PKR Youth congress completed without incident

Apart from the four hours delay, PKR Youth congress went on smoothly without any incident. Political observers are watching the congress very closely and many of them feel that the under current was orchestrated by outside forces together with certain elements within the party. If you ask me, I would say some of them who have chosen to leave PKR at this juncture was actually a ‘blessing in disguise’ for the 8-year-old party.

The contest for the PKR Youth leadership was so intense that the result would not be out until Saturday morning. We hope Angkatan Muda Keadilan could sail through this difficult time with greater commitment, perseverance and unity. 

On the other hand, the Registrar of Society has rejected Anwar’s application for political right to hold party position. This new development has inevitably quashed a rumour which was circulated in the streets for some time(whereby Anwar will certainly get the green-light to contest because he has an understanding with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi).

For a long time, BN leaders and detractors of Anwar have been saying that the reason for Anwar not holding any significant position in PKR was simply because he still harbours hopes to rejoin Umno. Now that Anwar has chosen to contest for a seat against all odds ( to the extent of ignoring the law that bars him from contesting) , he has demonstrated that  he has chosen PKR as the only political platform for him.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media (even Internet portals like Malaysiakini was not spared) continue to discredit Anwar and his party. I believe Anwar and PKR as a whole will be strong enough to overcome all hurdles, and to emerge stronger and more united.


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  1. nat Says:

    just wanted to say thanks for all the steadfast support ronnie, we really do appreciate it.. 🙂

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