KeADILan Vs Umno

Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR) will be holding its national congress and election in Seremban from Friday to Sunday this week. The party’s 1,800 delegates will elect its President and 20 supreme council members to lead the party as well as facing the coming general elections.

Time and again, those who were critical about PKR have said that this is a party for Anwar Ibrahim. Nothing more, nothing less. And that was said at the time Anwar was still in jail. And what would they say now that Anwar is running for the presidency and very likely to be elected (unless sabotaged by the Registrar of Societies)?

We would know better what PKR would lead to after Anwar has taken over the party leadership from Wan Azizah.

Before that, let’s examine what Anwar has been saying in terms of national policies, versus Umno.

PKR under Anwar  Vs Umno under Abdullah

Multi-racialism Vs Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy)

No to NEP   Vs Yes to NEP (New Economic Policy)

Freedom of Religion Vs Islam supremacy in the name of Islam ‘Hadhari’

Multi-culturalism Vs Dominance of Malay culture

Promote mother tongue education Vs  Suppress mother tongue education

Freedom of Information Vs Control of Information

I for one believe that Umno is corrupt to the core and ‘condemned beyond repair’. No one should harbour any hope to change Umno from within or without. It’s time to dump Umno into the South China Sea, the sooner the better.

I hope the summary above would help bloggers to understand why KPR deserves the support of all Malaysians. 

We hope PKR will grow from strength to strength under the stewardship of Anwar Ibrahim.


9 Responses to “KeADILan Vs Umno”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Good news.There IS a way to kill the evil umno for good.The limitation is that it is the ONLY way and there is no other choices.Here is the realisable solution.It is for dap and pas to work as ONE,then nobody can stop the destruction of umno.The few people who are deprieving the long suffering malaysian voters are worse than umno.They cling to their small benefit and ALLOW the whole nation to wallow in misery.Almost all the nation’s tragedy are caused by umno and its group of lackeys in bn.Can the few leaders in pas and dap standby ans see the destruction of this country,just because they have a difference of opinion.Is their opinion so lofty that they allow the nation to be destryed by umno and in the end their opinions will also be consumed by umno.Never have so many helpless malaysian depend on a few opposition leaders to make available the wonder elixir that will destry the poison of umno and return the nation to health.

  2. recovering, ronnie & malaysiakini at Says:

    […] article (on Umno & its relationship to BN again). Quick shoutout to Ronnie Liu, who makes a similar argument, and always has nice things to say about us – appreciate it, […]

  3. ProArte Says:

    What are the differences with PKR which keeps you apart and makes DAP admire PKR from a distance?

  4. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    dear proarte,

    dap is a multiracial party and was founded on pluralism by great people like dr chen man hin.but how about the perception of the people in general? it’s a chinese chauvinist party.why? thanks to the poisoning process over the last 40 years by umno and the media controlled by them.
    as a result, dap has very little chance of getting malay support.

    pkr is a new multiracial party. the party enjoys good support from the malays, especially the middle class. it’s not easy for them to get chinese support because it has no proven record like dap. but they can reach out to the malays easily and one day, if the party persists, will even get support from other communities.

    pas is another party with great credibility among the rural malays. the party can reach out to the rural malays more effectively than both dap and pkr.

    if these three parties fight in separate ways,they are going no where. umno and its partners will rule malaysia forever by default.

    as a dap member, i know pkr is keen to work with dap. that will give malaysians some hope.

    i can go on and on but let call it a night for now.

    take care, ronnie

  5. Red Says:

    Corrections: PKR v Umno

    Ketuanan Melayu multiracialism v Ketuanan Melayu

    Reconstructed NEP v Old NEP

    Religious freedom under Islam v Islam Hadhari supremacy

    Malay multiculturalism v Malay culture dominance

    Malaysia mother tongue v Mother tongue

    Freedom of limited information v Control of information

    Anymore, Ronnie? Get a life.

  6. muhibbah Says:

    There is not enough political clout in the opposition front right now. PKR is a one man party whereby DAP is a party with very little cohesion among members despite having common ideology. PAS is mystical.

    The opposition front needs to merge and all parties need to lose some in order to gain more for a new future for true Malaysians. There many more GE to go should you lose but the fighting spirit will still be there for future GE.

    This could be the new political awakening for all Malaysians.

    Remember, lose some to gain more! It’s the time now to check on PKR and PAS sincerity, otherwise DAP should just ride along on their own………and picking up the crumbs and continue to be a feeble voice in Parliament.

    I’m just viewing the scenario from a different perspective.

  7. KSTAN Says:

    PKR though a mosquito party has lot of potential. But with the recent fiascos, dramas and internal fighting within the party, I wonder how mature is PKR? Has PKR grown from strength to strength or is PKR really a step nearer to its grave? Outsiders would assume a small or petite political organisation like PKR would have less problems in asserting and garnering unity as compared to bigger political party such as UMNO/BN. If PKR can’t even unite within itself, how is it possible for Anwar/PKR to breach the gap between PAS & DAP and have full co-corporation amongst the trio? What a joke!

    In my opinion, the people in general have been very supportive of PKR especially the Chinese community. NGOs and activist alike have rendered support to PKR in the recent by election in Ijok. People like Raja Petra takes a step further and is organising a live web-cast of the coming congress. So PKR cannot say that people are not giving them a chance or not supporting them. The ball is in PKR’s court shape up or ship out! Stop all the nonsense and grow up! All eyes will be on the coming congress and most ordinary voters will place a huge consideration on what is said and done in the congress when casting their votes in the next GE.

  8. Arifabdull Says:

    u r so good for ur much credit on PKR, but we know isn’t in reality.

    u r rite KSTAN.

  9. Whatever-lah Says:

    DAP wants support from the malays?I repeat, the malays?

    Before that, let me having a laugh first.

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…ahakk ahak (cough cough)

    don’t making jokelah my dear friends
    almost 99% of the malays view DAP as their enemy
    they rather vote for MCA or GERAKAN candidates rather than voting DAP’s
    this is the fact, so just accept it-lah my dear friends

    sorry, bad english

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