Samy, give us the job!

Another “bullshit” from Samy the “Bocor”! He asked for RM13 million to repair the leaking Parliament House after spending some RM100 million in renovation.

A reliable source told me this morning that the cost of water-proofing for the Parliament House would not be more than RM5 million. According to an industry expert, the cost per square meter for such repair works would be no more than RM50.

I challenge Samy to give the job to us at half the price he quoted in the press. On top of that, we will give the Parliament House a 10-year warranty. Plus RM1million as donation whichever school or temple or charity he wants us to contribute!

RM13 million to repair the leaking Parliament House? Stop bullshiting, Semi Value!

19th June 2007

Samy Vellu: Only Toll Concessionaires I Care!

Part 1:

Part 2:


2 Responses to “Samy, give us the job!”

  1. V T Says:

    minus, maximus, the poetic pig in animal farm, minimus for job done, maximus for inflicting damage to the tax payers’ pocket, packe this toupee pig up and place him on a third class freight back to india

  2. KSTAN Says:

    This is “aneh” is too much ….. always trying to bluff us. Hey Samy, we were not born yesterday lah!

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