comment ( Najib openly said that the increment was not an election goodies). He reminded me that it was Najib who made the silly ‘change our lifestyle’ remark at the time of fuel hikes,  and ‘drink less teh tarik‘ at the time of shortage of sugar.

Up to 35% pay hike for civil servants
May 21, 07 2:22pm Malaysiakini 
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced a hefty pay rise for civil servants which observers view as a strong indicator of a general election being around the corner.Effective July 1, Abdullah said government servants will get a pay raise of between 7.5% and 35%.The cost of living allowance, or Cola, will also be increased by 100%.

Meanwhile, members of the police and the armed forces will receive 20% over and above the announced increase in pay.

Abdullah’s announcement at a Workers Day gathering in Putrajaya drew a huge round of applause from those present.

He was later given a standing ovation and the crowd chanted ‘Hidup Pak Lah‘ (Long Live Pak Lah).

On the whole, the premier said the pay rise will amount to RM3.4 billion for this year or an additional expenditure of RM6.8 billion a year.

Whereas the increase in Cola will involve an additional expenditure of RM600 million for this year and RM6.8 billion annually.

Careful decision

Abdullah said the main factor behind the government’s decision for the pay hike was the strong GDP growth over the past five years at a rate of 5.6 percent a year.

The second factor, he added, was the need to attract and retain qualified and motivated personnel in the public sector.

The third factor is the increase in the cost of living due to global oil prices which is impacting the lower income group, he said, adding that the fourth factor is the capabilities of the government’s finances.

“In deciding on the pay rise, the government is careful on its impact on the country’s financial situation. Any pay increase will also involve pension and other allowances.

“In view of this, the quantum of increase was decided carefully. The government has successfully reduced the its expenditure deficit from 5.3% in 2003 to 3.5% last year and this good fiscal management will continue,” he said.

Not election goodies

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at the same function told reporters the hikes were not calculated to raise spirits ahead of an expected early general election.

Malaysia must hold a general election by early 2009, but a poll is expected by the end of this year or in early 2008.

“It does contribute a feel-good factor. Civil servants will welcome any form of increment,” independent political analyst Khoo Kay Peng told AFP.

“But at the end of the day, there will still be some people who can barely make ends meet given their low salary base,” he added.

Mohammad Agus Yusoff, head of political science at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, said the salary hike was long overdue but added changes would not be enough of a sweetener ahead of an election.

“The cost of living has gone up. It’s a logical thing for the government to do … but they cannot rely on these sorts of goodies that they give.


5 Responses to “About salary increment for 1.02 million civil servants”

  1. vt Says:

    How much pay rise is AAB, Najib, Samy, Ka Ting and Su koon getting?

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

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  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    fact sheet
    Total : 1,002,040 civil servants (police force 99,000, armed forces 150,000)
    Retired civil servants : 557,033
    COLA incresed by 100%:
    Zone A (Urban): from RM150 to RM300
    Zone B (Semi-urban): from RM100 to RM200
    Zone C (Rural): from RM50 to RM100
    budget: about RM1.2 billion per year
    pay rise from 1 July 2007 for all civil servants
    grades 1 to 16 : 319,336
    grades 17 to 40: 434,899
    management and professional (grades 41 to 54) : 246,202
    Top management: 1,603
    police and armed forces: increased by 9% to 42%
    other civil servants: increased by 7.5% to 35%

  4. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:


    ■日期/May 22, 2007 ■时间/07:29:40 pm
    ■新闻/家国风云 ■作者/merdekareview记者



















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