Haris has got a good idea…

Save the Constitution: No 2/3 Majority for BN

 Haris Ibrahim

This is no longer an option.

It is imperative that the government be denied another 2/3 majority in Parliament, if we are to put a stop to any further destruction of the Constitution and to have any hope, at some time in the future, of restoring the Constitution to what it was before.

In the last general election, 219 Parliamentary seats were at stake. BN took 199 (90.87%). Opposition won 19 seats and 1 seat was won by an independent candidate.

Not accounting for increased Parliamentary seats arising from a redelineation exercise, if the government is to be denied a 2/3 majority in Parliament after the next elections, Opposition and Independent candidates would need to secure 74 seats.

The Parliamentary seats that did not go to BN after the 2004 elections were:

Pendang (PAS)

Tumpat (PAS)

Pengkalan Chepa (PAS)

Pasir Mas (PAS)

Rantau Panjang (PAS)

Kubang Krian (PAS)

Bagan (DAP)

Permatang Pauh (Keadilan)

Bukit Mertajam (DAP)

Bukit Gelugor (DAP)

Tanjong (DAP)

Ipoh Timur (DAP)

Ipoh Barat (DAP)

Batu Gajah (DAP)

Kepong (DAP)

Bukit Bintang (DAP)

Seputeh (DAP)

Cheras (DAP)

Bandar Kuching (DAP)

Sandakan (Independent)

These 20 seats must be retained by the Opposition after the next election. The last thing we need to see happen at the next election is BN making inroads in any of these 20 non-BN seats.

If we are serious about denying the government a 2/3 majority after the next election, my sense is that we cannot leave this to the Opposition parties alone.

We, the voters, whose rights under the Constitution are being imperilled by the very persons entrusted to protect them, must act.

I would therefore like to initiate a ‘Keep our MP’ effort in these 20 constituencies.

If readers who are registered in any of the 20 constituencies mentioned above want to get together to work to ‘Keep our MP’, please send an e-mail to thepeoplesparliament@gmail.com

Even if the 20 seats mentioned above are retained by Opposition, that would still leave us short of 54 to deny the government a 2/3 majority.

How do we, the voters, even begin to try to wrest 54 seats from BN?

My thoughts on this in the next post.

Meanwhile, all ideas are welcome.


5 Responses to “Haris has got a good idea…”

  1. Eric Chong Says:

    Man (incldg woman) must learn to take responsibility for his own action in making a decision of which political party to vote.When the party who he had voted had failed or does not met his expectation of the all the people (including the minority interest), he would be failing in his responsibility to the country if does not use his vote wisely to rectify the situation.The voter must realise the future of the country must be determined above racial,religion and self and narrow interest.The BN machinery is a very powerful machine powered by a huge army of well paid workers, government media and facilities at its disposal.The roar of BN machinery is definitely a frightening one to the less well-organised opposition. The strategy to meet head on the BN machinery will only lead to defeat in military sense.
    Therefore it will be more advantage that opposition to be ” invisible”, that’s right no banners or flyers for it is a waste of money and the savings can be used to recruit more workers for the election but that the opposition should not be silent at all, but instead should meet the voters one to one to conveys its struggles.
    This is likened to a conventional army fighting an invisible enemies.The voters will have the feeling of total absence of the opposition because they cannot “see” and ” feel” the presense of the opposition.Under this strategy, the voters will finally realise the contribution made by the opposition in the past and physiocally this will help the voters to see the opposition in its true perspective.We need to change our battle strategy to win the next general election

  2. sampalee Says:

    2/3rd parliamentary seats is not a wise move as there is no incentive for opposition to enhance their bond.Rather it is far better to secure power in one third of the total 13 states.This work out to be four or five states government.The goal is feasible and serve as power base to finally control majority in parliament.The coming GE can secure the opposition the following states
    1]Kelantan under the leadership of pas
    2]Trenggannu under leadership of pas
    3]Selangao under Keadilan leadership
    4]Penang being headed by dap
    5]Possibly kedah or pahang lead by pas
    The control of states is critical as it means controlling the local concil which affect the daily lives of opposition supporters,where articulation in parliament means nothing to them.
    Now it is no longer bn that betray the people,but rather the opposition esp pas and dap that somehow are reluctant to work with each others and the parties heavily infiltrated by bn moles to ensure they stay seperate.

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    yauhui is right. state power for certain states to me are at ‘striking distance’ if all the opposition parties strategise and work together. the rakyat are fed up with the tyranny, arrogance and inefficiency of the bn government.
    YB Chong Eng has rightly pointed out that if you find your doctor is not good, change the doctor. If the lawyer you have engaged was not good enuf, change your lawyer. likewise, if your state government is not good, change the state govt.
    Selangor goes to keadilan, penang goes to dap pas retains kelantan and wrest back terengganu. that will be an ideal scenario.
    sincerely hope that all opposition parties put their differences aside and work for the interest of the rakyat. nothing is impossible. what more it’s for the rakyat.

  4. Reclaim PJ seats!!! « Crime Free For PJ Says:

    […] May 28th, 2007 Haris has got a good idea… […]

  5. la li Says:

    i would like to sugesst: dap to take over selangor, perak and penang keadilan to take over melaka, negeri sembilan and johor while pas take over kelantan, terengganu, pahang, kedah and perlis.. last week when i attend ceramah pas at terengganu the pas wakil have mentioned that even without co-operate this time between dap-pas but pas will maintain a good relationship inter state election especially in the area with 30-40% malay bases… they also say that if dap can accerpt hukum hudud as the law of this country to replace british useless law they even willing to cease out islamic state.. look at hukum hudud as a law not religion purposes.. the crime getting from bad to very worse, the stupid khairy keep on created chaos among races, keep on selling the country property to othes and the country witout control at all from his father in law.. lats spread the news to the rakyat kept on ceramah and listen to rakyat suffering…. to tony pua from pas terengganu don’t say sorry to khairy cause that little chicken are useless.. don’t because his and utusan friend keep attack you make you scare to make statement for the rakyat…to ronnie please guide tony to wrestle pj utara from chew mei fun

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