KJ attacked Tony Pua and DAP

LATEST!!! TP has challeged  KJ for a public debate on next Wednesday at the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall . Would he man enuf to do it or again  ‘chicken out’ like before (on the issue of Merdeka history)? Keep your fingers crossed.


Two years ago, Khairy Jamaluddin attacked me and the DAP over an article I wrote on the history of Merdeka (The real fighters of Merdeka).The attack over the media (plus three police reports lodged against me)lasted for about two weeks. The whole thing cooled down because he did not accept an open debate from me. 

He’s now ‘at it’ again. The ‘victim’ this time is Tony Pua. Too bad. This guy from Oxford was being literal; he does not seems to understand what is ‘figure of speech’…

From Malaysiakini…

Utusan Malaysiareported that Umno Youth Khairy Jamaluddin had called on DAP leader Tony Pua to apologise for saying that the civil service is the dumping ground for unemployed Malays. Pua’s comment was reported in malaysiakini yesterday. He said that the statement is an insult to the country’s one million civil servants.

And this was the article in Malaysiakini that ‘upset’ KJ…

Civil service getting too fat
May 22, 07 5:44pm
The substantial pay hike for government servants, the first of such increases since 1992, has underscored another major problem – our bloated civil service.“The civil service has been expanding rapidly since the 1990s and the growth accelerated under the current prime minister,” said opposition politician Tony Pua, who welcomed the long-overdue pay rise which was announced yesterday.“In 1990, the federal government had 773,997 employees; by the year 2000, there were 894,788 on the payroll, a significant increase of 15.6%.“However, since then, the civil service employment has accelerated by another 210,000 personnel, marking a 23.5% increase over the past six years alone,” said Pua, who is DAP economic advisor.According to Pua, one of the key objectives under the privatisation programmes launched by the then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad was to reduce the civil service numbers to just above 500,000.“Hence, it could be verily argued that the privatisation exercise by the government was a failure in maintaining a lean and efficient government for the civil service is today more than double its intended size.”Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced yesterday that all civil servants and security forces will get a pay rise of between 7.5% and 42%. Meanwhile, the cost of living allowance has been increased by 100%.As a result of the pay hike, which will take effect on July 1, the government will have to allocate an additional RM8 billion in its budget beginning next year.Pua said the government will also have to find RM4 billion for the pay increase for the second half of this year as this was not previously budgeted.This raises questions if the targeted deficit of 3.4% of GDP for 2007 can be achieved, said Pua.

“The RM8 billion increase also marks a permanent 7.1% increase on the government’s annual operating expenditure.”

Trim the service

Pua blamed the government’s failure to trim the civil service on the policy of making the “civil service the dumping ground for the politically sensitive constituency of unemployed Malay graduates”.

Last year, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has urged government agencies to speed up the recruitment of graduates to fill some 30,000 vacancies in the civil service.

Pua called on the government to take the “painful but very important step” of slashing the civil service sector into a leaner and more efficient “machine”.

“The increase in pay will be a waste of public funds, if the move is not accompanied by a corresponding increase in civil service productivity.”

Meanwhile, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng lamented that despite the hefty 35% increase, the lowest basic salary in the civil service is RM649, which is still below the poverty line of RM691 per month.

Lim suggested that the minimal basic wage for civil servants and pensions be fixed at above RM700 instead.

“The salary of the highest-ranked civil servant in Malaysia is 19.5 times more than his or her lowest-ranked colleague – amongst the worst in the world.

“Salaries of the lower levels must be increased dramatically if the government wants to bridge the salary differential to make it fairer and more equal to civil servants.”

After reading the article, one would understand that his target was the Abdullah’s administration and not the civil service. What DAP was saying is clear and simple: the civil service is getting too ‘fat’. Here again, we were not saying that the civil servants are ‘fat’. But then again, this guy from Oxford may not have an Oxford Dictionary.

Meanwhile, the most famous SIL of our land  is under attack by his own party comrade from Rembau, Negri Sembilan.

(Also from Malaysiakini…)

Quit Rembau Umno Youth, Khairy told
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
May 24, 07 5:14pm
Khairy Jamaluddin is being urged to step down as Negeri Sembilan’s Rembau Umno Youth division chief for allegedly caving into pressure from ‘outsiders’.According to Rembau exco member Azman Mat Shah, Khairy failed to stand up for his division’s choice of delegates to the party’s upcoming annual general meeting (AGM).He alleged that Khairy, who is also Umno Youth deputy chief, acquiesced to pressure from Abdul Ghani Hassan – the brother of Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan.Abdul Ghani had allegedly over-ridden the Rembau Umno Youth division’s choice of delegates to the AGM which was made on May 13.In their place, he added, Abdul Ghani had ‘appointed’ his own preferred delegates.Azman said instead of upholding the independence of the Umno Youth wing and challenging the interference, Khairy had purportedly given his backing to Abdul Ghani.“If Khairy cannot uphold our independence from outsiders (to the wing) such as Abdul Ghani, how can we expect him to stand up to opposition parties or challenges from foreign powers?” he said when contacted.

“In such a case, Khairy is not qualified to lead even this division of Rembau,” he added.

Abdul Ghani responds

Contacted later, Abdul Ghani dismissed the allegations.

“Allegations are allegations, which anybody can make. There is no interference. No such thing. We’re all Umno members,” he said when contacted.

“I’ve known Azman for some time now. Let’s just say that all’s not quite right with that boy,” he added without elaborating.

Khairy, who is also Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s son-in-law, could not be reached for comments.

Meanwhile, Azman said following Khairy’s failure to respond to numerous attempts to talk to him on the matter, the Seliau Youth branch – which Azman heads – has drafted a resolution calling for Khairy to step down.

He said the resolution will be presented to Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussien on Monday.

According to Azman, two other Youth branches in Rembau will be making identical resolutions and submitting them soon to the movement’s leadership.

Aware of the risks

Questioning Khairy’s standing and authority, Azman said he had not earned his stripes to throw his weight around in such a manner.

“There is no benchmark that Khairy has set in Rembau that he can boast of. The only thing he has done is his efforts for the Halal Hub industry.

“He may be the prime minister’s son-in-law and the deputy chief of the movement, but that doesn’t mean he can do this. Umno Youth is not for the son or son-in-law of anyone to treat the movement as he sees fit,” he added.

Azman said he is aware of the risks involved in openly criticising Khairy.

“If this causes my political death, so be it. But it has to be said that we are disappointed in the way he has cast us aside.

“There are many more issues we have with Khairy but we will raise these later when the time is right,” he added.

Tomorrow, Tony will hold a press conference together with DAP Sec-Gen Lim Guan Eng on the matter. Watch this blog for further development.


16 Responses to “KJ attacked Tony Pua and DAP”

  1. vt Says:

    Good photo of SIL by Utusan, see that arrogant face?

  2. supersagi Says:

    Is that KJ really from OXFORD ah? What arrogant face? Ask the fortune teller, he’ll tell you thats the look of a crook and 2-headed snake head. Thats the problem when a kampung boy try to behave like an Oxford boy … he only have a SIL dictionary mah ……… thousand apologies

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    May be even word like arrogant is insufficient to describe such a character. He is dangerous. He dares to use his power and money to to do anything as long as he thinks that such move could help him to become more powerful and make more money.

  4. KSTAN Says:

    So the battle of the Oxford grads have begun ……. which will be the better/superior Oxford grad? hahaha ……. my money is on Tony Pua of course. 🙂

    Tony does not owe any appology to KJ or anyone else. If KJ wants an appology from Tony, then we all should also demand an appology from KJ when he made several racist remarks during the previous UMNO assembly meeting. There is a saying that one should not condemn the other when there is a speck of saw dust in his eyes when a bloody plank is sticking out of yours’ …….

  5. KSTAN Says:

    From http://www.umno-reform.com/

    GEMPAR ! Khairy Jamaluudin digesa letak jawatan Pemuda Bahagian

    Kami baru sahaja menerima satu maklumat bahawa Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO di Rembau telah mengusulkan supaya Khairy Jamaluddin meletak jawatan sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Rembau.

    Dimaklumkan kepada kami Azman Mat Shah, AJK Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Rembau telah membuat gesaan tersebut kerana terdapat campur tangan Datuk Abdul Ghani Hassan, adik kepada MB dalam pemilihan wakil G2 setelah keputusan Mesyuarat yang di hadiri sendiri oleh Khairy Jamaluddin di buat.

    Khairy Jamaluddin dalam isu campur tangan ini telah mengambil sikap tidak mempertahankan keputusan Mesyuarat sebaliknya bersikap akur kepada Datuk Ghani dan ini dianggap membelakangkan kahli Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO.

    Turut dimaklumkan lagi terdapat dua lagi cawangan dari Rembau yang akan membuat resolusi menggesa Khairy Jamaluddin meletak jawatan kerana isu campur tangan Datuk Ghani dan kerana prinsip membelakangkan keputusan yang telah dibuat bersama. Kami akan membuat ulasan lanjut.

  6. sampalee Says:

    The plank in one’s eye is ALWAYS first party.That is,if Tony is speaking,then the plank is in his eye.What the bible meant is one must removes the plank in one’s eye,before one can assist in removing the dust from another’s eye.If Tony does not know what truth it,what can he convey to KJ.Both will be struggeling in the rubbish heaps of tmber,plank and sawdust.Secularism have kill the wisdom to be found in all religion.What a sad day.

  7. KSTAN Says:


    What I meant was the person with the plank who started the racist remarks is none other than KJ …….. Tony’s statement was taken out of context, he was just questioning why are there more civil servants when the privatisation projects which are meant to lessen govt’s work force and increase the work force in the private sector. But KJ takes it as a racist remark as most civil servants are Malays. That is why KJ is demanding an appology. But if he wants an appology, he should say sorry to all of us for all his racist remarks and his monkey-like behaviour displayed in the previous UMNO general assembly.

  8. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Pua challenges Khairy to a debate
    Ooi Kelly
    May 25, 07 3:23pm

    Name the time and place…

    These were the words of DAP leader Tony Pua to his fellow Oxford graduate Khairy Jamaluddin after issuing a challenge to him for a public debate on the civil service issue.

    Although the duo, in their early 30s, both graduated in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the same prestigious university, they have ended up on opposite sides of the political fence.

    Yesterday, Khairy – who is also Umno Youth deputy chief – lambasted Pua and demanded an apology from him for saying that the civil service had become a ‘dumping ground’ for unemployed Malay graduates.

    At a press conference in Petaling Jaya this morning, Pua, a self-made millionaire, once again ruled out the possibility of tendering an apology. He wanted a debate instead.

    “Instead of asking the party and myself for an apology, Khairy should do away with emotive arguments as well as semantics and focus on the issues at hand,” he said.

    Pua, who is the economic advisor to DAP secretary- general Lim Guan Eng, said the debate could be held at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall next Wednesday at 8pm.

    Or it could be held at any time or place of Khairy’s choosing, he stressed.

    “We will make time for him. There is no point in making statements in the press, nitpicking on certain points that I raised based on facts and not focusing on the issues at hand,” he added.

    Khairy, who is also the son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, had described Pua’s remark as “inconsiderate and insulting.”

    Three issues

    Meanwhile, Pua said the debate should focus on three issues:

    How to prevent our education system from churning out graduates who are unable to gain employment despite the large number of advertised vacancies in the market.

    How to improve our civil service delivery system to substantially increase the satisfaction of the people and the successful completion of government projects.

    How to streamline a bloated civil service, disproportionate to the size of the Malaysian population to reduce tremendous economic burden of the government.
    Pua also claimed that his earlier statement had been misconstrued by the media.

    He acknowledged saying that the civil service had become a ‘dumping ground’ for unemployed Malay graduates but denied stating that the civil service was totally made up of unemployed Malays.

    “I have no intention to make such claims,” he stressed.

    He claimed that the racial issue came into the picture because of the harsh response from several quarters to his statement.

    Pua’s remarks had also drawn flak from Cuepacs president Omar Osman who accused the DAP leader of “belittling the Malays.”

  9. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    166,659 vacancies in ‘bloated’ civil service
    Soon Li Tsin-Malaysiakini
    May 25, 07 11:50am

    A report in the Public Services Department website revealed that a total of 166,659 vacancies available since June last year have yet to be filled.

    The report entitled, ‘Information on positions and vacancies in public sector’, prepared by the Organisational Development Division, revealed that there were 1,142,783 civil servants in total.

    When the vacancies are filled, the total civil service strength will stand at 1,366,079.

    The Defence Ministry has the highest number of vacancies – a whopping 53,389.

    From the report, only 117,973 positions out of 171,362 were filled in the ministry helmed by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    The Education Ministry and Health Ministry are next with 47,109 and 29,503 vacancies respectively.

    Meanwhile, Federal Territories Ministry, which is the smallest ministry, had the least vacancies followed by the Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry and the International Trade and Industry Ministry.

    The largest ministry is the Education Ministry with 448,319 positions.

    The report defines the public sector as to include the armed forces, judicial services, public services, police, federal and state authorities and education services.

    76.4 percent of the positions are under the federal state followed by statutory bodies (both federal and state), state and local authorities.

    The report also revealed that there was a 299, 673 or 21.9 percent increase of civil service positions from 1990 to June 2006.

    The ratio of the country’s civil service to the population is proportionately higher than other countries at 4.68 per cent.

    Pay hike on July 1

    This ratio comparatively doubles that of our neighbours as reported in Oriental Daily which showed Thailand’s ratio was 2.06%, Indonesia (1.79%) and Philippines (1.81%) in 2000.

    These figures prompted opposition politician Tony Pua to criticise the government for its failure to reduce the size of the civil service.

    “(It) could be verily argued that the privatisation exercise by the government was a failure in maintaining a lean and efficient government for the civil service is today more than double its intended size.”

    “The increase in pay will be a waste of public funds, if the move is not accompanied by a corresponding increase in civil service productivity,” he was quoted as saying.

    The size of the civil service has recently come under scrutiny after Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced a hefty pay rise for civil servants.

    Effective July 1, Abdullah said government servants will get a pay raise of between 7.5 percent and 42 percent.

    The cost of living allowance, or Cola, will also be increased by 100 percent while members of the police and the armed forces will receive 20 percent over and above the announced increase in pay.

  10. muhibbah Says:

    Way to go Tony, a chance for you to appear on National papers. Free publicity, how nice! Sock it to that power crazy fool!

  11. Jim Says:

    Guys, read this :-

    What A Contrast In Leadership!
    M.Bakri Musa

    It is the mark of great leaders that they are able to read their followers well, and then to inspire them by appealing to their better side. Raja Nazrin Shah, the Raja Muda of Perak, is not yet a sultan, yet he has excelled on both counts.

    His recent royal wedding to Zara Salim Davidson was elegant in its simplicity, and dignified by its moderation. Simplicity and moderation did not make the ceremony any less regal; on the contrary, they enhanced it. We were, for instance, thankfully spared the all too-common debasing of our fine cultural tradition of the mas kahwin and wang hantaran (dowries) into a crass exchange of cold cash.

    In a culture where the elite has difficulty differentiating between the public treasury and private coffer, the prince’s declining to accept public funding for his wedding is unprecedented.

    The fact that he is receiving widespread praises and adulations reflects the underlying silent disgust Malaysians have for the rampant and obscenely ostentatious displays of wealth that is fast becoming the norm among our elite. Only our Malaysian politeness prevents the citizens from expressing their loathing for such vulgar displays and the assault on our collective sensibilities. Unfortunately, our leaders mistake that to be tacit approval, if not explicit encouragement. How wrong can they be!

    A few months earlier, the Crown Prince gave a speech where he passionately declared, “Malaysians of all races, religions, and geographic locations need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have a place under the Malaysian sun.” He was specifically addressing young Malaysians, but his speech inspired all. It was without doubt the most widely quoted address. That was remarkable. It was as if Malaysians were yearning for their leaders to say something sensible, and at last they found one who did.

    In style, tone and words, his speech was a refreshing contrast to the usual screaming, race taunting, and keris-wielding antics of those who have pretensions to be our next leaders. While Raja Nazrin appeals to the finer qualities of our fellow citizens, these other leaders derive their strength by instigating their followers’ sinister side. Raja Muda’s speech touched our hearts; these other leaders’ rhetoric chilled our spines.

    Hereditary and Political Leaders
    The merit of democracy is that we get to choose our leaders, in contrast to a monarchy where the leadership in inherited. With the choice and competition of democracy we should expect better quality leaders. Yet in the person of Raja Nazrin we have a hereditary leader who is way above our elected political leaders.

    We could not attribute the difference to education. At the risk of flattering UMNO Youth leaders like Hishamuddin and Khairy Jamaluddin by comparing them to the Raja Muda, consider this. The pair attended top British universities, as did Raja Nazrin. Khairy, for example, went to Oxford and came back to marry the prime minister’s daughter in lavish multiple ceremonies that dragged on for days. There was nothing modest or simple about that wedding. Raja Nazrin too was Oxford educated, but he opted for a modest uncomplicated ceremony, and asked that donations be given to charity in lieu of extravagant tributes and bodek advertisements in the media.

    Nor could we explain the difference to their upbringing or breeding. Hishamuddin is the scion of a distinguished political family. His grandfather, Datuk Onn Jaafar, was ahead of his generation in seeking integration among the races and the creation of a pluralistic vibrant Malaysian nation. Onn resigned from UMNO’s Presidency over this very issue. Hishamuddin’s father, Hussein Onn, was noted for his integrity and intolerance of corruption. Despite intense opposition and at a considerable cost to his popularity, Hussein refused to block the prosecution for corruption of a popular senior UMNO figure. Unfortunately, none of these sterling qualities filtered down to Hishamuddin.

    Demonstrating Good And Upright Leadership
    In his speech, the Raja Muda emphasized that “good and upright leadership must be demonstrated.” He was echoing the qadharat hassanah leadership through personal example of our Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w.
    When the Raja Muda declared that he wanted a modest ceremony, he meant it. He politely declined public funds and asked that the money be expended on the poor instead. The royal wedding guests included students and orphans. In so doing, he inspired others to do the same.

    All too often our leaders are good only at spouting trite phrases. “Work with me, not for me!” is an oft-repeated quote of Prime Minster Abdullah. Yet when the citizens were in dire need, as during the massive Johore flood, he saw no need to cancel his scheduled overseas vacation. He asked Malaysians to be frugal yet would not hesitate in buying a luxurious corporate jet at public expense for his use. Never mind that no other Commonwealth Prime Minister has such a privilege. He compares himself to the Saudi King and the United States President. The humility and modesty of a modern Imam!

    When the Raja Muda said that political, social and economic incentives must reward good behavior and penalize bad, I wished our Prime Minister would listen. Consider Klang Town Council member Zakaria Mat Deros and “Close One Eye” Melaka MP Muhammad Said. Far from being punished, they are being rewarded, and rewarded handsomely. That sends precisely the wrong message, and undercuts the Prime Minister’s very message (and campaign promise) of public integrity.

    Encouraging the Raja Nazrins and Discouraging the Hishamuddins
    The challenge for Malaysians is how to encourage the Raja Nazrins and dissuade the Hishamuddins among our leaders. Picking our leaders based on their political or familial pedigree is not reliable, as demonstrated by Hishamuddin. Sending future leaders to august universities like Oxford is no guarantee either. As with Khairy, that would only feed their over-inflated ego and sense of competence.

    Instead, what we should do is heed the advice of Raja Nazrin, that is, reward our leaders when they do good, and penalize them severely when they stray. Our ultimate weapon as citizens in a democratic society is to grant or deny them our approval at election times. Elections however come once every four or five years, and the election weapon is a crude one: approve or reject. There is no subtlety.

    There is much that we can do in between elections to voice disapproval of our leaders. The obvious is of course to let these leaders know when they do something we disapprove. With the democratizing effect of the Internet, any citizen can now have a potentially powerful megaphone to reach as wide an audience as possible. The worse that we could do is to justify their stupidities or be their apologists. That would only encourage them. If we do nothing but remain silent on the sidelines, our leaders would eagerly interpret that as approval. They would then continue to act with impunity and become, in the word of my kampong folks, tak sedar ekor (lit. not knowing where his tail is; fig. get carried away). Alternatively, when they do something worthy of our approval, we should be generous in our praises.

    I read a deeper meaning to the Raja Muda’s refusal to accept public funding for his wedding. He is a genuine prince, and his marriage is the product of true love. Like us, he knows that the flattering public displays of devotions and tributes in those effusive newspaper advertisements are phony. There was nothing generous in the Mentri Besar offering money that is not his to the prince. Unlike our political leaders, The Raja Muda intuitively knew that the path to the citizens’ hearts is not to have them spend money on him but for him to spend money on the citizens.

    As Raja Nazrin Shah and Zara Salim Davidson begin their life together, I join millions of others in wishing them many years of blissful marriage. May they bring happiness to each other, and may Allah shower His Mercy and Blessings upon them. May their example of charity, grace and moderation rub off on all of us leaders and followers alike.

  12. Jim Says:

    I got an ichy feeling that KJ is trying to grab as much power and money as possible in UMNO before his father in law steps down as PM in the distant future as without ABB as PM who is KJ anyway…

  13. V T Says:

    SIL not from Oxford but Ox-tail, that’s just slightly above the Ars*hole.

    cheap skate one this budak, if he’s worth his salt, he’ll sock Samy, he’d sock one eye and dung2, 1:20 civil servant to population and can’t even do things right; faults from the start and improper maintenance till collapse, bocoh mouth to malu Malaysian.

    SIL, we all know that when TDM mentioned something about you being in fouth floor, you hid your tail between your legs and came out from that building soooo fast, Even TDM is having a field day with kampong boy like you.

    Wise up man, this is not your arena, hell, just get out and back to where ever it is you came from and spend the remains of your day just being a village labourer, or perharps, go back to Ox-tail take a lesson on humiliation, mayhap you’d be a better fuhrer….. err, sorry I meant father.

  14. Inspirational Wedding Speeches And Toasts Says:

    Inspirational Wedding Speeches And Toasts

    Inspirational Wedding Speeches And Toasts

  15. damian Says:

    The truth is painful & some cannot even face the facts of life….

    As long as the Malay’s mindset is fix that UMNO is their one & only saviour,
    & UMNO playing on racial trump-card by shouting empty slogans, there can be no progess, It takes both hands to clapped & both will be losers.

    By now they should know that this is a globalised world & M’sia needs foreign investment to keep up with the growing population, which needs more jobs. and these jobs require people with the right talent, skills,
    knowledge & working ethics.

    So are we going in this direction? Instead we’re going in the opposite
    direction, we quarrel with the Western investors, we refuse to sign
    free-trade agreements, pick fights with US & EU….even the Arabs
    packed-up their bags & left Port Klang & yet the government is
    doing NOTHING to address all these shortfalls.

    Are the people in the government So Stupid & blind & so complacent,
    & this KJ guy,supposedly educated in Oxford, I’ve not heard one single intelligent word from his mouth on how to improve the economy.

    Is this the future leaders of M’sia, then the country is signing its own
    death warrant, slowly commiting economic suicide. What I cannot understand is how MCA, MIC,Gerakan, can be so ‘spineless’ as not to voice out their concern. Of course, which only just shows why they are there in the first place, being YES-man, another word for this, PUPPETs

    The only hope is M’sian citizens, whoever you are, please think rationally
    what good is to have your own ‘kind’ up there when you know he’s
    ruining the country, it just don’t make sense. You are shooting yourself
    in your foot….the problem is I feel your pain

  16. mini clubman Says:

    mini clubman…

    […]KJ attacked Tony Pua and DAP « Colour-blind[…]…

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