Parliament leaks: A challenge to Samy Vellu

Dear Samy, give us the job for half the cost!

I’m in the process of preparing a letter of challenge to the Works Minister S. Samy Vellu on the issue of exhorbitant cost of repair for the leaking Parliament House. We will bring the letter of challenge to him to the Parliament or his office next week.

Basically, we will challenge Samy to give us the job for half the cost he has quoted in the press ( NST Tuesday June 19 2007 Page 16 Prime News section).

 A letter of intent has been given to Jasaman Sdn Bhd by Samy, and the price quoted was RM13 million. But the value of the contract has yet to be finalised. Samy claims that the work would include replacing the waterproof membrane of the concrete roof and replacing the rain water channels.

We call it a “bullshit” because firstly, there’s  no way to replace the rain water channels because they were concealed in the columns of the building. And secondly, the cost quoted was far too high. To repair a square meter of the roof does not cost more than RM50 according to water-proofing experts.

The challenge is based on these simple conditions plus throwing in a few “bonus” for Samy…

1. An inspection of the site and to work out the specifications.

2. To hack the existing water-proof cement rendered.

3.To do water-oroofing from the base that is from top of R.C. slabs.

4. To place water-proof membrane on top of slabs, and to make good all hairline cracks with grouting prior to membrane.

5. Water-proof cement render of panels 4ftx 4ft and in between panels to apply sealants for extensions and contractions due to therma shock.

6. To apply 3 coats of water-proof coating system.

7. All rainwater down pipes to be replaced if the rainwater down pipes can be replaced with upvc pipes.

8. We will give 10-year warranty plus 1 year free miantenance.

9. Price? We only want RM6.5 million, which is half of RM13 million as announced by Samy.

10. And last but the least, we will donate RM1 million to whichever charity, school or temple Samy wants us to contribute.

How about that, Datuk Seri YB Samy Vellu?

If Samy accepts our challenge, it means Malaysian taxpayers will save some RM6.5 million.

It also means that you would not see a leaking Parliament House anymore (or at least for the next 10 years).

And he becomes a Malaysian hero for saving money for the nation and at the same time able to help a charitable cause worth RM1 million in his name.

( Did I tell you that even with half the cost, we would be able to make about RM2 million?)

Please call me at 012 201 3656 if unclear. Hope to see you soon, dear Minister.


3 Responses to “Parliament leaks: A challenge to Samy Vellu”

  1. KSTAN Says:

    Ronnie, if ever there was a shadow cabinet, you should be appointed as the shadow minister for works. But first let is focus on getting you the PJU seat from princess YB Chew of Aman Suria in the coming GE.

  2. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    Do you still remember that Samy initially asked for RM30 million to repair the MRR2 in Kepong and eventually the bill went up to RM70 million? What was the justification? Nothing! Can we still tolerate this type of daylight robbery?

  3. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    My letter of challenge to Samy on the “bocor ” Parlaiment job is now ready. I will be bringing it to Samy as soon as he gets back from overseas.

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