Umno/BN our common enemy

 Beware of the venomous reports from The Star, the MCA-controlled newspaper. Here’s a good example…(

Election director Datuk Mustafa Ali offered a bleak scenario saying only five states were about 70% ready for the polls while the rest were not even half prepared.  He also said that PAS members continued to regard both the Barisan Nasional and DAP as the enemy. 

“I know you are not comfortable with the DAP but between the two evils, the DAP is the lesser evil,” he said.  (The Star)

And here’s what Mustafa Ali has actually said to his members…

” I know some of of you were unhappy with DAP and have even regarded DAP as enemy because some DAP leaders have been turning down the offer to work together with Pas many times over the press. But our common enemy is BN. We still have to work with DAP. I know you are not comfortable with DAP but between the two evils, DAP is the lesser evil.

It’s true that DAP has been turning down the overtures from Pas on many occasions because the party is uncomfortable with Pas on issues such as our disagreement with Islamic State. That was the sole reason why DAP opted to leave BA in 2001. But UMNO / BN is our common enemy, not Pas. We would not treat Pas as enemy. We would work with all opposition parties including Pas on common issues such as ‘NO’ to ISA, OSA, fuel and toll hikes and ‘YES’ to mother-tongue education, cultural and economical rights and maintaining peace, harmony and prosperity for all Malaysians.

If Pas and DAP start treating each other as enemy, our true enemy will be laughing all the way to the bank!


3 Responses to “Umno/BN our common enemy”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Working together to OPPOSE common issues is misguided as umno is immune to all kinds of barkings.Work together to secure power is being wise and also repay the down trodden rakyat for their tireless support with some positive change instead of just comforting words.Act responsible.

  2. KSTAN Says:

    While I must concur that PAS & DAP can work together on common matters that both parties opposes such as the ISA, OSA, corruption and etc … DAP cannot work with PAS together on a national political level. Again I would like to stress about the 1999 GE. However having said that, DAP may want to “test the waters” in the near future in political co-operation through the state level. For example, currently I was told that DAP Pahang & PAS Pahang are enjoying a good relationship.

    This may also follow suit in S’gor. Dato’ Dr. Hassan Ali is currently the head of PAS S’gor and from a third person point of view, I find him open minded and not too conservative and he always stresses on his concerns over the family institution of this nation and social ills. Maybe if PAS, PKR & DAP can each secure an accumulated amount 29 seats to take over the state govt of S’gor, then we can start talking about forming a Barisan Rakyat Selangor state govt and see how things work out from there on.

    Maybe then it is possbile to see some actual co-operation between PAS & DAP in the future, but it must only be on the state level. Ronnie has been seen very well closely associated and well liked by PAS & PKR (BA) leaders in general. He has always been very apologetic and very careful when speaking about PAS & PKR. Just read some past articles in his blog and you’ll know what I mean. Maybe Ronnie is the man for the job to kick start a new future between PAS & DAP. Who knows? Anything can happen in politics!

  3. sampalee Says:

    Ronnie is perhap the only hope left for the rakyat as well as for his own dap.Without his tireless effort,I for one would not even waste my time to read and comment as most other dap leaders are worse than stone and cannot think beyond thenselves and the party.Selangao and penang is the way to go for this coming election.Do not spread the limited resources,but concentrate to built bridghead in these two states.

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