Altantuya case postponed to another 2 weeks

Breaking news!!!

Yes, before Malaysians have a chance to hear more about the case, it has been postponed to another two weeks.

What an anti-climax! And it’s so unfair to Shariibuu’s family who flew in all the way from Mongolia. First they lost lost their child to Malaysian murderer and killers. And now they were treated with postponement without any justification! Why the last minute change of prosecution team? What’s wrong with the original team? 

Who were ‘uneasy’ or ‘uncomfortable’ with the original team?

Do not forget that the courts have earlier changed the judge and replaced with relatively junior one without any justification!

Lawyer alleges interference in murder case
Jun 4, 07 1:10pm Malaysiakini
The lawyer for a senior policeman on trial for murdering a Mongolian woman withdrew on Monday and alleged interference in the case.Zulkifli Noordin said he could no longer act in defence of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri.Zulkifli told reporters he believes fully in his client’s innocence but “certain facts have come to my attention during my preparation of the trial” that would compromise his ability to act further.”There were serious attempts by third parties to interfere with the defence that I proposed,” he said, declining to elaborate.Azilah and another police officer, Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, are charged with the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, 28.

Altantuya was the lover of Abdul Razak Baginda, a political analyst with close ties to Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who has vehemently denied any involvement in the case.

All three accused face the death penalty if convicted.

The trial began today but was immediately postponed for two weeks until June 18 after prosecutors said they had only been assigned to the case on Sunday.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has pledged there will be no cover-up.

Jet-setting romance

Abdul Razak, a British-educated political and defence analyst who heads the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, a think tank, was introduced to Altantuya in Hong Kong at the end of 2004, he said in an affidavit and statements to police.

She was a trained teacher and a translator who spoke English, Russian and Chinese, her father has said.

The couple conducted a jet-setting romance, meeting in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and France. Abdul Razak said they broke up around August 2005.

She was killed last October and her body blown up in a jungle clearing in Shah Alam district southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

Abdul Razak, wearing a blue business-style shirt and dark pants, shed tears along with his mother as they hugged after he entered the courtroom.

He also embraced his teenage daughter before proceedings began, watched also by his parents and a brother.

“Pray for his innocence,” Abdul Razak’s wife, Mazlinda Makhzan, told AFP after her husband arrived in a white van chased by a pack of about 20 news photographers.

He was expressionless and did not answer questions as he was led into the court building.

Integrity under scrutiny

Altantuya’s father Shaariibuu Setev, 55, also declined comment when he arrived.

As court proceedings began, Najib, the deputy prime minister, opened a global tourism conference in Kuala Lumpur. He declined to comment on the trial.

Ramon Navaratnam, head of Transparency International Malaysia, a branch of the anti-corruption watchdog, said the world would be watching the trial.

“No one can afford to see the case being mishandled or interfered with,” he said, “because the whole integrity of the judicial system is under scrutiny.”

Altantuya trial adjourned to June 18
Soon Li Tsin
Jun 4, 07 10:59am
The Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial which was scheduled to begin today has been postponed to June 18 following an application by the prosecution in the Shah Alam High Court this morning. Judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin allowed the high-profile murder case to be adjourned after the court was told that a new team of prosecutors had taken over the handling of the case on a short notice and that they needed more time to study it.”Taking into account that there are foreign witnesses present, I will grant an adjournment of only two weeks. Trial will start on the 18th of June,” Mohd Zaki told a packed courtroom.Lead prosecutor Tun Majid Tun Hamzah had asked for one month to prepare for the trial after “a sudden twist of events”.

“I was only informed to take over this case yesterday in the evening when I was on my way home. It’s beyond me. I simply cannot prosecute this case at such short notice,” the senior prosecutor told the court.

“I have more than 100 statements and investigation papers to go through. It is only right to allow us to conduct the prosecution well.”

Karpal Singh who was holding a watching brief for Altantuya’s family then argued that the cost of the month-long visit to Malaysia by the three Mongolian witnesses and two interpreters was being paid with taxpayers’ money.

“A one month postponement would be unreasonable. I suggest two weeks and not more,” he said.

He also demanded an explanation as to why the prosecution team was changed overnight.

Tun Majid replied: “I am not privy to that information” before issuing apologies to the defence lawyers and Altantuya’s family members.

Meanwhile, Karpal made an application for one of the defence lawyers to be disqualified because he has family relations with the judge.

“Counsel Hazman Ahmad’s late wife was the niece of Mohd Zaki. Justice must not only be done but must seen to be done. He must be disqualified,” he said.

Hazman who is representing Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri said that while the facts are true it does not mean that the trial will be conducted unfairly.

After deliberating for several minutes, Mohd Zaki dismissed Karpal’s application.

Packed courtroom

Lawyer Wong Kian Kheong applied for a discharge not amounting to an acquittal or bail in the alternative for his client, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

“By virtue of the fact that the prosecution is not ready, my client should at least receive a discharge not amounting to acquittal or released on bail. He’s not going to run away,” he said before Mohd Zaki allowed the court to stand down.

Twenty minutes later, Mohd Zaki returned and dismissed Wong’s application and set June 18 with a two-month extension if necessary for the trial to be heard. He adjourned the proceedings soon after.

The courtroom which could accommodate about 60 people, was filled an hour before the proceedings began. There were over 100 people, with some 30 standing. Extra benches were being brought in amidst a commotion outside when the three accused entered the courtroom.

As the handcuffs were taken off Razak, he embraced his wife Mazlinda Makhzan and daughter Rowina before the trial started. His family sat close by while he took a seat in the dock alongside the other two accused.

Charged with the murder are policemen Azilah Hadri, 31, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 36, for allegedly committing the murder in Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor, between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year.

Razak, 47, is accused of abetting the two special action force personnel, allegedly committing the offence at the Bangunan Getah Asli in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 last year.

If convicted, all three face the death penalty.

The case has gained international prominence due to the personalities involved – Abdul Razak is a known associate of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Altantuya’s family – her father and three cousins are here as prosecution witnesses – also filed RM100 million civil suit this morning against the Malaysian government and the three defendants.

5 Responses to “Altantuya case postponed to another 2 weeks”

  1. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Defence lawyers question last-minute change
    Jun 4, 07 5:21pm Malaysiakini

    Nobody seemed happy after prosecutors asked for a lengthy delay at the start of a murder trial which analysts see as a test of Malaysia’s judicial and political integrity.

    “I am just shocked that the trial keeps getting delayed for so many times,” said Wong Kian Kheong, who is defending Abdul Razak Baginda, a political analyst with close ties to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    Baginda, 47, is charged with abetting the murder of his Mongolian former lover, Altantuya Shaariibuu, 28, in a slaying that shocked Malaysia.

    His trial was postponed on Monday, immediately after it began, when prosecutors asked for more time. They said they had only been assigned to the case the day before.

    “It should not have happened. It is absolutely ridiculous,” Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, who represents accused police officer Sirul Azhar Umar, told reporters.

    Sirul and another policeman, Azilah Hadri, 30, are charged with murdering Altantuya.

    The judge granted a two-week delay, and said the trial would start on June 18.

    The change in prosecutors was highly unusual, “particularly so because there were no reasons given,” Karpal Singh, a lawyer for the victim’s family, told reporters.

    Changes everytime

    Altantuya’s father Shaariibuu Setev, 55, travelled from Mongolia with other relatives to attend the trial and said he was dissatisfied.

    “He has been assured that the proceedings will be transparent but he can feel that there is something wrong somewhere with the last-minute changes,” said Mongolia’s honorary consul, Syed Abdul Rahman AlHabshi.

    He spoke on behalf of Shaariibuu, a psychology professor who does not speak English.

    It is not the first time that Shaariibuu has been left surprised by new faces dealing with the case, Syed Abdul Rahman said.

    “He’s surprised that every time he comes, there are changes involving the judge, lawyers and now the prosecutor!”

    Lead prosecutor Tun Majid Tun Hamzah (photo) could not provide answers as to why he had suddenly been handed the file of more than 100 investigation reports.

    “I am not privy as to why,” he told the court.

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    07年6月5日 傍晚6:35














  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:


    ■日期/Jun 05, 2007 ■时间/06:50:16 pm
    ■新闻/家国风云 ■作者/merdekareview 庄迪澎

    【本刊庄迪澎撰述】昨天向高等法院申请退出为“炸尸案”首被告抗辩的律师朱基菲里诺丁(Zulkifli Nordin),早前接受《国际先驱论坛报》访问时曾透露,辨方有意传召副首相兼国防部长纳吉出庭供证,交代他和首被告、首席警长阿兹拉哈德里(Azilah Hadri)会面的事。


    朱基菲里对《国际先驱论坛报》(International Herald Tribune)说:“我们有兴趣知道,这宗谋杀案当中有没有政治联系(political link)。为什么所有涉案者都和第二号人物有关联?”朱基菲里所谓的“第二号人物”是指副首相兼国防部长、巫统署理主席纳吉(Najib Tun Razak)。


    备受国际瞩目的“炸尸案”有三名嫌犯:副首相纳吉的重要幕僚――46岁的政治分析员阿都拉萨被控在今年10月18日上午9时45分至11时5分之间,在吉隆坡安邦路Bangunan Getah Asli十楼,教唆30岁的首席警长阿兹拉哈德里(Azilah bin Hadri)及35岁警员西鲁阿兹哈乌玛(Sirul Azhar Umar)谋杀阿尔丹杜雅莎莉布(Altantuya Shaariibuu)。阿兹拉及西鲁阿兹哈隶属特别行动组,是纳吉的保镖;他们两人被控谋杀。【点击:蒙古女子命案主嫌被控教唆罪控状与谋杀条款同读罪成死刑】


    副国内安全部长莫哈末佐哈里(Mohd Johari Baharum)去年12月7日曾在国会透露,能使用C4级炸药的不仅是军队,还包括特种部队(Unit Tindakan Khas)。【点击《今日马来西亚》:Johari: C4s used by soldiers and cops】


    此外,朱基菲里向法院申请退出本案,不再为阿兹拉辩护,原因是他不只一次受到其他多方面(third parties)的严重干扰,而这种干扰令他无法充分地发挥其能力为被告辩护。不过,朱基菲里没有说明,所谓的“其他多方面”所指何人或哪些单位,也没有透露所谓的“严重干扰”是什么。【点击:不只一次遭严重干扰 首被告律师退出抗辩】


    《国际先驱论坛报》在6月1日刊出报道《政治笼罩马来西亚的谋杀案审讯》(Politics shadows murder trial in Malaysia),朱基菲里对这家报纸说,他将揭露“炸尸案”死者阿尔丹杜雅莎莉布在2002年的一宗法国潜水艇采购案里扮演的角色。


    不过,《国际先驱论坛报》也引述另一名被告西鲁阿兹哈乌玛的辩护律师卡玛鲁希山(Kamarul Hisham)的话说,他怀疑法院会揭露这宗谋杀案的可能动机。

    卡玛鲁这么说:“动机是个非常有趣的问题,不过如果有具体证据(physical evidence)证明那三人做了这件事,动机就无关紧要了。”





    安华当时也说,根据他个人的经验,特别部队成员的任务是保护副首相,他们接受副首相的指示行事;因此,纳吉应该回答为什么原本被派去保护他、听命于他的人,却卷入谋杀案。【点击:蒙古女子命案关系潜水艇交易 安华促警方公正查案盘问纳吉】


    第二天,马六甲马接州议席补选成绩出炉,《独立新闻在线》记者在纳吉(左图)的记者会上提问安华的指责时,纳吉连声否认,其支持者则在其身后起哄附和。记者连续几次追问会否起诉安华,然而纳吉并没有回答问题。【点击:否认指责回避会否起诉安华 国阵支持者起哄阻记者提问】

    这是纳吉第二次回应安华的指责,纳吉首次回应此课题,是在今年3月29日巫统最高理事会议后的记者会上,他当时说:“我不会回应,我不回应安华。”(I will not react, I do not react to Anwar.)【点击:“滥权、徇私、受贿……” 高官回应贪污指责各施其法】

    《国际先驱论坛报》引述著名律师山卡拉(Sankara Nair)的话说:“安华正向纳吉的阵营投掷一枚小政治炸弹。”纳吉的发言人沙里弗丁阿末(Sariffuddin Ahmad)则气愤地回应说,安华基本上是在指责纳吉下令谋杀,并非议安华“试图政治化审讯”。

  4. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    According to Zulkifli Noordin, the former defence cousel for First accused Azilah Hadri, Azilah has met Najib before the murder has been taken place. He also said that the defence has earlier decided to summon Najib to courts. So, what was transpired between Najib and Azilah?
    Zulkifli Nordin has withdrawn from acting for Azilah, citing “third party interference’ as his reason. But he has failed to elaborate on his accusation. Who was this third party?

  5. Fred Jackson Says:

    This is a very good reason for the case to be thrown out because of the incompetence of the prosecuting team. I am still predicting that the case will not receive fair trial and technicalities will be brought in(like change of prosecuting team) to protect the defendants or prolong this case until after the elections. No reason given for change of prosecuting team. Unacceptable…

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