Voice of a concerned group: Be careful of BN

This is a letter emailed to DAP leaders yeasterday by a group of concerned Malaysians. I have taken the liberty to edit the letter to make it more readable. Happy reading!

Dear all,

Be careful of BN (Barisan Nasional) in this coming election, 

BN = Barang Naik  but income stays the same ?

Voice of rakyat Malaysia

      We are regretted to bring up our concern which have been kept in the
heart of Malaysian people where some of the Malaysians do not know how to
voice up or dare not highlight their problems which might be causing
trouble to themselves when commenting the faults of our government.

  Our government seems to be governing the country without listening to the voices of the rakyat.How Malaysians would survived under these leaders?

  Malaysian government leaders are great pretenders and blood suckers; they have cut the throat of the people by increasing the prices of everything. They were doing it without taking the negative impact to the people into consideration.

  The fuel price worldwide had gone down,and those countries like Singapore, China,Hong  Kong so on have reduced their fuel prices accordingly,but our government still pretending that nothing has happened. 

  The toll rates keep increasing every three years and some of the places like Prai, Penang
suddenly added toll booths to collect toll from the people. 

  The price increase has triggered an inflation. How are we going to survive? It will create more crimes when the people have no money.

  Most of the companies are at dying state with less earnings,and our factories were just working for 3 days a week because of no purchase order from the overseas and local markets.

  People have low earnings and poor buying power. Cash flow was slow and buinesses are under pressure, but how could the government continue to claim that the domestic economy is doing very well? 

  The n minister is bullshiting by giving false information and data. we are now lagging behind many ASEAN countries. 

  We are all suffering now ! If we still do not open our eyes, what is going to happen? ?Although we are
always a BN supporter,but it looks like we must change direction to BA now. We continue to support BN but we will ended up with more violence and criminal acts like robbing and stealing. Please do not blame  the police alone because the government should be responsible. Adding more policemen will not solve the problem.

  The ‘rasuah” and “close one eye” culture still exist in most of the government departments; for  example, ZAKARIA  has escaped. Nothing has happened to him.

  Recently, we sent our company vehicles to PUSPAKOM for inspection, but every time we must bribe to get a pass.; otherwise,they would make all sorts of excuses , such as paint no good,cushion no good …which were not related to the safety of the vehicles at all. There was once our company vehicle got a pass from the Puspakom but one of the wheels was actually damaged seriously and may cause accident. What is the use PUSPAKOM? The ministers are  still sleeping. Please close down Puspakom!

  Dear fellow Malaysian, please cast your vote carefully this time. BN will only bring more problems to Malaysians, making the country more insecure and chaotic. 

  Unless BN is willing to listen and change the way they governed the country,we should not be supporting BN anymore.

  Before our government is getting more rotten,we need to take a stand for the sake of our future generations. 

  Once again, please be careful to cast your vote. We are not asking for more trouble by voting out BN. Continue support for an “unchangeble” BN only works against our interest. 

Peace upon all Malaysians.

Voice from a group of Malaysian people.


10 Responses to “Voice of a concerned group: Be careful of BN”

  1. V T Says:

    Aiyo, what’s new, so easy to predict the Malaysian economy under this shitty regime………

    next year after election, all increase, what has not increase this year will happen next year.

    we will once more look back at 2007, that economy is more bearable than 2008, come 2009, 2008 is wtill better than 2009……..

    Nono bumi living patterns will be taxed serverely, such as booze for the chinese and Indians………

    stock market will koyak……..

    so, what is new anymore? we should be blaming you “Voice from a group of Malaysian people.” for putting BN in power for so long, you screwed us all, you’re being short sighted and self center.

  2. crosstalk Says:

    Kerismuddin refused to meet the representative of DongJiaoJong because the latter(according to Kerismuddin) had set preconditions and not being sincere .Please read tonight’s Sin Chew for Dr.Yeh Sin Tien’s rebuttal.This idiotic kerismuddin is arrogant and also a super hypocrite.His deputy the ‘Hon’ is equally bodoh and incapable.After so many years,they are still dragging their feet in solving the various problems faced by ‘Hua Xiao’.

  3. V T Says:

    Dear Crosstalk,

    I was just wondering when this issue with Kerismuddin will be point out, In yesterday’s China Press, I realised that after Keris in puddin made that sneer at dong jiao zhong, Dog party had a small column column to glorify their pathetic struggle for Chinese education, after claims of achievements for Chinese schools were made by keris in Puddding, the point is that BN has never done anything for Dong Jiao Zhong, and will never, remember when TDM had a row with the su chiu? UMNO youth ask the Chinese to “BALIK TONG SAN”?

    Recently our Education ministry tries to exemplifies a number of Du Zhong as model schools, this is just a sign of the impending election that is drawing near, BN has confidence that dog party will suffer defeats and has to try to give compassionate statements to calm the Chinese sentiments; brush aside all of these razzmataz and the only question that we should ask the government is, IF YOU WANT TO SHOW GOODWILL TO THE CHINESE EDUCATION SYSTEM, RECOGNIZE DU ZHONG’S CERTIFICATE, DO NOT TRY TO AVOIDE THE ISSUE!

    As for dog party, for the last 50 years, Du Zhong’s certification still remains un recognized by the gomen, and the joke that UTAR is also not recognized…………………. so DO NOT lie further, just admit that you’re powerless against your master.

    dog party, do the honourable, just go die!

  4. muhibbah Says:

    Malaysian. Cannot. Accept. (MCA) because M.C.A. cannot accept our feedbacks and confront United Malays Notorious Organisation (U.M.N.O.)

    To those who have chosen BN previously, do not despair. Wait for the next GE, vote for the Opposition no matter who they put there. Even a monkey is better than BN’s morons. So don’t hesitate to put a cross on PKR, PAS or DAP.

    It’s time to teach the BN snobs a lesson!

  5. KSTAN Says:

    All news ….

  6. KSTAN Says:

    Old news …..

  7. sampalee Says:

    You teach someone a lesson to correct them.For one who is incorrigible like umno,lessons are futile.You just move in and replace this evil.

  8. crosstalk Says:

    The ‘shit’ is being exposed one by one.This time a brother of a deputy minister was caught for drug trafficking.But very weirdly in all the vernacular newspapers,it was reported the deputy education minister’ s brother was involved in the case.However,the most widely read ‘Star’ paper just briefly mentioned it was a brother of a deputy minister.Why did the Star resort to half reporting in this matter?

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