LKS Series #1: Lim Kit Siang, 26, NOS and The Rocket Editor

LKS      Series #1


5th June 2007

Dear Sir,

Re: Lim Kit Siang. 26 years old.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP National Organising Secretary and Editor of “The Rocket” was addressing camaraderie, members and well wishers on 18th August 1967 at a branch party meeting followed by  a dinner held at a restaurant at Magazine Road, George Town, Penang.

Explaining then, that the DAP is a non communist, democratic socialist political party, he said, “Democratic Socialism is an ideology and movement, committed to the enlargement of individual freedom by collective or social action, to provide for all an equal right to happiness, dignity and fulfillment in life.

Yours truly

Veteran J


3 Responses to “LKS Series #1: Lim Kit Siang, 26, NOS and The Rocket Editor”

  1. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:


    Veteran J has promised to make his contributions to LKS Series a regular feature in Colour-blind.

    I will extend invitations to several DAP veteran members to contribute to LKS Series. Hope bloggers would like the series.

  2. KSTAN Says:

    Opps! I didn’t read your first line properly ….. my mistake.

  3. V T Says:

    Communist DAP? sure one meh? fighting for Malaysia for Malaysian is communism, then championing Ketuanan Melayu is what? and what about those lap dog close 2 eye party? what are they? sheesssh!

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