Razak’s role in May 13 questioned by Tunku

How many of us agree with Najib’s assessment of his late father? I do not agree. Razak was not loyal to Tunku. His role in May 13 was highly questionable. Many believed Harun was taking the cues from him.

‘He lived and died for the people’

Bede Hong
Jun 15, 07 6:52pm

Two months shy of Malaysia’s golden anniversary, Umno decides to honour the late Tun Abdul Razak in a lavish seminar at the Sime Darby convention centre in Kuala Lumpur today.

The country’s second prime minister was described as a “loyal man” who did not turn dictator when he could.

His son, and present deputy prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak, said his father was the inspiration to public service.

“He is the main source of my motivation to work hard for the people,” he told an audience of 200 Umno members and academicians.

“As stationery was hard to come by then, he used to learn mathematics by doing the problems on the sand,” added the deputy premier, who described his father as a hard worker who performed well academically.

Razak, who died in 1976 after serving as prime minister for two terms, attended the Kuala Kangsar Malay College and Raffles College in Singapore. He later completed his law degree in Lincon’s Inn in London.

Najib quoted former economic planning unit director Thong Yaw Hong as saying that his father had “lived and died for the people.”

He also quoted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as saying to him, “You are his biological son but I’m his political son.”

Not power crazy

“Tun could have continued running (Majlis Gerakan Negara) Mageran for as long as he wished. But he was not power crazy,” said Najib.

After the 1969 riots, Razak had chaired the National Operations Council and the country’s de-facto administrative body (Mageran). The country was in a state of emergency until 1971.

“There are many examples around the world where there are leaders whose total power is unquestioned, where leaders try to hold on to that power.

“However, Tun regarded the Mageran directorship as a heavy responsibility. He believed in the principles of democracy and did not want to be regarded as a dictator. That is why Tun returned administration of the country to the people and parliamentary democracy,” said Najib.

“Although Tun was regarded as someone who could take over the leadership from Tunku (Abdul Rahman) earlier, on the urging of some parties, he remained a loyal person.

“He said, ‘I would never allow myself to do this. This is not the Malay way. If we are the second man, we have to play our role as the second man,” he said.

Ill intentions

Najib also listed out the social institutions and agencies his father had created: Felda, Petronas, Mara, Tabung Haji, Mida, MIDF, MISC, Fama, Pernas, UDA, LPN, LPP, Felcra, Risda, Bank Bumiputera, Bank Pertanian, UKM, ITM, Bernama, the Islamic Centre, the Bumiputera Economic Congress and the state development body.

Razak also created the Rukun Negara which spells out the social contract for Malaysians, which includes the protection of the special rights of the Malays.

He also helped draft the New Economic Policy (NEP), a race-based affirmative action that sought to raise rural Malays out of poverty.

Also present at the seminar were Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein and his deputy Khairy Jamaluddin.

In his speech, Khairy attacked the detractors of Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Now there are some people in society that are too clever, they think BN is not relevant anymore because it was created by ethnic-based political parties. Some of them aspire to distort history, to review dark parts of history, that we try to forget.

“They don’t have any basis for their allegations and they have ill intentions. They want to point fingers and put responsibilities on innocent parties,” he said.


6 Responses to “Razak’s role in May 13 questioned by Tunku”

  1. sampalee Says:

    Every one know beyond doubts umno is racist and will not hesistate to spill blood among the various race.Pas value human life and want more regulation on virtue and the muslim community.How one can view the latter as a bigger horror is the work of stupidity if not insanity,unless one is a spy for umno.Spy is only of use if there are based in enemy camps.Now you realised there are so many pas basher in dap[all of them bn spies]

  2. Jason Loh Says:

    Let me say this to you, it is the height of foolishness to think that Pas is an alternative to the racist reprobate Umno. Pas is OK for now … but can never be good for the whole country. This is not to say that Pas is a greater horror, but horror or not, it’s not much better than Umno. To say otherwise, means being a useful idiot for Pas, assuming the person is not a Muslim. No, the only alternative to Umno’s brand of politics is MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA. No buts, no ifs … it’s time to realise that both religious and racial supremacy is a BIG NO NO for Malaysia. To go on denying it, is to be blind to the truth, and we don’t the blind leading the blind.

  3. sampalee Says:

    The spies will natuarlly get upset if they are exposed.Let time be the judge.A blind from birtyh[one who never see] will assume all are blind.All concepts of man will trap men in more concept,unless one realised the non-conceptual truth in all scripture,all the systems of man including secularism and democracy will fail.People who advocate one ‘ism’ is no different than the religious stand point they condemn in others.

  4. KSTAN Says:

    A multi-racial and multi-religious country like Malaysia shouldn’t base its constitution solely on the Quran scriptures and Hadiths alone and revert back to medieval Arabic laws and customs in substitution of our current secular laws. That has always been PAS’s ultimate goal from the beginning of its conception. But looking at reality, PAS can never achieve this if it wishes to be in government and change the constitution by means of a 2/3 majority, it will have to co-operate with other political parties like PKR and DAP; and DAP is a Socialist Democratic Party with a full membership to the global organisation of SI will not all allow this to happen and so PAS is just merely using their so called Islamic State agenda as a gimmick to gain support from the Muslim/Malay community. Now we see that PAS is playing down this issue in order to align/comply/accommodate itself to the new “paradigm of shift” in today’s contemporary political environment. The phrase used by the re-elected Deputy President of PAS, Nassaruddin Mat Isa was, “substance over form” which I’m still puzzled by what he really meant by it. By the way the name “Isa” translates to the name Jesus. So I think there is not real threat from PAS at the moment and if alliances can be formed and strengthen on more common grounds like fighting social injustices, corruption, the preservation of the environment and etc with other political parties like the DAP, PAS may consider dropping its Arabic hard stance in the future and may even evolve into a more democratic party. As the old saying goes, “anything can happen in politics.”

    But in the other end of the spectrum, a country passing Church laws by means of act of Parliament is also very wrong. This very act indicates that the State have step beyond the boundary lines into the powers of the Church which actually contradicts the doctrine of the separation of State and Church. Where the monarch only plays a figure head and actual powers rest on Parliament, the Church must be independent and free from any form of pressures and influences from both the monarchy and Parliament. One such of these is the Church of England where her doctrinal values and canon laws have been marred by the hands of secularist politicians. How can such a Church be considered “A True Apostolic Successor of the Apostles?” High clergymen of Bishops should not be sitting in the House of Lords being busy of the worldly business of men but rather these colleges of bishops should be busy about administering their apostolic duties via their divine offices.

    My conclusion is that no one true nation’s system is truly perfect after all! 😦

  5. Jason Loh Says:

    KS Tan, for once I AGREE WITH YOU! That was a good piece of precis. Take care …

  6. Chee Yong Says:

    Malaysian Malaysia……..look at how developed Spore is now.

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