Climbing crime rates = Government’s failure

The new wave of gang rape and violence that have shaken up the entire Johor Bahru last week has once again puts the PDRM under microscope.

Before I make my comments, pls read and understand how PDRM deploys its personnels…

Admininstrative Department – 33,036

Logistics Department – 10,587

Crime Investigation Department- 6,661

Commercial Crime Department – 690

Internal Security / Public Order Department- 33,214

Narcotics Department – 2,713

Special Branch- 6,026

Public Service – 7,705

Total: 100,632

 You see, PDRM only deploy 6,661 men and women out of 100,632 they have to fight crimes. That’s clearly not enough and that’s why we have been openly and repeatedly calling for redeployment of the police force. We have also repeatedly raised the issue of the need for a pay rise for the police force to raise their fighting spirit. We were satisfied with the recent pay rise for the men and women in blues.

More than a year ago (shortly after the Canny Ong’s murder), I have personally called for the reduction of staff for the Special Branch, FRU and also cut down the number of outriders for VIPs in order to despatch more men and women in blues to the streets to protect our lives. But sad to say that nothing is being done in that direction.

And pls take a look at the crime rates now (an extract from a recent Malaysiakini report).

Increase in crime rate

“According to the official crime index released in the PDRM website, the country had 198,622 crime incidents in 2006 compared with 157, 459 in 2005, which is a 12 percent hike. In the first two months of 2007, the police recorded 35, 076 crime cases. The biggest crime in all the years is theft including property theft, petty theft, house break-ins and vehicle theft.Equally disturbing was that the crime-solving rate had slid during the same period.

In 2005, the police managed to solve 76,284 cases, which amounted to 48.9 percent while only 73,281 or 36.8 percent of the cases were solved in 2006.

In January and February this year, 13,386 or 38.1 percent of the cases have been solved.

In the past when DAP raised this issue in Parliament, the government had claimed that the national crime-solving rate was always above the international accepted level of 40 percent.

However, Chow (Penang DAP chief) said Abdullah owed the public an explanation on why there was a decrease in the crime-solving rate for 2006, which was below the international mark.

“Have the police slowed down and become inefficient in solving crime?” he asked.

Primary concern

The statistics also revealed that Selangor is the most crime-prone state with 47,499 reported cases in 2005, 54,270 in 2006 and 6,771 in January and February this year.

Other leading crime-prone states are Johor with 24,945 cases in 2005, 28,469 in 2006 and 3,524 in last January and February, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur with 20,689, 25,236 and 4,547 cases; and Penang with 12,407, 16,229 and 3,822 cases respectively.”

The figures are very alarming. We hope the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who also hold s the position of the Internal Security Minister (not to mention the Minister of Finance he’s holding) to do some thing quickly about the deployment of police to stop the crime rates from climbing to another notch. 

Yes, we need more police to protect the ordinary people in the streets. Too many of them are now serving the Special Branch, FRU or working as outriders for the VIPs and that’s not healthy.

The BN Government is at fault if they continue to ignore the need of better protection and a crime-free society. What is so difficult to direct the PDRM to re-deploy its staff, Mr Prime Minister?


11 Responses to “Climbing crime rates = Government’s failure”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ronnie, if only the PM reads your blog, unfortunately the only one(s) that is reading it is people like me who is trying hard to tell people around how the Govt is thinking of its own pocket.
    Is there hope for us all? do we need to live in fear?
    I pity those johor people, living in a cowboy town always thinking who is the next victim of crimes.
    God help us all..

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    A 24 yr-pld Uni student from Melaka got robbed right in front of her house in PJ on last Saturday night (very close to where I live) and escaped rape from the robber. PJ is fast becoming another JB now.

    The Police must work very closely with the people to fight crime and redeployment/ restructuring of the police forces is certainly a way forward.

    Who says we need so many Special Branch and FRU officials and outriders for VIPs in this country?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What we need is a PM who is in the country during crisis time, not a PM who is always out of the country and a DPM who has gone AWOL.
    The sad fact of the situation is crime is hitting an all time high but the powers to be are just showing us statistics that crime is down.
    what does statistics do the victims and defenseless people like ourselves?
    Its dangerous times in Malaysia and if we dont buck up, we most probably end up like a swaziland instead of switzerland.
    Good luck mate on your endeavours, I’ll be praying the hard work of the DAP will pay off soon.

  4. sampalee Says:

    He is not just the pm,he is also yhe minister of home affairs,The number one boss of our police force.Dap[more correctly ronnie] have done its job to turn on and aim the spotlight.The people should demand the one responsible[pak-dah]to act.Why wait for GE.WE have every right to assemble at the home minister office and demand,that he do his job NOW.This not asking a favour.If the minister cannot carry out his job,he ought to be replaced NOW.He is paid by the public,and the public have a right to demand that he fullfill his job responsibility.

  5. justiciary Says:

    The whole trouble is we the rakyat who elect the people to run the government do not know our right and how to exercise our right.These people are actually our servants and we the rakyat are their boss.But then in this feudal society of ours.These people are arrogant.With bodyguards(so they do not know the security threat faced by the rakyat) surrounding them,living in well guarded mansion,sitting in chauffeur driven limousines,occupying high positions in the govt admin hierarchy,and carrying impressive titles like Tan Sri n Datuk,so how can the common rakyat expect these people to understand the problems confronting the rakyat.You know they always think they are like the feudal society leaders,sitting on top of their thrones and looking down on the rakyat.The demonstrators who staged picketing outside Ab.Ghani’s mansion in JB should at least deserve a warm greeting from him instead of calling the police to disperse and arrest them.Are we really living in a democratic society where everyone is treated equally or are we living in a 16th century feudal society?

  6. KSTAN Says:

    Hi Ronnie! Regarding about the robbery incident involving a female student that you mentioned in your previous posting, I just heard a similar one too that happen in ss2. Not sure if it is the same one.

  7. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    I appreciated your advise and i will pay the fine instead of challenging them because my past experience tell me that there is no way an ordinary people like me can win the challenge.. You know, i did challenge them before on one of my previous summon. This happened on last Sept during my way from Muar to Tangkak. I was stopped by 2 police and they said i was over taking from left, actually that was a double lane road and i was driving in the inner lane according to speed limit and there was another car driving on the right lane with velocity i think 40km/hr…Yes, my car over took that car but the problem is that i was driving on my own lane and by right he should stopped the car on the outer lane for blocking the road as there is always a sign board stated that “ikut kiri jika tidak memotong”!

    From the picture attached, you can see that is a double lane road but you know what, the police insisted that is a single lane road and i was potong from dalam…..bla bla bla.. You know what they want la.. but sorry la, they have found a wrong person as i am that kind of person that i will pay my fine if i am wrong with a summon issue. They were wasting my time and i was the one shouted at them and asked for a summon to be issued…..

    Maybe i am too innocent, i thought with a photo taken as prove then i will win in court… i attended the court on Dec and that was the first time i entered a place called court but unfortunately, after not admitting salah then they asked me to come again on March this year… I was there in MArch and again not admit salah and this time, they ask me to go back to my sit and wait instead of giving me a new date to come… You know, they have wasted me almost 2 hours there and at last i have no choice but to admit salah and pay the fine after a new section began after 2 hours because i don’t want to waste my time as i have work waiting for me to do….

    Frankly speaking, i am very sad to see our rotten system and yet our opposition strength is still so weak in our parliament.. What to do? Of course we will keep supporting opposition but our rotten BN proved to be too strong for opposition parties…

    Have you been riding on Muar 2nd bypass link before? If you are here then you will know how professional is our “Semi Value”! The road is so bumpy and uneven and you know what, first they pave and re-pave (hello, it is new allocation from government so it’s tax payer $$) why our money and not bare by contractor at his own cost??? but it won’t solve the problem as the fundamental weak so the same problem occur after 2-3 months… Then they start to put up sign board saying that “Tanah tidak Rata di hadapan” in many spot but my question is why “Tanah tidak diratakan sebelum bina jalan”? This is bull shit excuses…Malaysia bodoh!

    Story still continue… You know, few months ago, they put up another sign board stated that “Jalan Mendap di hadapan” …sorry la, my BM is not good so i don’t really understand what is mendap but by guessing i know it is referred to uneven/bumpy… I did email and send video clip to complain to JKR Johor then work ministry then follow my ntv7 siasat but all receive no respond…

    Ronnie, why all these stupid and ridiculous things keep on happening in this land?? I can’t really think of a way to rectify the problem but just to deny their 2/3 majority in this coming GE but candidly, the road is still far far away….good luck!

    If you have the chance, please help me to express 2 of my “Bosong” (hokkien) to those BN people:

    1. Why their car can tint close to 100% and free from JPJ’s eye??? Double standard or what??

    2. Why we need to give way to them on the road? We need to go out early if we have any appointment then WHY ministers cannot go out early if they have appointment to attend and WHY they no need to stuck in the jam like us?? What so big about them, shit?

    Finally, i hope you can give a good consideration to my below suggestion…

    As you know, Malaysian especially Chinese tend to forget very fast so in order NOT to let them forgetting all the wrong deeds done by BN, i think you should put up a CHECK LIST and in this check list, you must write down all the scandal and all the un-solve matters conducted by BN since 50 years ago so that everyone can know and remember well of their wrong deed and cast their vote to opposition and not BN in GE.

    You must always update your list and if possible, ask all DAP leaders to include this Check List in their blog and maybe put one in Merdeka online news and Malaysia Today. Please make sure this list can be downloaded easily so that we can download and email to our friends and relatives… They are controlling the media so everyone of us need to do our part to ensure we break their 2/3 majority..

    For an example, without the check list, people now tend to forget about the Zakaria Palace and etc… so Ronnie, please give some thought to my suggestion…

    Thanks for everything which you have done to us/Malaysia, take care..


  8. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for posting his email.
    from penang to johor all the vip wants is free passage
    its so bad in kl, everytime they do it i feel like bloody hell, i pay your salary yet i have to make way for your bloody car.
    when it has gone on too long, it becomes norm and people accept it, but i can tell you, i already cannot tahan all this injustices.
    ronnie, next election where are you standing? i will come and help.
    try to get in parliament and stand at pj area, im sure you get more support. chew mei fun have done what so far?
    i rest my case..

  9. Henning Says:

    Well, the fish starts to rot at the head 🙂

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  11. streamate Says:

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    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no data backup.

    Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

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