Chua Soi Lek “chicken out”

Dr Chua Soi Lek dares not take up the challenge of a public debate on the subject of Chinese education issued by Selangor DAP Chairman EanYong Hian Wah was certainly not a surprise.

After all, Chua is not another Ong Tee Kiat; he’s more like a Khairy Jamaluddin. No?

I have issued a statement in Chinese today in solidarity and support with Sdr EanYong Hean Wah. Here’s my statement…

欧阳捍华 对垒 蔡细历告吹啦?

/ 刘天球








蔡这次不战而败,失威者不仅是他本人,连整个马华也抬不起头来。事缘他曾经扬言不怕和民主行动党人公开辩论华教课题,雪州秘书刘永山才代表行动党发下战书,任由蔡选择辩论的形式,人选和其它细节;如果他不敢面对挑战,又或者碍于自认身份“崇高”,“不屑”与捍华(不是部长,也不是国州议员) 一较高下,蔡大可让马华另外派员应战;除非马华上下认定这场辩论,不论由谁上阵都讨不了好处,那又另当别论。










“为什么华小拨款这么少?” (只占总额的3%)

“为什么华小这么多临教?” (马来小学教师过剩)

“为什么新山,吉隆坡和八打灵一直严重缺乏华小?” (马来学校却过剩)

“为什么华社不要宏愿学校,马华不敢反对?” (难道马华要华小变质?)

“为什么英文教数理违反教育原理,马华大力支持?” (马华一直避开不谈)







4 Responses to “Chua Soi Lek “chicken out””

  1. Jason Loh Says:

    I’m English/Malay educated, but we must NEVER compromise or relax our guard on education which the RACIST Umno knows is very dear to the hearts of the Chinese community. This is one battleground has to be fought over and over again ……. like so many other issues …

  2. justiciary Says:

    Remember Kerismuddin always gives the unbelievable and unconvincing reply whenever Dong Jiao Zhong asks him about the pitiful and deplorable conditions of many ‘Hua Ziao’ ( SRJC).He invariably would say there are still many SJK in East Malaysia without water and electricity supply.In other words,this hypocrite is trying to say that the myrid problems faced by the former are mere trivia and unimportant.I think DJZ should continue to expose and publicise the problems faced by ‘HUa Ziao’ until the BN accept them and seriously solve them.It is already far too long for these problems faced by ‘Hua Ziao’ remaining unsolved.

  3. sampalee Says:

    Bn accept them seriously.It must be a joke.It is bn game at scoring along racial line.If Bn can lure dap to champion chinese and keep the racial divide,that is exactly what they want.Wht the bn fear is dap working more with malay groups and render the racial game a non-starter.If one leave out pas,then the only credible malay party is umno.Dap might as well join bn,But this will not happen as the bn need to divide the chinese and they must have mca/gerakan on one side and dap on the other.Simply put the people in umno are better politicians

  4. dtlp16 Says:

    Divide and conquer?

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