Initial observations on the not so SMART tunnels

Someone alerted me about this piece of news in The Star (“Pool of water in the middle of tunnel” Thursday 14 June 2007 Page N6). The short report says that  “motorists using the SMART tunnel to travel from Jalan Tun Razak to Sungei Besi were shocked to find a pool of water along a 20m stretch of the emergency lane yesterday…Smart officials could not be reached for comments”.  

As promised in my blog last week, I will be conducting a PC together with DAP MPs tomorrow on the issue of KL floods and Smart tunnels. We are going to inform the public about our findings after inspecting the SMARTsystem with some engineering and water-proofing experts. 

Before that, let me share with bloggers an initial observations in the eyes of a water-proofing expert…  

An initial account on the Smart (Stormwater Management and Road tunnel ) 

  1. Too many structural hairline cracks on soffit of slabs and sides of Reinforced Concrete walls. Water marks are clearly visible on both incidences. And remedy work of pressure grouting have been carried out at an interval of 4” to 6” centre –to – centre on all the cracks.
  2. Eve the road slabs have cracks and also have been grouted. And there are few spots where water is seeping out and flowing.
  3. Previous leakage marks which have been treated have water stains which is clear to naked eyes.
  4. Certain portions of the soffit of slabs is covered with ceilings and painted up. Not sure of what was beneath the covers.
  5. Pressure grouting is only done when there were deep structural cracks and water seeping through it.
  6. Structural cracks can elongate due to vibrations, earthquake and movement of heavy vehicles. Elongation can go on for a long time and no proper remedy to it.

  Possibilities of structural hairline cracks

·        Due to thickness of concrete too thick, the curing of upper portion/ bottom portion not uniform. Hence shrinkage cracks come about.

·        Removal of formworks too early. Materials, workmanship and supervisions not proper.

·        Sides of wall concreting were not done properly and due to that, water seeping out of RC walls and road way slabs. Poor water -proofing and concreting could be the cause of leakages from the walls.


Other observations:


·        Road way finishes- too rough and uneven.

·        Areas to be repaired to soffit and slab are marked blue in colour. Floor slabs in blue circles and soffit with blue marking letters / nos.


June 4, 2007 Kuala Lumpur

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