Dinner: Reclaim PJ Parliamentary and State seats

Congratulations to the PJ Action Team for the successful dinner held in Sg Way (Seri Setia) a while ago.

Sec Gen Lim Guan Eng and deputy sec gen Chong Eng came all the way from Bukit Mertajam and Kota Melaka respectively to give the potential candidates in PJ their greatest support.

Other speakers tonight include Lau Weng San (PJ Action Team Chairman), Ean Yong Hian Wah (Selangor state chairman), Liew Ching Tong ( DAPSY leader), Thomas Goh ( PJ Action Team Treasurer), Tony Pua ( Economic Advisor to Sec Gen DAP), Rama ( Chairman of Kg Tun Razak ).

In my speech, I criticised the MCA local elected reps for not helping the residents and villagers. I also explained what has happened to my OSA case ( no fruther development) and the compensation I won from the case against the former IGP some six months ago was still not paid to me.

I did an opinion poll on the spot and to our delight, majority of the supporters said Yes to opposition cooperation; only 3 persons said No. I have no time to ask them why but I did use the opportunity to explain why we should get the opposition parties to work together.

In my speech, I explained why DAP leaders believe that the coming GE will fall in November this year ( NOV 25, to be more precise) or latest by March 2008. 

I also expressed my deep regret that the voters who lived in Jalan 4 and Jalan 18, Sg Way were fooled by Chew Mei Fun and Dr Wong Sai Hau in the 2004 GE. They were promised land titles immediately after the GE but guess what, their homes were all demolished by the authority in 2006. Both Chew and Wong did not even give it a fight. Not only that, they even failed to get the rightful compensation for many of them: No monthly rental subsidy of RM120 per family. No transport/ moving cost subsidy. No homes for second family…

But it’s too late for the residents who have trusted Chew and Wong. Chew has even gotten a promotion after the 2004 GE. There’s nothing the villagers can do except for voting against the two in the coming general elections.

Other speaker touched on issues such as mother tongue education, quality of tertiary education, freedom of religion, the importance of voters registration, rampant corruption and abuse of powers, increasing crime rates in PJ and Selangor, the restructuring of police force to fight crimes, the reasons for strengthening the DAP and other opposition parties, the NEP and income divide, the sexist Umno MPs ( we played the video clips of the relevant Parliamentary seating) and what should we expect  from a state assemblyman and Member of Parliament.

Everyone in the audience agrees with DAP speakers that Malaysia is not a better place to live after Abdullah has taken over from Dr Mahathir. We were all greatly disappoineted with the performance of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


17 Responses to “Dinner: Reclaim PJ Parliamentary and State seats”

  1. KSTAN Says:

    PJ have become a haphazard, chaotic and disorganised town/city. Due to poor township planning and excessive development, many reserve lands were cleared for developing high-rise apartments, condos and housing areas. The roads in PJ often times are unable to handle such heavy traffic and hence the heavy flow of traffic jams in PJ during office hours and after office hours – just take a look at LDP! Parking spaces seems to be a very valuable commodity in PJ nowadays. The current crime spree in PJ is getting from bad to worse. Dilapidated roads and other public facilities doesn’t seem to bother our MCA reps of PJ. It is time for the good people of PJ to send a clear and strong signal that we have enough of MCA and we will change this via the ballot box in the next GE! The people of Sg. Way must now wise up and realise that MCA is truly a political party that solely upholds capitalism and doesn’t give two- hoods about the people’s welfare. If we want responsible representatives of both state and parliament to advocate not only about the nation’s economy but also about the people’s welfare, the environment and etc; please give your votes to the opposition! Let’s talk to our family members, neighbours, friends and relatives who are living in PJ about the daily woes we face, be it the ridiculous heavy traffic jams on our roads, broken down public facilities, crime, pollution and etc. Let us try to convince our PJ brethren to vote for the opposition. THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!

  2. sampalee Says:

    In spite of the willingness of dap leaders to bring justice and fairness to the pj folks,their promises will remain empty promises,if they cannot even secure power to bring about the NEEDED change at local council level which affect almost every one.Without sizable support from the malays dap could even be history and to exhort to support a dying party is giving FALSE hope[munafiq]and highly subversive to the rakyat’s interest.Can you imagine Islam and hindu faith if Arjuna and Prophat Muhammad have lost their respective great battle.Without securing the authority to bring about change,all recthoric are nothing,but noises from empty vessels.To all opposition leaders,stop your selfish propaganda about the need of ‘fire alarm’when the incidence and ferocity of runaway fire kept incfreasing and will soon consumed the whole country.By then tell the people how good you alarm,sound in the midst of ashes and the whole nation in flame.No point hawking a shield[refuge]which the umno spear can easily penetrate.Without the misguided feel save,the people can at least run or take up fight in another fashion,instead of the so call democratic process.All process is only useful when it work the proper way.The water that quench thirst can also flood and destry properties.Dap leaders must think of malaysian first and not about score sheet[which means party first and the malaysians a far second]Dap have to wor5k with pas and not fear the sacrifice ,if that is what it take to save the nation.

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    i thank kstan and sampalee for the great responses.hope other bloggers can also respond with comments.
    take care, ronnie

  4. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    if opposition can work together to overthrow bn in selangor, we can then bring about changes directly and effectively to pj and the rest in selangor. any comment on this possibility?

  5. jbhlee Says:

    I believe DAP has been very vocal in their views on various national issues. But time and again only issues such as mother tongue education and religion gets the highlight. This makes DAP unappealing to the Malays. Even in Chinese majority areas, DAP still needs a sizeable non Chinese votes. How can you do this? Last election I have attended talks by various DAP candidate, unfortunately I am unimpress with them apart from yourself and Teng Chang Khim. The rest probably due to their age (they were too inexperience) to do anything for the other races. I hope you get my drift. If DAP can recruit Malay members, it can actually translate into votes but how many Malay members do you have? I really think that in order for the opposition to win, DAP has to give up some seats to PKR (sorry for saying this). If there are seats like the composition in Ijok, I think PKR stands a better chance of winning unless the DAP candidate has a very good reputation in the market!!

  6. KSTAN Says:


    Apart from YB Teng, YB Ng of Sekinchan is also a good wakil rakyat. He has good relationship with PAS as Sekinchan area is surrounded by Malay majority seats and Khir Toyo’s seat being just next to his, YB Ng have got good co-operation from PAS up there to counter the forces of UMNO and Khir Toyo. He may seem to have a lack of good public speaking skills and may not be one of the many brighter and more articulate DAP members like Tony and Teng, but you can see that he is very sincere in what he does in his line of duty for the folks of Sekinchan. I hope we will retain the seat in the next GE.


    There are currently 58 ADUN seats in S’gor if I’m not mistaken. If each opposition party can secure 10 state seats, then the opposition parties can form the next state govt with the majority of 1 seat. If you think DAP can win at least 10 seats and if you can get confirmation from Tan Sri Khalid & Dato’ Dr. Hassan Ali that they can each win 10 seats, then we can discuss who is going to be the next MB, and exco members etc, otherwise no point talking about the idea of a Barisan Rakyat Selangor. I think Penang have a better chance for the opposition to form the next govt, but yet it may not happen in the next GE but the GE after next.

  7. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    there are 56 state seats in selangor. dap, pkr and other opposition parties must win 29 seats to ke over from bn. it’s a tall order but nothing is impossible if the opposition could cooperate and the rakyat in selangor want it.

  8. jbhlee Says:


    It’s not just entirely up to the rakyat. If political parties just line up any Ah Too and Ah Kow, don’t expect the rakyat will vote them in. Sometimes just because that person happen to be a State DAP exco member, they think we owe them a place as candidates. get personalities like Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi (if possible), Nallakarupan (since he just left PKR)…they will draw the crowd. Some of the current Selangor Stae DAP line-up just don’t measure up. I am just an observer and a true DAP supporter……

  9. muhibbah Says:

    I remembered my learned friend, KSTAN speaks highly on Chew Mei Fun but looks like it’s a different tune on MCA today. Chew Mei Fun has done nothing to create an impact on our minds that she is protecting the non-bumi rights.

    All she knows is trying t o get hitched with all those social functions like dancing and cupids party organized by using public funds. Look at the road conditions in her area. Just mentioned Damansara Chinese School will bring a shiver to her spine. She continues to be belittled by UMNO.

    DAP should target her in the next GE. She was given a chance but she blew it! Time to vote her out. Send her a strong message that she is spending too much time in her comfort zone.

    The next target will be this Bukit Lanjan lady. She better watch out, her seat is going too! Seems like she has also fallen into the comfort zone.

  10. muhibbah Says:

    Try to send an email to any MCA representative and you will never get a reply from them. Show me a blog from MCA representative, I’ll show you a stalk of rose without thorns!

    I have learned my lesson voting for MCA, it’s never too late to switch. I prefer to give my vote to PAS or PKR eventhough DAP is not available in my constituency.

    So much for Malaysians Cannot Accept (M.C.A.). Adios Amigo!

  11. KSTAN Says:


    When YB Chew won her FIRST election (1999) of the seat of PJU, she did do some work. I give her credit for that! But after the elections of 2004, YB Chew is suddenly MIA (missing in action). She didn’t care about the SOS committee, never responded to people’s woes about bad roads and other public facilities, she failed to properly respond about the recent crime rates in PJ and insulted the people by telling them to go live in a gated community in Aman Suria where she is currently residing if we are too worried about the crime rates in PJ. She was again MIA and kept silent when the two UMNO YBs stated about the “BOCOR” thing. These are just some of the many issues that I’m very dissatisfied with her.

    It is because she won with a very high margin in the last GE and she very well knows that she holds the popularity votes due to her frequent appearences in social functions; she has become very cocky and she thinks she can win in the next GE with very little difficulties. That is why I’ve been calling on for all PJ folks to help and support our very own Ronnie Liew and the DAP to sweep the state and parliament seats of PJU in the coming GE. I’ve been very consistent in what I’ve been saying all this while.

    I like your new acronym for MCA! – MALAYSIANS CANNOT ACCEPT!

  12. jbhlee Says:


    For Ronnie to win in PJU, a lot more work has to be done to change the mindset of the residents there. Ronnie has to start gathering a group of friends to infiltrate those fence sitters. Not many people have access to internet, still the old fashion way of distributing leaflets is most effective. First be selective how/who the leaflets should be given. Work smart because resources for DAP is scarce. Any DAP candidates should start being visible..doesn’t matter how they do it…whether sitting around in coffee shops, attending social functions, etc…just show your face. Once they recognise a familiar face…it nakes a task much simpler. In Subang Jaya…we don’t even know who will be DAP’s candidate. That’s not the way to win an election.

  13. muhibbah Says:

    Yes KSTAN, I agree that Ronnie needs good strategist for him to be noticed. He has to create this awareness in his chosen constituency but the problem is he doen’t even know where he will be sent by DAP’s Lim Family!

    Ronnie is getting to be irrelevant in DAP! A hard worker but with no collective support coming from the Lims. Bulldozing will lead him no where. He is like spraying pepper here and there!

    He needs a good PR team to uplift his image from a street fighter to a legislator. Most importantly, he needs a team of strategist to hit those who Malaysians Cannot Accept (M.C.A.).

    Ronnie, KSTAN is all yours!

  14. muhibbah Says:

    Oops! I mean jbhlee is all yours!

    Anyway, for those who posted comments in your blog are also the people who are most concerned for your political venture!

    To jbhlee and KSTAN, walk the talk?

  15. KSTAN Says:


    First and foremost I’m not associated with any political party and I don’t think I will ever join one. Secondly I’m not a socialist democrat but I’m more of a “liberal egalitarian.” Pls don’t mix that up with PGRM’s egalitarian. The egalitarian that is prescribed by Gerakkan is false egalitarianism. As an ordinary citizen, I just want better representation for my constituency. At this point of juncture I’m even prepared to render my vote to PAS if it is the only sole candidate for PJU in the next GE. That is how displeased I am towards MCA/BN. But as an ordinary citizen I can’t do much but to only take the personal approach to my friends, co-workers, family members and neighbours to lobby for the opposition in hopes they will also do the same and words will spread from one to the other which may help promote the opposition. Leaflets are good but it cannot replace the personal touch and that is why it is essentially vital for the DAP PJ ACTION TEAM to go from house to house not just to shake hands but to really talk to the people and hear their woes and to correct any misconceptions they have about the opposition. Tan Sri Khalid went from house to house in IJOK but he just shook hands most of the time. That was a dead mistake! You must talk to them, take some census where possible and articulate intelligently. There is actually an art for home-to-home visitation for politicans 101.

  16. muhibbah Says:

    Hello KSTAN

    It’s like seeing my own image in the mirror.

    Spread the word around…”Malaysian Cannot Accept (MCA) in PJU for the next GE!”

    Good day to you!

  17. jbhlee Says:


    I will help the DAP candidate in Subang Jaya whoever he may be. But I think it was wrong assumption that the Lim Family did not support Ronnie. Infact it was the selangor delegates themselves that shut out Ronnie as well as Teng Chang Khim. DAP gave Ronnie a very important portfolio. It is within DAP themselves that do not appreciate candidates that can fight for the rakyat.

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